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View whitepaper. Pharmaceutical Technology is using cookies We use them to give you the best experience. Continue Learn More X. Advertise with us. Make an enquiry. Follow this company Follow the company to be always up to date with this company. Products and Services. White Papers. Related Projects. Press Release. Read more. Rovi CM to Attend Interphex Emphasis is placed on performance, durability and value. Main Street - P. Dimensions, shapes, holes, slots, etc. Make and hold programs, blocks shipped per customer schedule.

Other Hoge Lumber Co. Brief History: Hoge Lumber Company was founded in and has grown from a local sawmill into a diversified manufacturer of products which are shipped worldwide. Special Features: Hoge brush blocks are made from kiln dried North American hardwoods. Why choose wood? People like the look and feel of wood.

Imitators try to make their products look like wood. Wood is a renewable resource. In the USA, there is much more standing timber now than 10, 20, 50 years ago. Young, healthy trees produce oxygen and capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Wood waste is recycled at Hoge, reducing the need for fossil fuels.

Wood is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The natural choice for brush blocks. Berger was born and raised in Queens, NY. His grandparents had founded a small hardware store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in They worked there throughout their lifetime and eventually handed the store down to their sons, Norman and Simon Berger, who continued on in their tradition. As a young boy, Howard worked alongside them and learned the foundations of a small business, supplying needed products, building relationships, and providing a service to his community.

He also learned that long hours and hard work were necessary to build and grow a company. Howard graduated college specializing in teaching and mathematics. Throughout is short career as a teacher, he continued to look for ways to begin his own business while utilizing the work ethic instilled from the family business. Special Features: Products manufactured worldwide in over 35 countries. Products may be consolidated and shipped worldwide from one location. Complete inventory and quality control staff on location as well as both HBC and factory inspection teams.

Vendor managed inventory available. Full EDI capabilities. Worldwide inventory on-line. Buyers may also meet with HBC at its new 9,, cu. Custom designs and prototypes. Designs and manufactures thousands of different brushes to satisfy a wide variety of industrial and food processing applications. Also offered are standard and custom design staple set, metal channel strip and other brush constructions including straight and formed strip, coil, cylinder, cup, inside and outside disc, twisted-in-wire, wire scratch, wheel, cup and stem brushes, acid, paint and artist brushes.

All types of fill materials are provided including synthetic, natural, hair and wire. Common applications include brushes for. PAGE 47 washing, drying, waxing, polishing, peeling and harvesting various fruits and vegetables. Other applications include scrubbing and deburring printed circuit boards; washing silicon chips; finishing and deburring metal; sanding, de-nibbling, staining and dusting wood products; glass and mirror washing; egg washing; static elimination; trommel cleaning; conveyor cleaning; mold cleaning and vehicle washing. Over the years it has expanded from a single, small facility manufacturing brushes for washing California citrus to supplying a wide range of strip, staple set and other brush constructions from plants in Pomona, CA, and Lakeland, FL.

Stainless and galvanized strip for metal backing brushes. Sam Moyer Larkspur Place S. Broomcorn seed: Machine har-. PAGE 48 vestable hybrids, free samples. Publications: Booklet of instructions for making six designs of craft type brooms. Available for teaching craft schools, private apprenticeships, consulting at museums. Brief History: Growing broomcorn and making brooms with homemade equipment since Collaboration with Dr. Henry Hadley in Illinois since to develop machine harvestable hybrids. Newsworthy Happenings: A reaper attachment to a sickle bar grass mower has been made to make dwarf broom corn fall back on a sheet of plywood to be raked off in piles.

Free information is available. Jewel Wire offers a full line of wire products in the following material and alloys: Brass alloy , phosphor bronze alloy , nickel silver alloy , untempered high carbon steel, galvanized low carbon steel. All alloys are available straight level , pin or gear crimped. Both continue to this day to be customers of Jewel Wire Co. In the early s, Mustica sold his company to John Giannuzzi, with the same quality and integrity he continued to grow and prosper for the next 25 years.

Under Giannuzzi, the business expanded to include stainless steel products. At this time, it was moved to a larger facility in Mount Joy, PA, and continued to grow. The Loos family has continued to grow the company, and expanded its manufacturing facility in Special Features: Standard packaging available; hanks, coils, precision cut to length, single strand and multi-stranded on spools and cores. Jewel Wire also offers packaging to customer specifications. Jofel USA has been in business since In addition to the floor care yarns, Jones offers a complete line of tailband tape, headband mesh and sewing thread.

Product line includes cotton mops; microfiber mops; microfiber towels; synthetic carpet bonnets; cotton carpet bonnets and microfiber bonnets. Brief History: Established in by W. Jones, Sr. Since its beginnings, Jones has grown from a one room operation to a five plant facility separately housed in a half. Jones manufactures a wide range of coarse count yarns predominantly made from recycled mill waste. Jones is one of the largest spinners of coarse count yarns made specifically for the floorcare industry. In , Jones expanded into structured nonwovens, operating as Jones Fiber Products.

Today, JFP operates four production facilities. Jones global expansion includes a joint venture operation in Coimbatore, India. This facility produces cotton yarn and cut-end mop products. Jones actively participated in the development of the ASTM certified industry standards for brooms and mops. In addition to supplying quality products, its services include product testing, customer exclusive product development, sales training and market intelligence.

