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Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay away from weights. Jamie — A growth spurt will definitely help you stretch that bottom fat out of the way. The easiest way to do this…. Force yourself to hold your upper body up high keep your lower back straight, no slouching. This slightly flexes your abs and will tire you out fast during the first couple days. The bonus is you now have toned back muscles and have great posture too. Joe — Trust me on this one. I use to be a powerlifter and track runner. Even if you stop lifting for a while, they might decrease slightly but just the fact that you are still active will keep most of the muscle size around.

Just switch over to cardio entirely, you will keep your overall look and even get more cut, I promise. David — If you play football, your coach will probably make you lift weights here and there to increase your strength. What I recommend is for you to pick lighter weights instead of the maximum weight load. I will also give you a bit of physics advice. Those sprint intervals will give you a much harder tackle than squats ever will. What would happen if i run? How many reps or sets should i do? How much weight should i use? What the heck is a leg press? Can i continue my musculiar endurance and strenght training?

Back again lol I mentioned I dont like people finding things out like about how i wanna run and stuff, i cant really sprint everyday or jog. A leg press is the chair that sits at a 45 degree angle off the floor and your feet are pushing up a bar with free weights on it. You absolutely cannot mix strength training with endurance training. Only running and modified running positions will help improving your running. Squats are a good exercise to build explosive force though. Use a lighter weight and move faster.

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Jamie — leg lifts are painful and boring but they are effective up to a certain degree. If it gets to the point where you have to do leg lifts for 30 minutes to feel a real burn, just quit and go to kicking exercises. Then can i… weight lift one week and run another week. The article above an excellent explanation against cross-training. The reason is that your muscles only have a limited amount of fibers.

By not focusing on a specific area of muscle enhancement endurance VS strength , you are hurting yourself by having an split of both fibers which results in little overall gain. By focusing all your fibers into one core muscle enhancement, you make huge noticeable gains. You must also understand that the body responds differently between different types of training. When you run, you have to run alot and often, when you weight lift you need a minimum of 3days to 5days rest in between TRUE heavy workouts.

Switching back and forth will just make you weak overall. But sure, you can learn it the hard way like I did by training. Jamie — a kicking exercise, would be like learning some kickboxing and kicking the heavybag. I somewhat have a six pack but i have to flex to see it a little.

Thanks your making me think about my physical being. And if there is an idea you have to help me gain cardio and muscles, please suggest it. Have you seen the bodies of boxers or elite sprinters? They got there using no weights.

Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home Workout! Ultimate Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for Beginners

Jamie — Yup, the same old painful boring crunches that take a long time to really become effective. You can also try uphill running which forces you to raise your knees higher towards your stomach. David — If you use more energy, eat more. More food, more exercise combined will equal higher metabolism. Do not EVER starve yourself. What this means is that by eating less, your body will become more tired and lower its metabolism even more. And then of course, they gain all the weight back once they start eating again. Got any advice on foods i can eat every day that will fill these needs?

You can try a LOT of running to break down the layer of fat. David — The typical diet intake all depends on your body type and activity level. Here are the basics:. A weak liver is bad for long-term health. Please sure your experience with the readers! Pick a weight where you can do 15 reps for 3 sets. You can also do abs weights like doing crunches with a 25 pound weight on your stomach. You can grow bigger just by doing a ton of leg work exercises.

Just eat at whatever pace feels good. If you are in shape, you are in shape.

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Never eat less than what you do normally, if your body is doing more work physically, it needs more nutrition. I want to learn how to heal faster in order to workout more often. Also, thanks for the links, the one about the body pyramid was awesome, really taught me something. You body type might not allow you to lose anymore fat without a massive drain on your physical health. However, you CAN gain muscle. Start doing heavy leg presses and bench presses.

Do not waste your time and energy on curling or anything else. Stick to those 2 workouts and your whole overall body muscle mass will grow, dispersing and sinking the fat to show off your muscles and ab muscles better. Healing faster requires more carbs, proteins, and vitamins. How much do I run? I want to know how long do I run and how many times a week.

Other good exercises would be like kicking exercises. What is your body dimensions? This helps me to see what would help show your six pack more. How do i prevent plateauing? I think my body has grown used to this routine, do you have any other ideas or routines to prevent plateauing? It is NOT necessary to go to failure everytime. The important thing is good form and breathing. Kicking exercises is like kickboxing on a punching bag. Can you help me think of a routine that incorporates isolating different body parts each day so i can workout times a week and only rest on sunday?

