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Nice job! Thanks, Jon. I do love flags, if perhaps not quite like the fictitious program by Sheldon Cooper that gave its name to the post title! Well, I did seriously consider majoring in Physics, but settled for Chemistry instead. I have always loved mathematics, and took an extra couple of semesters of it in college just because I thought it was neat!

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Majoring an mathematics was never a consideration, however, so my hat's of to you there, Jon! What I liked best about chemistry is its mix of the quantitative mass, density, gas laws, melting and freezing points, physical and electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and the qualitative synthesis, properties of compounds, predicting chemical reactions.

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BOTH are necessary. Also IMHO a far better preparation for medicine than Biology - Medicine in actual practice bears very little relationship to general biology, odd as that may seem! The flags really top them off Peter, and I'll be doing the same with my Front Rank British when I get around to them, for the same reason I bought Scots Greys in bearskins as opposed to the rather drab covered headdress.

It just looks better I agree.

British Army soldiers up to - The National Archives

I primed my own version of the Greys yesterday - no covered bearskins for me, either! Exactly, James; it's the only vexi- logical position on the matter! One seldom seems wargames units of British Napoleonic cavalry carrying their flags on the tabletop. Indeed, about the only article I can recall reading about British cavalry standards was in the original NEWA Courier back in the early 's, and I think that article dealt with the era of the American Revolutionary War.

Now, granted that it is uncertain if British cavalry units carried their fl;ages with them into the field prior to , and almost certainly didn't do so thereafter, but when has something like that stopped us? It certainly wouldn't stop me - I like most of my troops in full dress uniform, and just as they would carry their flags at a parade, so they do on my table. Perhaps one can blame it on the toy soldier origins of our hobby, not that I think any blame is indicated anyway.

In any event, British cavalry units were generally provided with one flag per squadron. For the Household Cavalry regiments these were square 2 feet 5 inches, [plus a 2" fringe Standard. For the Dragoons, swallow tailed guidons were used 2 feet 3 inches on the staff by 3 feet 5 inches maximum length. They were carried on a 9 foot long lance.

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The Light Dragoons had guidons that were "somewhat smaller" 2 foot 4 inches by 2 foot 10 inches on the only surviving example. For the Dragoons Guards, the King's flag was a square standard, but the other squadrons carried swallow tailed guidons - at least theoretically! These operations are the latest in the long histories of your regiments, represented by the battle honours won by your predecessors, and emblazoned on your Standards and Guidon which I present today.

These recent commitments and past battle honours remind us all of your prowess as fighting soldiers, but you are also known the world over for your ceremonial duties. Ten years ago I expressed my wish that my two Regiments of Household Cavalry should maintain their traditional and separate identities. I am pleased to see that you have managed to do this despite the difficulties this has posed. I have no doubt that the future will present you and your successors with new challenges to test your courage and determination.

British Colours & Standards 1747–1881 (1)

I know too that you will be equal to them. As your Colonel-in-Chief I commend these new Standards and Guidon to your safe-keeping as an inspiration to all of you in the service of our country. Find out more about Royal events at this year's meeting, which is being held in London.


The Sovereign today still retains an important symbolic role as the figure in whose name justice…. In an average year, The Queen receives approximately 60, pieces of correspondence. For her Diamond Jubilee in , The Queen received over , cards, letters and gifts. The oldest ever recipient of a message from The Queen was a Canadian gentleman, who reached the age of in December The Queen meets thousands of people each year in the UK and overseas. Many people ask how they should greet Her Majesty.

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The simple answer is that there are no obligatory codes of behaviour - just courtesy. However, many people wish to observe the traditional forms of greeting. For men this is a neck bow from the head only whilst women do a small curtsy. Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way. It has taken a lot of hard work — and real commitment — to get to the point where you are all sitting here together today.

Members of the Royal Family remember the sacrifices made during the Allied landings.

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