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MCN constituents are located throughout the US and include international health professionals with an interest in migrant health. MCN currently has several areas of programmatic focus, while remaining nimble and responsive to issues that arise in clinics throughout the country.

Other areas of expertise include immunization, infectious diseases, global health, chronic illness, and health promotion. In order to respond effectively to any issue that arises, MCN draws on internal staff resources, a cadre of migrant health experts, our External Advisory Board , and a library of technical assistance material to handle the requests as they arrive.

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See our Technical Assistance page for more information. MCN also advocates on behalf of both migrant clinicians and the mobile populations that they serve. Learn more on our Health Justice page.

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Fighting Ebola and Conflict John Wessels. A Fight for Democracy John Wessels. State of Decay Alejandro Cegarra. Glass Butterfly Angel Fitor. Flamingo Socks Jasper Doest. Moak said in his report. One of a team of lawyers who inspected the station in June, Warren Binford, director of the clinical law program at Willamette University in Oregon, said that in all her years of visiting detention and shelter facilities, she had never encountered conditions so bad — children crammed into what she described as a prisonlike environment.

She looked at the roster, and was shocked to see more than very young children listed. One teenage mother from El Salvador said Border Patrol agents at the border had taken her medicine for her infant son, who had a fever. Binford said she had asked her. They threw away everything. Once at Clint, she told Ms. The facility lacks a kitchen, they said, so the ramen, granola bars, instant oatmeal and burritos that serve as most of the sustenance for migrants has been the best they could do. Children sometimes could be seen crying, said one Border Patrol agent, who has worked for seven years at the Clint facility, but it most often seemed to be because they missed their parents.

Not long after Mr. Moak signed off on the conditions inside Clint, a man named Ruben was desperately trying to find his sons, year-old twins who both have epilepsy. The boys had crossed the border together in early June with their adult sister. They require daily injections and a strict regimen of care to prevent the seizures they began having at age 5. But the twins were separated at the border from their sister and sent to Clint. The first time they spoke to Ruben on the phone, the two boys sobbed intensely and asked when they would be able to see their parents again.

Ruben asked that his last name and the names of his sons be withheld for fear of retaliation by the American government.

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Only later did Ruben learn that the boys had been given at least some of their epilepsy medication, and neither one had had a seizure. But one boy reported breaking out in a skin rash, his face and arms turning red and flaky. It took 13 days after the boys were detained to speak to their father over the phone. A lawyer who had entered the facility, Clara Long of Human Rights Watch, met the boys, tracked down their parents, and helped them make a call. Then, they could answer only with one- or two-word answers, Ms.

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Long said, and were wiping tears from their faces. A Border Patrol agent who has long worked in the El Paso area said agents had tried to make things as easy as possible for the children; some bought toys and sports equipment on their own to bring in. In the surrounding town, many residents were puzzled and sad at the news of what was happening to children in the station on Alameda Avenue. He served in the Army in Europe as the Berlin Wall came down, he said, and was dismayed that there was now talk of building a border wall near his home. Dora H. Patel and Jeremy White.

Additional work by Larry Buchanan. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. A little-known Border Patrol station in Clint, Tex. Overview The main processing center held children in cinder-block cells. A loading area was converted to house older children in bunk beds. Portable toilets and showers sat in an adjacent yard. Border Patrol Station Clint, Texas. Tents housed detainees when the influx was at its peak.

Chain-link fencing inside a warehouse separated children and adults by gender.

Hungry, Scared and Sick: Inside the Migrant Detention Center in Clint, Tex.

Children were housed in cells in the main processing center and in a converted loading area. Fencing inside a warehouse separated detainees by gender. The main processing center held children in cinder-block cells. Processing Center Processing Center Children and toddlers were held for days in cinder-block cells with a single toilet.

At one point, this cell held 46 children, more than double its capacity. Exit to loading area. Interview room. Command center.