You people need to like read the article. Run, bike, anything that keeps you in forward motion for a long time. Days where you do nothing but stretch and relax every single muscle in your body.

Stretching does a ton of good for your body and muscle-repair and growth. You can read up to find my advice to others about doing heavy leg presses and benchpresses. Only workout once every days or you will over-train and make no gains. By growing bigger muscles, you stretch out your body and disperse the fat therefore showing your abs better. Your abs cannot go away that quickly. It might just all be in your head.

It could also very well be that your abs are tired. Those DO help your upper body greatly! What do I eat, or do to lose a little more fat? Hello, Im Jeff. Im 14, turning 15 in Jan, 9. I actually like the way I look kinda. I do push ups, and chin ups, and sit ups. I can do about 20 push ups. I have pretty big arms.


One thing I like doing is pulling my sleve up to show my well developed arms, and shoulders. I have broad shoulders, and a big chest. I have abs, and I do believe I have a Six pack. I can feel them. They are Really hard, and I can se them when I wake up. But when I eat they fade away. I would love if you could please tell me how to rid the fat that I still have.

Thank you. Eating is not too big of a worry. It looks to me like you have great metabolism. Unless you are currently playing sports at school, you should simply follow the benchpress and heavy legpress routine I have been giving to others up above. Goodluck Evans. Can any1 give me some advice please? Running for nothing? Ive been running steadily for a good month now miles everyday but it seems no matter how much i run my lower stomach fat isnt going away and also i feel my upper abs are bulky when i flex my stomach what should i being doing more of and what kind of diet should i be following?

You need to run. Run A LOT and you will do just fine. Ok well I am 12 and Lbs. Im not saying I want a six pack I am saying i want my hips, tummy fat and pecks gone. I really want to just look like all my friends and be able to take my shirt off in front of people without getting embarrassed. It really helps if you ride your bike without sitting your butt down on the seat. Stuff you can do in your room has to be like intense cardio. Jumproping, boxing, kickboxing, etc…Basketball would be excellent for you. I have no muscle or six pack, but i workout everyday i run 2.

This gets me incredibly annoyed. Like they do the skipping in boxing? Generally, it is healthy to lose 10 pounds every month. Hardcore gymrats will lose pounds. Working out lower abs requires a lot of kicking exercises. Go for fast powerful movements, not slow weight-lifting movements. Can anyone verify this fact? One is to burn fat because you body has eaten anything yet. Another is to energize you and wake you up for the rest of the day. Thanks so how long will it take for me to get abs? Vitamins are fine.

All in all, eating real food will do more for you than supplements. The bottom line is — eat real food, too. How do I get a six-pack abs Hi i was wondering could you give me some advice on how to get a sixpack my friend is 14 and he has one for a few years i am 13 i weigh 80 dont know my height but i am taller than average i can feel sixpack muscles especially when i flex but you cant see them visably i am going to stop doing push ups and press ups i am slim but have a small bit of fat on my stomach cause when i pull it down you can see it and would it be possible to get one in 2 months so i have it when i go back to school i will work hard.

How do I get six-pack abs Also I wont mind running I have medals for my speed since i was about 8 or 9 but have stopped competing for about a year and a half but am still fit also i love basketball and made it as captain will that help i read the article but want advice from you and all my older brothers are pro boxers and super fit and my bro mark left his old punch bag should i use that reply soon thanks.

Please include your height. It sounds to me like you can either do extreme cardio or weightlifting. Do ONLY the benchpress and heavy leg press. Only those 2 exercises and nothing else. No curling, tricep, leg extensions, etc… Also no cardio. But give that a shot and come back if you need more tips. Can i still go running Can i still go running to burn a little cardio and could iget a sixpack in 2 months if i train hard and is it possible.

My Secret Hi guys my name is Jet. And yes I am 14 and I do have a six pack. Alot of you were asking me on how to get one, so I broke this down into 3 easy steps.

