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GSA Contract. Hierarchical Population Modeling. Hierarchical Population Modeling Describing densities and distributions of plants and animals and the ecological processes that govern them are essential to the field of ecology. To get estimates of population size and densities of animals we employ hierarchical models that use count data to estimate the true population size by accounting for detection probability during a survey. These techniques can be employed over a wide range of surveys from boat-based seabird surveys of seabirds to auditory surveys of songbirds in the forest.

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Demographic Rate Estimation and Population Prediction. Demographic Rate Estimation and Population Prediction Populations rise and fall over time; to understand why, we need to know basic demographic parameters.

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Populations decrease with mortality or emigration and increase with births and immigration, but these parameters are often difficult to estimate in the wild. Using standard techniques such as mark-recapture and nest or colony monitoring, we can estimate parameters including survival and fecundity along with how they vary over space and time or with environmental correlates.

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Researchers then use these data to project population sizes into the future using population or individual-based modeling techniques. We investigate human impacts on the community composition of macroinvertebrates and fish in Swiss rivers with statistical analyses of existing monitoring data, food web analyses, and computer models. Human impacts on the community composition of Swiss rivers.


Decision support for river management by combining the prediction of effects of suggested measures with quantified societal goals. Restoring rivers for for effective catchment management. One of the most important challenges in environmental toxicology is to understand how responses to chemical pollutants scale through levels of biological complexity Linking effects from molecules to ecosystems.

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Definition Ecology studies organisms in their relationship to their living and nonliving environment. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Brooks R The relationship between matter and life.

Clifford NJ Models in geography revisited. Geoforum — CrossRef Google Scholar.