The Jones team welcomes the opportunity to become a contributing partner in customer growth strategies. Newsworthy Happenings: The renovation of its website is complete. Improvements were made to enhance the user experience. Customers can use a password protected web portal to place and update orders, review purchase histories and account information as well as review special offers.

Jones commitment to the floor-cleaning industry continues with the addition of new alternatives to traditional spun yarns. The material offers superior performance and value. In addition, Jones now offers a complete line of carpet bonnet products and conventional microfiber tube mops and towels. Plastic Industries Co. Marketing Head Office: 1F No. Other profiles as requested. Other special brushes. R: RS is a plastic extruding machine maker in Taiwan since with about 60 years machine fabricating experience. Call Keystone for specific brush application at Fifty-plus year tradition of quality, innovation and service excellence.

Brief History: Kraker is a family-owned company, with its origins dating to by Ibrahim Kraker. The company continued under the leadership of Mohamad Abdul Razak Kraker, along with his wife. In , his son, Mounir Kraker, started manufacturing squeegees and cleaning tools. At first, the main product produced by Kraker was a metal squeegee. In , Kraker started manufacturing plastic squeegees and designing new and distinguished models. Since then, Kraker has been producing more than It specializes in all types of dust mops from economy to high-end launderable diamond twist.

Also offered are handles, brushes, brooms, frames, and microfiber products. One World Trade Center, Ste. Company Officers: Song B. Kim, President; Juhyun Kim, CFO Products: A manufacturer of mini-roller covers; and supplier of a complete line of painting applicators and accessories. Brief History: Lakim Industries began in November as a single proprietorship by the current owner and president, Song B. The basic imported goods were industrial work gloves, decorated toothpicks, and novelties for restaurant supply.

In , Lakim began the process of starting to manufacture paint roller covers under the Panda Brush Division, and in May , Panda Brush Company was producing and shipping roller covers under the Qualitech trademark. Today the company is currently increasing capabilities with expansion of its main facilities, and with new warehouses on the East Coast and Mexico.

Special Features: The company has recently introduced a new Wooly Bully mini lambskin. Also, floor finish applicators, window care accessories, automotive care accessories. Company can also help design and manufacture exclusive products. Wire includes pin crimped, gear crimped, or straight in multiple strands, hanks, coils, cut to lengths, or bobbin form. Call for a quotation. Rayon blend mop yarn treated with UltraFresh antibacterial , cotton blend mop yarn, and exclusive and custom mop yarn.

New Greentex mop yarn is an environmentaly friendly blend of recycled PET and postconsumer fiber. Lemieux founded his business on first-rate service and top quality products. Since , Jean-Paul Lemieux and his sons, Marc and Serge, have made the company a worldclass manufacturer. At Lemieux, father and sons have always passed on the same philosophy of personalized service. No matter what the specific requirements or needs are, Lemieux Spinning Mills, Inc.

Special Features: Line Manufacturing, Inc. It can provide virtually any contour, shape and finish, adding distinction and individuality to products and designs. The company will produce them accurately, at a fair price, and deliver them where and when needed. Mapleleaf Dr. Also, Lomont builds tools and custom molds, all types of plastic parts. Malish, Chairman; Jeffrey J. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and China, and a sales office and warehouse in Europe, Malish is well positioned to handle customer requirements virtually anywhere on the globe.

Malish Plastics is a division of The Malish Corporation with manufacturing and sales operations at the corporate headquarters in Willoughby, OH. Malish Plastics specializes in custom thermoplastic extrusions to produce a wide range of profiles and tubes. Materials include yarn, thread, tapes, fabrics, and machinery from the top manufacturers for wet mops, dust mops, tufted mops and pads. Tapes and threads for mattress production are also available. Brief History: Founded in by Paul S. Marsh, the firm has grown steadily. Paul Marsh LLC is presently an international supplier to the brush and broom trade, serving manufacturers in over 40 countries.

Diversified departments within the company now supply manufacturing and trading concerns in a wide range of industries. Brief History: After professionally cleaning homes, Mary Findley developed a new floor mop idea for residential cleaning companies, small offices, medical offices, beauty and barber shops.

Findley is a nationally recognized cleaning expert and carries a full line of green cleaning tools and cleaners. Special Features: Mary Moppins is dedicated to bringing customers the highest grade product for the best price. Newsworthy Happenings: Mops are a huge hit with nursing homes. They wash the towels in the morning, then spray the towels with disinfectant. Floors are mopped without buckets of water or rinsing. Convoluted wafers also available in a variety of diameters.

Custom orders available. Brush replacements are available for street sweepers — offering gutter and tube brooms. Mixing, metering and dispensing machines — Automated adhesive dispenser VGA; mixing, metering and dispensing machine for two and more component resin systems MUD and MUD-R with adjustable mixing ratio. Special Features: Maintenance and service for all types of machines, conversion and extension of machinery in stock.

Tipping, flagging, mixing and dyeing of taper synthetic fiber for paintbrush industry. Also rice broom root and metal handles. Special order products for machinery and equipment including oversize paint rollers, brushes, and squeegees are available. Prototypes and long or short runs invited.