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Step 1 — Diet: An important role is to eat a lot of protein! Foods such as fish, chicken, vegitables are high in protein and help build muscle. Futhermore, drinks like, carrott juice and V8 are healthy for you, and give you the energy you need to to burn calories and stay healthy. Step 2 — Lose the body fat First start doing simple exercises such as running and cardio workouts. This will lose the fat off your body which will enable you to get ready for the next step. NOTE: Depending on your body type, it may take a while. So be patient. Step 3 — Defying Then, once you lose the fat, you can start to define your muscles by doing push ups, dips, etc.

Again be sure to follow a scedule of workout days. Long story short, eat healthy, lose the fat, define your muscles and always puy in the effort. Thats how easy it is. You just have to do it. My Secret: to a six pack Hi my name is Jet -This the same as the on above but it is edited- To answer questions, I am 14 and I do have a six pack. A lot of you were asking me on how to get one, so I broke this down into 3 easy steps.

Foods such as fish, chicken, vegetables are high in protein and help build muscle. Furthermore, drinks like, carrot juice and V8 are healthy for you, and give you the energy you need to to burn calories and stay healthy. Again be sure to follow a schedule of workout days.

Long story short, eat healthy, lose the fat, and define your muscles and always put in the effort. It also burns fat. You cannot mix weightlifting and cardio. You can get a six pack in 2 months but you have to train really hard. Thanks Thanks il try that you said do only the benchpress and heavy leg press one last question when would you say i will start seeing results and i really appreciate the help and advice reply soon thanks.

I play football basketball and baseball. How much longer do you think it will be until I get a six pac and do you have any suggestions to help? How do I get a six pack? I run daily. They have all the detailed answers you could ever hope for. Ken — You are mixing weightlifting and cardio. Pick one and stick to it. It can take only 3 months if you do things correctly! Is there a way to do these excercises at home and if you have any guides that will help please tell me i read the ones on bodybuilding but you use the machines at the gym but in Ireland im not allowed to till im bout I am 14 and i have gone through all the physical stages of puberty.

I love running but if i run for 2 miles everyday will i get a six pack or will i need to do other excersizes aswell. Joe — 2 miles every day is not that efficient. You should switch off between sprint days and endurance days. Some days you do sprints, others you do regular running. I was wondering if what is the quickest time I could achieve a six pack, if I stuck to an exercise plan and obviously healthy eating? I would also advise for you to wear a trashbag on your skin and then put regular clothes over.

Stop drinking soda, stop eating junk food. In fact, follow this rule…. You can develop the bottom abdominal muscles by doing kicking exercises. I dont sprint much but i do run every weekday and after the season I plan on running a couple times a week. I also shoot some hoops sometimes at home. Will this affect me very munch?

Combat Abs 50 Fat Burning Exercises That Build Lean Powerful And Punch Proof Abs

Stay that way! I was wondering why the the top of the area where abs are are hurting. Could it be becouse the abs are getting stronger or are they just a little muscle spasm or something? Are you a strenght model or somethin? If so I can tell that you are a good model, or could be a good model if you arn,t. Do u have any videos on utube of something if so could you give the information I need to see the videos?

I am not a model, I am a high-level athlete in several different kinds of sports. I look good not because I train to look good but because I train for ultimate performance. Training to look good is actually a little easier. You should not exercise if they are sore. A great way to target your stomach during situps or crunches is to lift your feet up a little so only your heel is touching the ground instead of the entire bottom side of your foot. Try it and see…. Big muscle and six pack hey im daniel and im 19 years old. Danny — How tall are you? Hi im 13 and weigh 98pounds i do pushups and sit-ups how can i get abs?

Or should i skip eating? Also, i heard running with a trash bag was hazardous towards heat strokes?? Do you still recommend it? If you are running with a trash-bag, you should drink a minimum of 2 gallons of water that day. As for making a meal. I always say, eat all the junk food you want but make sure you eat good food first.

Do quality crunches and squeeze hard flexing your abs at the top of every crunch. Your best bet however is still to wait until you get a little older and can do the other methods to get a six pack. I hope this helps! A question Im 15 im 6 inches tall and i weight around i play football a lot and do situps and crunches everyday but i honestly dont see results, can somone help me?

