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NET 3. I've been spending some time lately working on a little sample application that demonstrates how an N-Layer ASP. The audio in the room wasn't grea NET source code revisions. NET provides many new features that will definitely enhance developer productivity. In this video tutorial I provide an introductory look at VS. To me the ListView control is a nice blend The video starts out by discussing the UpdateMode property and shows why you may want to know ab NET Books.

This video discusses how events and delegates can be used in the C language.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Best of Mix 09 Phoenix event recently and had the talk filmed. Silverlight 2.

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NET or other languages that are capable of running on multiple operating systems and in multiple browsers. Scott Guthrie recently posted a great set of tu We have written data in an XML file using various methods. Now let us check the contents of the file. XmlTextReader class too, has a huge collection of methods and properties used for various purposes. Out of many, we have used few methods and a property in our example.

Before opening the XML file for reading, we will checked if the exists in our folder. We have added another namespace in the beginning of our code. The System.

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IO namespace contains methods and properties for Input and Output operations like reading and writing a file. Using one of its methods, we will check if the defined XML file exists in the folder. We have added a button control in our form. However, when you check the output, it shows every little piece of data that is readable, but in an undesirable format.

We want to view the data in a format that is understandable by our users and everyone who is checking these data online. While browsing through each element, we need to check the type of element and accordingly the values associated with the elements. This way we can avoid displaying unnecessary elements. In this example, I have three main elements and values.

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The elements are the BookName, Category and Price. Modify the procedure ViewXML with code written below. I could have go on and on describing the numerous properties and methods in the above mentioned classes. However, it is beyond the scope of this article. Meanwhile, you can try with few more methods like XmlNodeType.

How to format response data as XML or JSON, based on the request URL in Core

XmlDeclaration, XmlNodeType. Comment and XmlNodeType. Please enable JavaScript to view this page properly. Net — C and Vb. Net asp. Want to keep up to date with all my lastest articles and tip? Create Server. MapPath "library. WriteStartDocument ; xWr.

ASP.NET Cookbook by Geoffrey T. LeBlond, Michael A Kittel

CreateElement "Name" ;. CreateElement "Qualification" ;.

Introduction to XML - - Videos Tutorial for Beginners

AppendChild name ;. AppendChild Qualification ;. AppendChild parentelement ;. Save Server. Step 7: Run your application by pressing F5. The output is:.

Step 8 : See your sample. Richa Garg May 03 The XML format is supported for all applications. For this the following procedure can be used.