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An authoritative guide to Canadian historical writing: what is good and why. Describes the prehistory, history, and culture of the aboriginal peoples who lived in the region of tall-grass prairies and short-grass high plains of North America. Benjamin Call Number: D A Student's Guide to History provides the practical help students need to be effective in their history courses. In addition to introducing students to the nature of the discipline, it teaches a wide range of skills from preparing for exams to approaching common writing assignments, and it explains the research and documentation process using numerous examples throughout.

Page Call Number: D 13 M This engaging and practical text helps students get beyond merely compiling dates and facts; it teaches them how to incorporate their own ideas into their papers and to tell a story about history that interests them and their peers.

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Covering brief essays and the documented resource paper, the text explores the writing and researching processes, different modes of historical writing including argument , and offers guidelines for improving style as well as documenting sources. Writer's Guide - History by Henry J. Biddle Call Number: D 13 S British Columbia local histories : a bibliography by Linda L.

Historical documents of Canada by Edited by C. Historical atlas of Canada by Geoffrey J. Historical statistics of Canada by F. Historical Statistics of Canada - Online This volume contains about 1, statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of Confederation in to the mids. The tables are arranged in sections with an introduction explaining the content of each section, the principal sources of data for each table, and general explanatory notes regarding the statistics.

Report a problem. The rules on previous study apply if you have already studied a publicly-funded higher education course in the UK or EU. Please see the section on Previous study below for details. International students are unlikely to receive financial support from the UK student loans system, unless they meet one of the residence exceptions outlined above.

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On some courses, students may be eligible for money from other public funds — such as the NHS bursary, where this is still available. If students receive public money from a different source, this may affect whether they are eligible for other student finance, or how much they might receive. If you study part-time, course eligibility also depends on the 'course intensity'.

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