If anything, you can try weighted crunches. Put a pound weight on your stomach while doing crunches. Can you explain why? Any help will be much appreciated. David — Your have lower back pain because of either bad running form or bad running shoes. Humans were born to run so if it hurts something is not correct. Try reading all my articles on running but you can also try these tips: 1 ALWAYS run on the balls of your feet and never ever let your heels touch the ground.

They can come close but never let them touch. This will tire you out but will strengthen out your lower back massively over time! Never buy running shoes that feel soft and comfy. The best s hoe has relatively low cushion and allows your feet to flatten out. The best running shoe should not be shaped too much to your feet at standing stance because your feet take another shape when you run!

Guy — A bench press of lbs for lbs is not as impressive as you think. You also have very good body dimensions. You should never cross-train. Either stick to lifting weights or stick to cardio. If you want to go cardio, stop lifting weights all together and concentrating on a new sport like boxing and kickboxing.

If you do pick boxing, I could definitely show you tons of new tricks…. Gtting ripped and showing out my pacs. How do i speed up getting a six pak ive been doing all sorts of routines and ab king pro and everything im 14 and 5. Have you had your growth spurt yet? Jason — You can try laying off ALL running and cardio and going into heavy weight training. Is this something you would be interested in? If you want me to remember your personal questions..

Eating every 2. Each meal contains complex carbs, protient, and fats No staurated,trans ect. For portions it is different for everyone. Knowing your basal metabolic rate and Estimated daily calorie needs will give your a estimate of how many calories the total should be at the end of the day. By continually supplying body with nutients you stabilize your insulin levels instead of 3 meals 6 hrs apart which creats a spike and drop insulin level.

Spike and drop creats energy stored in fat. Your metabolism is greatly increased by this method and you are rarely hungry. If you are hungry eat a very small portion of all three groups and wait 30 mins. This way you will loose fat and not muscle. For gaining mass increase calorie intake slightly and gradually above Daily estimated calorie needs.

By the way none of this will work if you do not stay hydrated. Do not over hydrate eithier. Over doing it with water can cause serious electrolyte imbalances. Water toxicity which can be fatal. An I know electrolyte because I work in aneasthesia. I fact food is a lot like medication. The right food at the right doses, at the right time will give you the disired results. The wrong foods at the wrong times or if not indicated and at wild doses will be dangerous of possibly fatal. Fats, protient, carbs.

How long shud i run n how often! Since you have no equipment. You should do hard uphill sprints. Sprint hard every 3rd day and run on all the other days. Gorejaw — Since it seems like your body has already been pre-conditioned for everything. I will also recommend hard hard sprinting for you. It is a MYTH! Most people are short because of genetics. In other words, lifting weights could make you taller! Weights CAN stunt your growth if you lift too many too soon and damage your back and stunt growth.

Weights trigger testosterone release in the body which does help growth somewhat. If you want to lift weights and still paranoid about getting shorter…than lift weights in forms where you are lying down. When you run, every step is an individual pull and push making it much harder and a much better workout! Walking is also very good if you cannot run. The results will come sooner if you are having fun. Basketball would be great for you! DO NOT do situps. Also, make sure you drink tons of water. It looks to me like you need to sprint more.

Do some hard sprints every other day. DO NOT do them everyday. Basketball is great! Keep it up. There are not other alternatives. Perhaps you can hit a punching bag real hard and fast for second spurts. Running and sprinting will lean out your entire body. The explosive speed and power required is meant to burn all fat and make you a lean explosive machine and expose your abdominal muscles. There are other methods but you mentioned earlier that you had no weights or gym. But one thing is that a stationnary bike is crap ok but what about real biking??

Just try not to sit down at all and you will get a great workout for your whole body. Gorejaw — thanks for trying the forums…. If so please try again so I can keep better track of you. This means you do repetitions. See if you can try the forums again and I will answer you there. Je parle francais mais soulement petit? Sprint hard for 50 meters, walk meters, and then repeat. Do it a maximum of 15 times per day, as often as every other day. Eat lean foods. I bench press lbs, so the extra weight on me is more muscle than anything.

I want to know what to do, and how long it would take me; if long at all to get there. Personally, my goal is to have them for my next year in football. How long? Im a 13 year old kid well turning 13 soon and i weigh maybe or pounds i do at least sit ups a day. How long do u think it will take me to get a 4 pack atleast oh and i run blocks a day. Muscles trained for endurance stay small to conserve energy while muscles trained for strength get bigger to be stronger!