Production runs vary from high-volume standard or custom orders to small-volume specialty orders. Style and types of brushes include, but are not limited to, twisted-in-wire, strip brushes, staple set, end, cup, wheel, drawn and more. Mill-Rose offers a complete range of standard materials high carbon, stainless steel, brass, bronze, nylon, bristle etc. Also offered are aluminum silicate, and different grits of diamond-mixed aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, as well as different grits of plain aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

PAGE 51 manufacturer of twisted-in-wire brushes used in virtually every type of industry throughout the world. Mill-Rose experienced significant growth from its humble beginning in , and today operates manufacturing and warehouse facilities throughout the United States and Mexico. A 64, square-foot production facility in Mentor, OH, and 33,square-foot production facility in Mexico feature the latest manufacturing techniques and quality-control programs.

Production is complemented by a 70,square-foot distribution center with state-of-the-art inventory management and distribution. Special Features: The Mill-Rose Company specializes in designing and manufacturing brushes used in new and unique applications.

Applications include static dissipation, material handling, augers, heat sinks, filters and more. Rakusin, Mgr. Custom designed brush capabilities include staple-set cylindrical brushes. This design was highly effective in preventing dust and dirt from rising into the air. Over the years, Milwaukee. See separate listings for these companies in this issue. The Thomas Monahan Companies manufacture and sell component parts for the manufacture of brooms and mops.

Through its Whitley Monahan Handles Company, Monahan offers quality handles in pine and hardwoods in clear lacquer, painted or plain sanded, with tapers, tennons or threads, in all standard diameters and lengths. The company is the exclusive distributor of Bamwood — a manufactured wood made from bamboo. Through its Brush Fibers and Monahan Filament companies, Monahan manufactures synthetic filaments and sells them along with imported natural fibers to the brush industry.

The Thomas Monahan Company sells broomcorn and natural filler fibers, plastic angle brooms, and broom twine. The company also offers products from foreign sources on a container load basis for direct shipment at nice savings. Brief History: The company has been a family business since , now managed by its fourth generation of Monahans. The company prides itself on fast, courteous service. Nylon, polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene fibers find application in industrial, construction, automotive, personal care, paint, cosmetic, and janitorial markets.

Brief History: Founded in early with the acquisition of Specialty Filaments, the company has consolidated operations into a new facility in Arcola, IL. Centrally located in the midwest, MFI is well positioned to meet the challenging needs of all customers. It offers a full range of metal and plastic attachments for both wet and dry mops. It also sells the component parts for self-assembly. And for dust mops it also offers nylon slide connectors and a patented flexible connectors. Formerly, a division of the family business, the new company hired all The Thomas Monahan Co. Brief History: Monterey Mills is today a combination of multiple companies.

Joseph Rosenberg founded Roller Fabrics in and expanded the use of pile fabric when paint rollers started being used during the s. Monterey Mills expanded and improved its products and its physical size. His goal was, and is, to continue expanding the business by offering the highest quality knitted pile fabric to industrial and retail markets.

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Special Features: Monterey Mills strives to be the premium supplier of knitted pile fabric and to be recognized as a leader in the industry. Newsworthy Happenings: Monterey Mills marks its 65th anniversary in All sizes of tempered and hard drawn brush wire with full capabilities in crimping, bunching, and cutting in hanks. Products: Paint sundries: Drop cloths, painters rags, cheesecloth, sponges, staining pads, gloves, tack cloths, dust masks, terry towels, glass towels, shop towels, microfiber cloths, mitts, tarps. It offers a wide range of material selections including: kraft paper, aluminum foils, custom colors and printing.

Newkor can manufacture any wall thickness, length and inside diameter. Brief History: Newkor, Inc. It manufactures plain and phenolic cores, and will deliver exceptional quality. Brief History: Long-time industry experts Todd Leventhal and Stan Koschnick - both executives with O-Cedar Brands and Viking Industries with more than 60 years combined experience in the cleaning industry - bought the commercial division in from O-Cedar Brands. The new company, Nexstep Commercial Products, is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar for commercial products.

Its products are manufactured and distributed out of its two main facilities located in the Midwest. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative, top quality products at very competitive prices and with worldclass customer service and flexibility. Newsworthy Happenings: Nextstep Comm. Rua Lisboa, Sao Paulo S. All packing available including strip pack, box pack, etc. Metal handles and angle brooms are also available. Brief History: Northeast, over the past seven years, has developed into the prime resource for quality and legally logged wooden handles out of Brazil.

Reliability, consistent quality and timeliness of shipping have become synonymous with Northeast and the Malinski factory. Multi-annual logging contracts will guarantee its raw material for years to come. Newsworthy Happenings: In spite of the weakening U. PAGE 54 able dry dusting sheets; deck mops; handles; janitorial accessories; brooms; brushes; dusters - microfiber, polywool, lambswool, and ostrich; squeegees; carpet bonnets; environmentally friendly cleaning tools - EchoMop, wet mops, dust mops, handles, Grip-N-Flip microfiber mitts; Double Green brooms and brushes; MicroWash microfiber cleaner.

For hardwood, resilient, vinyl, concrete, tile, and stone finishes and coatings. Normal application rate is 10, square feet per hour with no streaks or bubbles. PADCO offers a full line of floor finish applicators, trim pads, extension poles, trays and accessories. Worldwide distribution available. Paint Brush Corporation is now in its 65th year. John, Managing Dir. It has been supplying products directly to the buyer situated across the globe. The company has insourcing facilities for the collection of raw materials.

