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Is that me? Those moments are weird, and you feel weird within them. Or, to put it another way: life is pretty strange, and you often feel like a stranger The Stranger , in fact within it. Yes, Meursault is a guy who is emotionally incapable, socially unaware, and understands relationships only in the context of the physical.

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He's like Sherlock Holmes or Lisbeth Salander , but weirder and not a detective. But this stranger is also an introspective philosophical rebel. And the philosophy that he and Camus promote—the philosophy of absurdism —states that the world is so nonsensical, so absurd, that you can't expect to find meaning in it anywhere.

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There's no logic, no rationale, no governing order. That might sound kind of insane and super lonely to you.

But that, friends, is exactly the point. Absurdism doesn't say "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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This philosophical stance isn't everyone's cup of tea or mouthful of lemon pulp. But it can be useful, when faced with the hyper-bizarre stuff that life can lob in your direction, to be able to think, "Huh. That makes no sense whatsoever," and leave it at that. So while we definitely don't advocate that you treat Meursault as a role model, we do think that adopting his—and Camus'— philosophy can be strange ly hey-o!

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Or, you know, you can just read The Stranger because it's a crazy-important and seminal text of the 20th Century and helped Albert Camus win a Nobel Prize. It's a win-win situation… unlike a lot of the absurd situations you come across in this crazy, messed-up world. All rights reserved.

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