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How the West was Lost

Navajo Land Blessing. Black Hills Warrior. Lakota Flute Song. Flight Song. The Death of Dull Knife.

A Good Day to Die. Geronimo's Surrender.

How the West Was Lost by Dambisa Moyo – review

He Came from the Black Hills. South West Warrior. Becoming Human. I Will Fight No More.

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Peter Kater feat: R. The west will lose out in the scramble for finite resources, and so as "the rest" rise "the west" will decline, not just relatively but absolutely. China has evolved an economic model in which the government guides development, accumulating capital, investing in state-of-the-art productive infrastructure, encouraging science, and buying up global resources.

This may not be efficient, in the sense of maximising living standards at any particular moment, but it is effective in driving them relentlessly upwards. The other emerging economies see that this is successful. They have no love for the west, and so will follow China both as a model and as a political leader. Meanwhile, the west, and in particular the US, is stuck with an excessive faith in market mechanisms, combined with a political system that will push it increasingly into the most dysfunctional aspects of social welfare: dependency of the poor on government handouts, financed by public debt.

Her proposed solution for the US is as radical as is her diagnosis: trade protectionism and debt default. She argues that were America to retreat into autarky and default it would fare much better than the devastation it would impose on China as an exporter and creditor. Moyo is not, I think, seriously advocating these policies; rather, her point is that as a credible threat they would improve American bargaining power vis-a-vis China.

What are we to make of the Moyo thesis? Inevitably, in a short book of such a sweeping nature, there are many hostages to critics.

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I will let these pass. I do not share Moyo's pessimism, but I applaud her brave alarum against our economic and social complacency: her core concerns are sufficiently close to painful truths to warrant our attention. She is right that the rise of "the rest" will widen inequalities within the west: it has already.

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To respond effectively, governments need to reskill our population, combining carrots and sticks so as to get everyone into productive work. She is also right that the psychological shock as the west realises that it is no longer top dog could lead to demoralisation.

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