Special Features: Suppliers of dressed fiber to the brush industry. The company removes dust and residue dyes which can cause break-downs and consequent filling machine down-time. Dressed fibers can be fed directly to the machine. Introducers of poly union mixture from India and paper wrapped hanks. Besides regular hanks, the company can supply the palmyra in 10cm dia rope tied hanks and 5 to Suitable paper carton packing is adopted for dressed fiber.

Newsworthy Happenings: Holds first position in exports of palmyra fiber from southern India. Innovator of poly union mix from India. Finished items — imported plastic angle brooms, mop handles, corn brooms, deck mops, push brooms, and brushes all made to customer specifications. Also offered are mop buckets, wet floor signs, floor and window squeegees, and more.


Brief History: PelRay International was started in October to serve manufacturers of brooms, mops, and brushes worldwide. Although it is a new company, its managers and sales staff each have over 20 years experience in the industry and over years combined. Shaving brushes and shaving sets in: hog bristle, pure badger, synthetic; shaving cream in bowl and tube; make-up brushes; handmade soap; handmade razors and shaving brush stands.

The famous Omega brand marks a complete range of high professional quality paintbrushes and rollers, and a wide selection of shaving brushes. Omega brand is used not only in Italy but all over the world, even in those countries in which a well-established and qualified domestic production still exists. Omega brushes are produced in Italy only. This allows it to have very high production standards and consistency over time. Industrial brush range offers knot and crimped wire brushes in wheel, tube, end, and cup brush configurations.

A complete line of maintenance brushes including high quality U. Brief History: PFERD is a family-owned global manufacturing business headquartered in Marienheide, Germany with manufacturing sites in four countries on three continents. The company started in , manufacturing files for the farrier industry and has since expanded to manufacturing a wide variety of products used for cutting, grinding, and metal finishing.

This alternating knot design dramatically improves brush balance and performance over convention knot style brushes. The exclusive J-Bevel brushes are designed to be used in conjunction with automatic orbital welding machines. The narrow face width of the brush allows for deeper penetration and cleaning into narrow bevels.

The patent-pending line of TWINNUT stringer bead knot wheels solves the problem of brush interference with angle grinder guard when changing the mounting position of the brush. Tool Manual 21 is packed with useful application and technical information about more than 7, different products. The new manufacturing and warehousing facility is located on the north side of Milwaukee. In addition, there have been significant investments made in the company, including additional technical personnel as well as investment in new manufacturing equipment.

Brief History: Manufacturers of quality synthetic fibers for the broom and brush industry since Plasticfibre can offer a complete range of synthetic filaments to manufacturers of all brush products in every sector. Its filaments are appreciated and employed in an unlimited range of applications throughout the industrial and manufacturing sectors in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Quality system certified under ISO Brief History: Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, Pogliani s. Subsequently, Pogliani s. After more than years continuous activity, Pogliani has become a landmark in raw materials supply for the broom, brush and paintbrush industries. The combination of experience and knowledge of global market enables Pogliani s. PMM Oriente No. It offers nylon 6.

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PAGE 56 filaments in a wide range of calipers and colors. It specializes in critical applications, where consistency and quality are a must. Brief History: The Purdy story began in when S. Desmond Purdy began building paintbrushes in a converted two-car garage in Portland, OR. His uncompromising dedication to quality and excellence continue today. Special Features: Purdy painting tools offer outstanding finish appearance, which forms a smooth, even layoff of the paint on the surface. Faster, better production on big jobs is achieved because more brush time is spent on the painting surfaces and less time dipping in the paint.

Purdy brushes also provide the best cutting-in capabilities for corners and sash work because of the individual craftsmanship put into the chiseling, shaping and finishing of all Purdy brushes. The brushes are also the lightest weight and are perfectly balanced. Newsworthy Happenings: Purdy recently launched a number of products including its 18inch adjustable roller frame. This patent-pending design works with a cam latch system for quick adjustment. Purdy also launched a jumbo mini-roller system.

Color-coded polypropylene one- and two-piece shovels, mixing paddles, scoops, scrapers, metal detectable tools, HDPE tubs, lids, pallets, and steel undercarriages. Garrison in Zionsville, IN. The brooms and brushes feature a solid polypropylene block and polyester bristles that are held in place with stainless steel staples. With block and bristle of the same color, they are autoclavable, sterilizable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and bristle types.

In addition to fixed head and swivel neck squeegees, an ultra hygiene squeegee is also available. The single-blade design of this squeegee discourages bacterial growth. Remco also offers a complete line of helically wound stainless steel tube and valve brushes as well as several special application brushes.

All sizes available. Along with the many items offered in its catalog, the company has increased the number of items it manufactures according to customer specifications. Its cost-conscious approach has also enabled it to offer private labeling to many of its volume purchasers at competitive prices. It looks forward to continuing its steady growth, which has been built on high quality products and the personal, attentive service its customers have come to expect.

Brief History: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, headquartered in Winchester, VA, is a manufacturer of products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Since , RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food services, san-. The complete system offers a valuable solution when compared to traditional mopping systems. It maximizes productivity, reduces chemical and water consumption and cleans floors more than three times faster than traditional string mops.

