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At its core are ads placed on Amazon. But many ad agencies are particularly excited by another area of advertising that is less obvious to many consumers. The company has been steadily expanding its business of selling video or display ads — the square and rectangular ads on sites across the web — and gaining ground on the industry leaders, Google and Facebook. In addition to knowing what people buy, Amazon also knows where people live, because they provide delivery addresses, and which credit cards they use.

It knows how old their children are from their baby registries, and who has a cold, right now, from cough syrup ordered for two-hour delivery. And the company has been expanding a self-service option for ad agencies and brands to take advantage of its data on shoppers. Major online ad networks offer different ways to target customers. A brand that sells running shirts for women might turn to Google to find people who the company believes are female and interested in running based on their search and browsing history.

That option has historically been focused on larger brands because it requires a minimum advertising commitment.

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Users of the self-service system can choose from hundreds of automated audience segments. DNA nanotechnology. Download references.

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Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube. References 1 Ong, L. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. Grab a barbell — one of the long bars with weights at both ends, if you're a complete novice — stand upright and hold the barbell with your knuckles facing upwards. Start with the barbell against your thighs, knees slightly bent and slowly lift the barbell up towards your chest before taking it back down to your thighs in another controlled movement. Another good bicep exercise is the hammer curl.

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Grab two dumbbells, one in each hand, and stand upright with your arms against your sides and the dumbbells against your thighs pointing forwards. Return the dumbbells to your sides in a controlled movement and that is one rep down, nine more to go and then two more sets — hey, we didn't say this would be easy. This exercise is great for developing the triceps, which are the muscles at the back of the arms and the ones that generally get wrongly overlooked when building bigger guns.

You can use the cable pull down machine at the gym for this or perhaps invest in a suitable home multi-gym if you're flush. Then slowly return the bar from your thighs back up to your chest and the starting bent elbow position. Use a pull up machine and take your weight by lifting your legs behind you and using almost fully extended arms to hold yourself in position.

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  • Then lift yourself back up. You can also work the same muscles outside of the gym by incorporating a home workout bench.


    Stretch your legs out in front of you, arms behind with palms flat on the bench surface. This exercise covers the all-important forearms, another element that's important to well-rounded, balanced arms. Start standing upright with a dumbbell in each hand and flat against the front of your thighs, the dumbbell should be in a horizontal position and your knuckles should be facing upwards. Keeping arms quite close to the body, you are going to use your forearms to lift the dumbbells from your thighs and up towards your chest.

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    Ease them back back down in a controlled movement. You can also train your forearms with the cable machine at the gym. Again, set up the weight in a low position. With a straight back, hold the bar against your thighs with knuckles facing upwards.