You need massive endurance. Just train in the rain if you have to…. Run in waterproof clothes. As for the length of time to get a six pack…what was your body type again? A little six pack and stomach definition does not mean overly-muscular. People nowadays are TOO out-of-shape! And i tried doing track last year, both outdoor AND indoors and it did little do nothing for me for getting abs.

Keep in mind i was running the though for the most part. You might also benefit from a strict diet. Sprint every other day and jog in the days between. Wear a sweat clothes when you run and drink tons of water. I would also like to mention that weights are bad for football. Using lightweights is good for building support muscles so you can take a hit better. But tackling an opponent requires more agility and balance control than actual strength.

And yes, m for track is too long. You want to train to be a sprinter. Ok Lets say i do sprint meters a day and do my sit ups how long do you think it will take to get a 4 pack? It should take you a few months. Fat is a body evenly distributed all over your body. You can either do high intensity running to get it off or lift weights so that your muscles grow and the fat sinks in further. Do a crunch and yuh wil actualy feel your muscles squeeze your finger.

Buht yeah. And for the people who want thse abs that come ut 5 inches. Duhnt stress your self. White meat is the leanest, healthiest, strongest for you. Chicken, Tuna, Turkey!

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    Now that you are aware of the power of the Bowflex, it is time for an upgrade. In fact, you can add up to pounds of resistance. Still, it is compact enough to fit in a room or the garage. Put it on your bedroom door and get some chin ups in before breakfast. In fact, it can safely support up to pounds. And, it is a great workout for your back, abs, shoulders, chest, arms, lats, triceps, and biceps. All you do is snap on flex packs for extra resistance. With the leg and door attachments, you can get a full body workout.

    Plus, it comes with a guide that includes workouts and nutritional guidance. All home gyms need a stability ball. The DynaPro exercise ball provides 2, pounds of stability. Use it for balance, to gain core strength, and for yoga. It also comes with an anti-burst feature to ensure many comfortable uses.

    Plus, you can inflate it quickly with its accompanying hand pump. The vibration provides a resistance that is unmatched on any other type of equipment. In fact, all you have to do is stand and hold on, and you will get a workout. But, if you want to increase the resistance, you can squat, lean, or even perform push ups. Not only does it increase muscle strength, but it also improves circulation. By having your own platform, you save money while trimming inches from your waistline.

    Still, riding a bike provides great exercise. So, why not train at home with the Xtremepower indoor cycle trainer? And, it comes with an easy-to-read LED display that monitors your heart rate, speed, calories, distance, and time. Working on your chest helps to improve your overall body tone and structure.

    Yet, the Kansoon chest expander also works your arms to get rid of that flappy bulge. And, it is perfect for home since it is portable and compact. Working out at a gym station helps you to get a total body workout in one place.

    50 Ways to Shrink Your Belly

    Yet, if you use one at the gym, you have to worry about waiting in line and all the germs and sweat collected on the seats and bars. It is solid because it is made of premium steel construction. You can also customize the weights depending on your skill and fitness level.

    When not in use, it comes with a safety lock to prevent unauthorized access. Also, it combines arm and leg stations to help you create your ultimate body. Many of us love riding a bike, but sometimes, we have back issues that prevent us from doing so. Well, now you can workout while supporting your back with the Marcy recumbent exercise bike.

    Place it in front of your flat screen TV and work out while enjoying your favorite shows. It comes with a magnetic resistance mechanism that provides eight levels of resistance. It also has an LCD screen with an odometer and calories burned reading. And, the pedals are weighted for the ultimate in foot support.

    Plus, despite its numerous features, it folds for easy storage. You get an intense work out that uses your body weight. Watch that fat melt off. The Peyond power twister bar proves how a simple piece of equipment can produce dramatic results. All you have to do is motivate yourself to workout. This power twister offers up to 88 pounds of force. Since it is so well-designed, it is safe for all fitness levels, body types, and ages.

    The Simply Fit board is a lightweight piece of equipment that engages the entire body through a unique twisting motion. As you balance on the board, you provide resistance to your body. It can strengthen your legs, abs and more. If you need some help getting started, it comes with a workout DVD and user guide.

    Strengthen your arms and legs quickly with a comfortable rowing motion.