Sanderson, Chair; Mark N. It is a large volume contract manufacturer of medical and dental brushes, firearm brushes, cleaning brushes and cosmetic brushes. It is also the inventor of the Z-Tip, a new way to put a protective tip on a twisted-wire brush that is smoother, safer and stronger than traditional tipping methods.

The Z-Tip is manufactured using high energy fusion welding technologies to melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twisted-wire brush into a consistent, smooth and inseparable protective tip. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award. More specifically, Sanderson MacLeod manufactures the following types of twisted-wire brushes: medicl endoscope cleaning, medical cytology, interdental, shotgun cleaning, rifle cleaning, pistol cleaning, general cleaning, deburring, poishing, and mascara.

In , Sanderson MacLeod invented the twisted-wire mascara brush. During the s, the. Today, Sanderson MacLeod employs more than employees and operates out of a ,square-foot, state-of-the-art facility with an FDA compliant quality control lab. Borsari to president and the retirement of his predecessor, Jim Pascale. With the recent addition of automated twisting equipment, Schaefer is capable of manufacturing both small and high volume production runs. Brushes can be filled with a variety of materials, including horsehair, natural fiber, synthetics, abrasive nylon and various sizes and types of wire.

From concept to completion, custom manufactured industrial brush products are made daily to perform in very unique applications. Harold Schaefer purchased the company from his third generation cousin Jack Schaefer, in Automatic cleaning and trimming machinery. Special Features: High performance and special machinery; appliances for brush production; performance, modern and versatile machine constructions; powerful technics and reliable service. Also offered are machinery such as broom stitchers, cutting machines, binding machines, as well as furniture.

Manufactured products come in various kinds and are kept updated with the quick change in technology. Primary items cover cleaning products and daily-use products involving over kinds, and are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia. Since the establishment of the company, both Yi Heng representatives and customers have witnessed a rapid development that comes from an excellent management team. Innovation in management, research and development, especially in sales, enable the company to accommodate further growth.

Special Features: The company offers American long fiber corn brooms to the U. It offers direct sales for American nationwide supermarkets through U. Brief History: A regular supplier to some wellknown brush fiber dealers in Europe and the United States. An experience brush fiber supplier since the s. Starting to expand direct sales to brush manufacturers in the United States and Europe since Special Features: Good knowledge not only in natural fibers like boiled bristle, etc. Newsworthy Happenings: A new joint venture.

Now are able to dress 36 tons of bristle per month. Assorted packages: reels, payoff packs and spools. A broad selection of brush fill materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, abrasive nylon, horsehair, and tampico. Engineering consultation available to solve application problems. Custom brush design is a hallmark. Brief History: Spiral Brushes was founded in as a manufacturer of custom brushes, including a patented metal channel strip.

During the s and s, Spiral expanded its product offering to include more powerdriven brush styles, and added industrial distributors to its established base of end-users, OEMs and brush manufacturers. The division was established in to focus on the sales of stainless steel wire and value added wire prod-. In , the company undertook an expansion by adding wire drawing capabilities. This expansion was undertaken to differentiate Stainless Steel Products, Inc.

Special Features: Stainless Steel Products is a material supplier selling wire and wire products to manufacturers and distributors in the United States. Nick Brush Co. All brooms are in the company catalog, which can be downloaded off the Web site. All blocks are made by Hardwood Lumber, which is a part of St. Brief History: Hardwood Lumber Co. In , the company purchased its first broom machine, which was a street broom machine. Then came a deck scrub machine. This was a wood using operation. Quality lumber was easily sold, but low grade lumber presented a problem.

The company had kilns to dry lumber and small dimension wood products could be Special made out of low grade lumber. Features: Manufactures different types of household brushes and brooms, with a specialty of street brooms. The company has a computerized ripping and cutoff system for the manufacture of wooden brush blocks. Lewis, Jr. Tucel is percent green, recyclable and fused.

All products are polypropylene which does not absorb water, causing bacteria. Tucel was located in Middlebury, VT, for 10 years and relocated to Forestdale where the 45,square-foot factory still remains. Tucel has held more than 38 patents worldwide. Tucel also develops a wide assortment of specialty brushes for other companies. Newsworthy Happenings: Tucel has had 6 employees retire including 2 employees with 32 years of service and 2 employees with 25 years of service. Tucel has been under the same ownership since it started in Brief History: Tuway is a women-owned and family operated company, that has been a leader in textile cleaning product innovations since Special Features: Tuway offers an extensive line of products and programs designed exclusively to meet the most vigorous cleaning challenges.

Brief History: In , Henry Unger realized his vision to improve the safety and efficiency of cleaning products.

List Of Manufacturing Companies In Vietnam

Beginning with window cleaning tools, he started designing and. Unger has grown and diversified since then by adhering to two fundamental philosophies: treating customers as the most important asset and producing innovative products. In the mids, Unger expanded its product lines to become a leading provider of cleaning and maintenance solutions for janitorial sanitation, window and industrial sectors. Today, Unger manufactures and sells over product solutions to professional cleaning personnel in over 80 countries worldwide. Engineered Products Division manufactures customized specialty brushes for industrial solutions.

Brief History: Vonco has been a family owned manufacturer of all types of polyethylene shapes and flexible packaging since Remember Vonco for mop bags, printed roll stock and header bag needs. The company has complete lacquering and finishing capabilities in a modern plant located in Midland, NC. Call Jim or Patrick for a quote on wood handle requirements.

