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REI has also implemented programs that focus on the outdoors rather than commerce. As a result, REI saw huge sales during its own blockbuster sales event , which takes place in May. B-Stock was built on the idea that technology could revolutionize how organizations handle their obsolete inventory, including how to create a sustainable process for the last mile of the reverse supply chain: liquidation.


By encouraging retailers and manufacturers to ditch traditional methods, including landfilling excess, obsolete, and returned product, and replacing that with a sustainable remarketing solution for inventory across all condition codes including historically hard-to-sell merchandise like salvage or damaged , B-Stock has enabled the recycling, repurposing, reuse or resale of almost million items.

Email Us. ThredUP manages apparel intake, pricing, marketing, selling and shipping. While UPcycle has started with only one brand partner, sustainable apparel company Reformation, thredUP plans to announce a second partner on Black Friday and establish 10 new partnerships next year. The apparel brands encourage customers to return used goods in exchange for store credit.

Yerdle then repairs and refurbishes those goods so that the apparel companies can sell them again as refurbished under their own brands in their own online stores all managed by Yerdle , complete with warranties, customer service and return policies.

Remanufactured Fashion

The Renewal Workshop : With an approach akin to Yerdle's, the company offers retailers a fully outsourced recommerce service, managing the reverse logistics, repair, cleaning, quality assurance and resale of used clothing to companies such as the North Face, prAna and icebreaker. Apparel brands pay a processing fee at a rate comparable to apparel waste management and can sell "renewed" clothing in their stores or on the Renewal Workshop's website under a revenue-sharing agreement. The startup also helps companies improve design by sharing product failure data, encouraging increased durability.

Similar to thredUP's approach, a financial incentive drives sales back to the company, while also giving apparel a second life.

According to Allison Sommer, director of marketing at the RealReal, "A few years ago, there was a lot of uncertainty into how we fit into luxury fashion, and all of a sudden, we are getting inbound requests from designers wanting to learn more about how our partnership with Stella is doing and how it is structured.

An initial calculation found that the 2. Some brands are beginning to find that recommerce, particularly when executed by partners, unlocks a low-risk, high-reward market for their goods and offers a straightforward path into a more circular business model.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This book highlights the concept and applications of Remanufactured Fashion. The first book on this subject, it covers reverse logistics, exemplars, and case studies of remanufactured fashion design. Textile waste is a major issue for all countries, and converting that waste into useful products offers a sensible solution. Remanufactured Fashion is one such sustainable waste management strategy. It involves the conversion of discarded garments into useful retail products, without which they would be dumped at landfills, posing a number of environmental issues.

The application and use of discarded clothing in remanufacturing processes could greatly reduce the percentage of clothing waste and mitigate related waste management issues , while also contributing to resource conservation. There has been scant research investigating what is actually involved in the fashion remanufacturing process and how the process could be up-scaled to the mass market in order to achieve greater environmental gains. This book addresses that gap in the literature and examines all aspects pertaining to the concept and applications of Remanufactured Fashion.

About the Author Dr. Her research interests are in the area of design process, interface between design and technology, design in sustainable development within a developing economy and the global dimensions of managing textiles and clothing that have reached their end of life. He gained his diploma, bachelors and masters in Textile Technology from premier institutes of India. He was an outstanding student throughout his studies and bagged numerous awards and medals including many gold medals in his study period.

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He has more than 75 academic publications in various textiles and environmental journals to his credit. Additionally he has 2 patents, 2 books of chapter and 13 books and numerous conference publications. He is acting as an editor, editorial board member and reviewer for many international peer-reviewed journals of textiles and environmental science disciplines.