Brief History: Whitley Monahan Handle Company was formed in from the merger of two great names in the wood handle business. The Whitley Handle Co. The operating plants of each were consolidated at the modern Whitley Handle plant in Midland. Patrick Peebles and his wife, Lorraine, run the day-to-day operation in Midland. Jim Monahan assists in sales out of the Arcola, IL, office.

Special Features: Whitley - Monahan can offer immediate shipments from its plant in Midland. The plant has sanding and painting capabilities and can finish the handle with any custom end treatment. Further, the company can label, strippack, or box handles to customer specifications. Why gamble on fluctuating exchange rates?

Purchase domestically and better control costs and inventory levels. Call today. These are specialty machines and complete production systems for all types of technical brushes for industrial applications: strip brushes, roll brushes; twist knot brushes; brush segments wheel and cup ; dental brushes, polishing brushes; end brushes; street sweeper brushes, cleaning brushes; twist-inwire brushes, micro brushes; paintbrushes and special technical brushes. PAGE 59 and special filaments. The company currently operates with 70 employees and an effective, global dealer network. It is pleased to present the following machinery innovations for Street Sweeper Production.

The innovative process allows a recyclable, metal-free brush design and the easy application of low-cost, recycled material reducing production costs. The bodies produced are automatically dropped into a cooling channel, from which they can be either manually or automatically taken out. The Airport Cassette Brush Machine GB90 is desiged for the production of single brush bundles as well as ready assembled cassette brushes. Mounted on a shaft, these cassette brushes are specifically used for the cleaning of airport runways.

The machine operates with preassembled cassettes, ready cut and picked wire bundles coming directly from the Wire Crimping and Cutting Unit DA and retaining wire automatically fed from a magazine or directly from the spool. The highly developed all-in system directly connects flat wire rolling with the automatic drilling and filling of brush blocks with wire, PP or mixed fill. Latest innovations on the GB 20 machine are: programming of a hole pair with groove, composite fill bundles and freely programmable hole patterns; step boring for the fail-safe insertion of bundles; bundle lock on channel outlet to safeguard against bundles being pulled out; reduced cycle time by intermediate block positioning; fill holding jaws without jamming of the bristles; touch screen with icons, large data memory, big storage and simple sequence programming; graphical display of hole pattern, and, large filament channels.

Wooster offers, through distribution, over 2, products for professional and doit-yourself painters. Its headquarters are still located in that city. Far beyond a single building, the company has grown to over ,square-feet of manufacturing, shipping, administrative, and warehousing facilities. Wooster Brush has dedicated employees with an average of 18 years of service each.

Chinex FTP brushes combine added stiffness with a fuller, softer tip for better reults. Their firmness allows paint to be pushed farther along a surface. Better distibution and a longer paint stripe are achieved by a fuller end that increases paint release. The softer tips of FTP brushes not only create a smooth finish, they also leave precise edges for improved cutting-in. Chinex is durable and stays wetter to make brush cleaning easier.

Go to woosterbrush. Newsworthy Happenings: Effective Aug. Fagert became president of The Wooster Brush Company. His predecessor, Allan K. Rodd, retired after 42 years of service, the last 12 as president and treasurer. In retirement, Rodd will continue to serve the company as vice chairman of the board of directors. Fagert joined Wooster Brush in During his 26 years of service, he has held various finance positions including accounting manager, assistant treasurer and controller.

He most recently served as vice president of finance. It has been operating a brush business in Taiwan since With sophisticated brush making know-how and the favorable business environment in China, Xiamen Power has grown into a more integrated brush manufacturer. Not only offering finished products to the DIY market, Xiamen Power also provides brush making supplies in structural foam, solid plastic and different types of wood blocks to the brush industry all over the world.

Winzig, President; Paul E. Staple set, wheels, strip, cylinders, hand and machine brushes. All mediums—natural, synthetic, wire. Can work in wood, plastic, leather back. Custom and contract runs invited. Company uses quick change, computerized equipment. Brief History: Celebrating years in business. Established in Special Features: Specializing in custom made brushes. Semi and fully-automatic anchor-set machines for tufting small pre-cored handles toothbrushes ; fully-automatic in-mold toothbrush production system; automatic twisted-in-wire brush machines for production of cut-end brushes; automatic twistedin-wire brush machines for industrial closedend and looped handle brushes; automatic twisted-in-wire brush machines for interdental and cosmetic closed end brushes; semi-automatic twisting machines for the production of all kinds of twisted wire brushes; semi-automatic machines for laying out filament in the production of twisted wire brushes; Semi-automatic wire straightening, cutting and forming machines for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes; wire filament feed and cut machines for the production of twisted-in-wire brushes; fully and semi-automatic hank cutting machines.

Packaging Machinery: Semi and fullyautomatic thermoform, seal and cut blister packaging machines; Semi and fully-automatic horizontal cartoning machines. Injection Molds: Automatic multi-component injection molds; automatic single-component injection molds; automatic turn stack molds for in-mold assembly. Custom Automation: Transfer and handling automation to link systems together; semi and full-automatic assembly and inspection machinery.

Brief History: The company was founded in by Anton Zahoransky, providing machines for the brush industry. In addition to providing a simple and reliable operational platform, 3D Brush Designer provides the brush maker with a powerful tool for creating new brush designs in an efficient manner that has never been previously possible. Also, introduced at Interbrush was the SCADA Systems Control And Data Acquisition network software for connecting all Zahoransky machines into one network and providing management with complete manufacturing statistical control. Can also machine most plastics.

Zelazoski Mfg. The company began making wooden blocks for the brush and broom industry in Over its existence, ZWPI has continued to update machinery, facilities, and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Unless imported wood is specifically requested, all brush and broom blocks are made from managed North American forests. ZWPI is always ready to look at new items and anxious to quote customer needs, simple or complex, from 1 to 1,, pieces. Zelazoski is now able to imprint by engraving as well as branding, hot stamping and pad printing.

Lindstrom, Pres. Products: Zephyr Manufacturing Co. The company offers a complete selection of wet mops and dry dust mops covering the full range of fibers, styles and prices. Also offered are brooms, brushes and specialty products, handles, frames, dusters, mopsticks and many related items that are available from leading distributors throughout the world. Brief History: Since , Zephr has been a family owned and operated manufacturer.

It continually takes pride in supplying customers with quality products, competitive prices, prompt service and accurate customer service. Today, Zephyr serves North America with specific products aimed at the institutional, industrial, janitorial and foodservice markets.

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These products are sold to distributors and redistribution wholesalers. Zephyr offers the most complete selection of mops, brooms, brushes, handles, and associated products available from one source. In business for over 20 years. Other products include artist brushes, paint rollers and scrapers. Tucel Industries, Inc. Pictured is John Lewis with the company's fused-filament disposable brush replacement.

Users can toss the brush and buy a replacement, using the handle, thus reducing replacement costs. Attendees were able to discover the latest products and trends while also networking with retailers, distributors and vendors. With 9 different categories offered, those attending had plenty to see on a show floor that spanned over 12 acres.

Magnolia Brush Manufacturers, Ltd. The company has been manufacturing all types of high quality household and industrial maintenance brushes since Pictured, from left, are Gary Townes, Jr. Harper Brush Works, Inc. The company offers brooms, brushes, mops, buckets, dust pans and squeegees. The company exhibited Rain Collection Systems, tools, edging and fencing, landscape rock, snow tools and brushes, tree stands, sleds, toboggans, discs, snow toys, snowboards and enviromentally responsible household and commercial cleaning aids.

Delamo Manufacturing, Inc. Pictured is Todd Carlson. LongArm, Inc.

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The company offers extension poles and accessories. Pictured is Luis Del Rio Ambriz. The company offers paint brushes, artists brushes, bristles, synthetic filaments and mixtures of bristle and synthetic filaments. The company offers paint brushes, paint rollers and painting accessories. Pictured, from left, are Pratomo Budi S. Quali-Tech Manufacturing Co. The company offers paint brushes and rollers, pads, trays, extension poles, bucket grids, and drop cloths.

Pictured is John Moran. Super Sweep, Inc. Pictured, from left, are Lance Margolin and Noah Lundy. Howard Berger Co. The company is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of products in these categories: hardware, paint sundries, electrical, plumbing, security hardware, hand tools, lawn and garden, heaters and fans, pet supplies, pest control, automotive, rope and twine and tools. Pictured, from left, are James P. Brower and Elliot Piltzer. The company offers branded cleaning products including brooms, sponge mops, dust mops, wet mops, dust pans, dusters, sponges and scourers. Pictured is Michael Silverman.

The company is a manufacturer and distributor of professional and DIY paint applicators. Pictured is Robert Shaw. Dynamic Paint Products, Inc. The company offers Enviro-Paintware products that are Eco-Friendly. Padco, Inc. The company is a supplier of painting and home decorating tools, including paint applicators, rollers, and trays. Pictured, from left, are Ed Goldstein and Oscar Fernandez. Wilco Molding, Inc.

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The company introduced its first proprietary item for the paint sundry market in Pictured, from left, are Kim Williams and Coleen Williams. The company makes paint pads, paint rollers, applicators, sponges and wood graining tools. Pictured, from left, are Edmond Hobden and Paul Constantine.

The company offers paint brushes. Pictured, from left, are Paul Cho and Anthony Fung. The company offers corn brooms, plastic brooms, cotton mops, synthetic mops, plastic pails and dust pans. Pictured is Omar Garza Sarmiento. Value 2,, 1,, 10, 7, 4, 57, 8, 10, 7, 53, 12, 18, 59, 6, 88, , 6, 3, 23, 51, 17, , 34, , , 14, , 15, 3, , Value Net Q. Value Canada , , , 1,, Mexico 71, , , , Hondura 11, 17, 16, 33, C Rica 1, 4, Panama 35, 89, 35, 89, Barbado 23, 85, Colomb 2, 2, Value , , 3, 26, 3, 17, 2, 5, 4, 11, 21, 3, 3, 6, 22, 5, 60, 40, 4, 3, 36, 11, 69, 34, 32, 49, 8, 40, 1,, Value Canada , 1,, , 4,, Mexico 56, , , 1,, Guatmal 2, Belize 7, 7, Salvadr 9, Hondura 28 7, C Rica 1, 5, Panama 4, 74, 4, 74, Cayman 8, Dom Rep 2, B Virgn 5, 5, S Lucia 3, 3, N Antil 3, Aruba 8, 8, Colomb 5, Venez 1, 19, 2, 53, Ecuador 1, 29, 1, 29, Chile 19, , 19, , Brazil 3, 30, 4, 39, Norway 11, Finland 11, U King 4, , 10, , Ireland 2, 33, 2, 44, Value Canada 1, 2, 1, 5, Mexico 7, 4, 82, 11, Hondura , , , , Value Mexico 2, 2, 2, 2, Value Canada 1, 8, 1, 8, Mexico 7, 16, Germany 2, 2, Turkey 2, 5, 2, 5, Sri Lka 87, , , , Thailnd 5, 8, Vietnam 18, 18, 52, 44, Phil R 2, 4, 5, 12, China 9, 26, 13, 37, Kor Rep 3, 3, Japan 1 2, 1 2, TOTAL , , , , Toothbrushes, Incl.

Value Canada 13, 8, 51, 18, Mexico , , 1,, , Brazil , , 1,, , Ireland , , , , Nethlds , 21, Germany 2,, 1,, 3,, 3,, Hungary 3, 7, 6, 14, Switzld 6,, 2,, 14,, 4,, Poland , 46, Italy , 89, , 89, Turkey 6, Israel , 65, India 1,, , 4,, , Thailnd , 58, Vietnam 8,, , 11,, , Malaysa 1,, 44, 3,, , Indnsia , 25, , 25, China 48,, 9,, ,, 19,, Kor Rep 1,, , 1,, , Hg Kong , , , , Taiwan 9, 19, 1,, , Japan 10, 37, 10, 39, Austral 2, Gabon 1,, , TOTAL 71,, 15,, ,, 31,, Hairbrushes, Valued Not Over.

Value Thailnd 24, 8, 24, 8, Vietnam 7, 3, 7, 3, China 4,, 1,, 8,, 2,, Value Canada 50 2, 90 7, Mexico 12,, 2,, 26,, 4,, Dom Rep 65, 99, 83, , U King 76, , , , Ireland 2, 2, France 90, , , , Germany 2,, , 2,, , Switzld 3, 3, Spain 12, 50, 21, 95, Italy 1, 17, 1, 17, Greece 1, 31, Israel 2, 7, India , , 1,, , Sri Lka , 61, , , Thailnd , , , , Phil R 2, 9, 2, 9, China 16,, 9,, 35,, 21,, Kor Rep , 82, , , Hg Kong , , , , Taiwan , 84, , , Japan , 1,, , 2,, Austral 5, 5, Mauritn 6, 26, 9, 36, Maurit 11, 7, 11, 7, TOTAL 33,, 15,, 69,, 32,, Value 8, 22, 11, 3, 30, 72, 6, 31, 9, 1,, 10,, 14, 43, , 20, 11,, Value , , 43, 63, 38, 45, 9, 82, 9, , 2, 11, , 30, 17, 2,, 4, 13, 5,, Value Canada 1,, 3,, Mexico 2,, 4,, Hondura 1,, 2,, Dom Rep 25, 43, Colomb 68, , Brazil 14, 46, Sweden 7, 9, Norway 11, 16, Finland 19, 48, Denmark , , U King 26, , Nethlds , , Belgium , , France 4, 13, Germany , , Austria 2, 2, Czech 2, 35, Switzld 8, 14, Lithuan 13, 78, Poland 21, 71, Spain 49, , Italy , , Romania 52, 52, Turkey 5, 7, Israel 13, 13, India 20, , Pakistn , , Sri Lka , , Thailnd , , Vietnam 2, 66, Malaysa 22, 33, Indnsia 30, 87, China 27,, 58,, Kor Rep , , Hg Kong , 1,, Taiwan 1,, 2,, Japan , , Austral , , Egypt 24, TOTAL 37,, 79,, Department of Commerce, 13 short tons of broom corn were imported into the United States during March All imported broom corn for March came from Mexico.

After the first three months of , short tons of broom corn had been imported into the United States. All but 9 short tons of broom corn through March were imported from Mexico. The remaining broom corn came from Chile in February. It may be correct as well.

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This is an educated guess based on the fact that broom corn prices have declined from last year, while the price for most other agricultural commodity crops has gone up — in many cases doubling in price. There is also not as much carry-over processed broom corn ready to buy right now compared to recent months. Some Mexican broom corn processors are running short on certain sizes, particularly inch hurl.

Along with broom corn, another material used to make some natural brooms is yucca fiber. Pelton reported that pricing for this material has been steady as of the latter part of May. Although broom corn and yucca prices continue to fluctuate with the seasons and economic conditions, one unfortunate constant in northern Mexico lately has been ongoing security issues. At the moment, it doesn't seem like any progress is being made. However, he said the broom corn business has been slow.

It would be good to have more than a ton monthly demand. Regarding yucca fiber, Monahan reported that plenty of material is available, although some processors have gone out of business. This latter point has made the market a little tighter. When interviewed on May 31, Monahan said overall business at his company during the first part of the year was busy, then slowed in March before picking up again during April and May.

Richard Caddy, of R.

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This is especially true if any raw broom corn was part of the import mix. Regarding what to expect from the upcoming Torreon broom corn harvest, Caddy said lack of information remains a problem. When looking at soybean, wheat, corn and cotton — prices for these crops have gone up substantially. One has to wonder how much incentive there is right now to grow a lot of broom corn.