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What delicious meals will you produce from the harvest? While exploring these thoughts, periodically bring yourself back to the present moment before any of it comes into being. The purpose of this activity is to remind you that all of those things to come—the garden, the work that will go into it, the harvest, even the taste and look of the food—is all within you presently.

You are pure potential—the universe, likewise, is pure potential. The law of giving and receiving is also evident in gardening. Most noticeably, you have to give your time and effort to gardening in order to produce a good harvest. This includes watering, repotting, pruning, and sweating from your brow. You must give care and consideration to your plants in order to receive the blessings of food that they will produce. This truth can parallel other aspects of your life such as your goals, your body, your relationships, etc. In order to produce the blessedness of yourself and life, you must be dutiful to your personal growth and consciousness.

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As you go through your regular gardening routine, try to be mindful of the subtler aspects of what you are doing. Give your gifts, and receive bountiful harvest. In gardening, as with everything in life, there are actions and consequences. Or if you place an herb that thrives on low sunlight intensity in an open field, you may get less of a harvest or even kill it. These are simple understandings that come along with attention and awareness of your garden.

The relation to karma here is found in the understanding that you are the gardener of your soil just as you are the gardener of your soul. By routinely pulling out the weeds, you are making way for bigger and better fruit.

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Comparatively, weeding out unwanted thoughts is loosening energy and thoughts that drain nourishment in your life. Clearly marking your rows of plants is like plotting your life's course and organizing your thoughts. These qualitative similarities are more than just rhetoric if you give them consideration.

Use your garden as a tool to expand your consciousness by remaining mindful of the correlations with your spiritual path. This should encourage you toward better choices in general and better food. One of the most special things about gardening is illustrated by this law: let nature do the work.

The Law of Least Effort teaches you to trust the Universe and the power of your intentions. Through this law, you can realize the way of life in which you get maximum results from minimal efforts. Supported and nurtured by the Universe, your goals and desires can be met with cooperation and natural easiness. The act of gardening is a lot like this; no matter how involved or detailed you may choose to be about your garden, ultimately it is the Earth and the Universal Intelligence that do the work.

This is a point to remember and appreciate. There are those who are so meticulous about their gardening and landscape that they often end up creating more work rather than enjoying it all. Allow your plants the time and freedom they need to grow.

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It is not necessary for you to constantly monitor or pick at your plants. Their water chemistry doesn't constantly need adjusting and every little insect that comes near them is not harmful. Trust nature's process. From the beginning, and even as you continue to work with your plants, focus some attention on your intentions.

This could be an experience we feel bad about, an event that caused a fear, or perhaps a previous relationship with someone that went bad. Through our dreams this is bought to our attention to be dealt with both subconsciously and consciously. This usually happens in cryptic sequences where a particular outcome is needed to provide closure.

Although dreams are usually associated with the somnambulist states, there is a great deal we can do consciously to not only decipher them, but to also step in and provide direction. By taking conscious attention of our dreams through a dream journal or simply acknowledging them we can make really some positive inroads in where our life is heading. This can work in three distinct ways:. Analyzing: Trying to analyze our dreams serves the purpose of gaining insight into things happening in our life.

This can provide valuable clues about choices we should make, the direction our life is going, and also how to remove certain things which are weighing us down. It is just a matter of understanding what they mean and the possible messages that are hidden within to take action upon. Providing direction: Consciously we can provide instruction and direction for our dreams. Simply by thinking and analyzing our dreams we are placing importance upon them. Identifying what a dream means and if there is a better outcome that can be reached in that dream for next time, we actually begin to provide a destination for that dream.

An example of this could be a recurring dream symbolizing a fear of heights. In that dream we always begin to embark on a journey to a higher place, but never quite reach it. This means that we have not yet put closure on this dream or fear that it represents. Consciously identifying that we need to follow all the way through in that dream to our final destination up high, helps give the subconscious direction to help achieve closure. Training your mind: Consciously making the decision to participate in activities like meditation, mesmerism, magnetism etc.

Doing so helps open up new pathways within that can be explored through the dream state. Practicing these modalities helps develop a greater understanding of one's self. In turn this assists with decoding dreams and developing the power step inside them to change the direction they take.

Furthermore, practices like Mesmerism will help shift our consciousness to new levels in the unknown realm. This has benefits which stretch across every aspect of our lives. Join Us On Social Media. Dr Marco works with many international companies including:. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Skip to main content. Cart 0 items. This bonus feature is a fantastic way to go even deeper into the course material, and learn from other students. Here are some examples of questions Vishen answered: How do I find my soul purpose to start receiving guidance? How do you build your dream without losing yourself in doing too many things at the same time?

What is the best way to switch states from ego to a higher consciousness? How can we bring happiness and awareness to others? How do we detach happiness from goals?


How do you distinguish if it is intuition or fear and desire speaking to you? How did you strike the balance between being present and happy in the now and striving towards your future? At what age it is suitable to start introducing the evolution of consciousness , and how do we train the younger generation to create reality with their thoughts? Now used by leading-edge schools and companies, micro-learning is the ultimate personal growth solution for busy people.

The Mindvalley Quests platform gives you multiple ways to engage and co-create with your fellow students. When you study a Mindvalley course, you experience our commitment to the best learning methodology on the planet. What you get is profound and lasting personal growth. Inspiring support and accountability that take you to the finish line. And rewarding friendships with other students from all over the world; each one on the same path as you.

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See what people from all walks of life have to say about the experience. I am very excited and glad to recommend his work to you. He can help you and it has certainly helped me change my whole outlook on bringing my message to help the world. I have been using Mindvalley for about 5 years now. Thank you! Every moment your consciousness expands and stretches, so will your level of success, fulfillment, joy, purpose, wellbeing and contribution.

And as you progress through the 8 carefully crafted modules of this program, you will feel that expansion happen deep within your being as you go far beyond personal growth ideas like positive thinking or basic motivation. And when this happens, there is no turning back — You will never experience the world around you the same way again. Our goal at Mindvalley is to evolve the global education system. And to spread transformational lifelong education to every person on every corner of the planet. Vishen has personally invested tens of thousands of dollars over the last 25 years, exploring new technologies and learning from the leading experts in the field to better understand how to tap into these advanced states of consciousness.

I had the opportunity to listen to Vishen and he is wise beyond his years. When he walked up on the stage his immediate presence told me that he is very engaging, brought the power of his experience to the stage and was able to communicate with everybody in the audience, captured everybody in such a way that we were totally interested from start to finish. He is bright and a smart man, he is on top of what is happening worldwide in terms of marketing on the internet and is helping people really take their products out to the market place in a way that nobody else is doing.

I am very excited to have had the opportunity to know him, listen to him and to learn from him in the future. I am following Vishen and I am really really impressed and motivated with the concept of Mindvalley. I first discovered MindValley in when I was going through a profoundly difficult period in my life. My 12 year old daughter had already tried to kill herself twice, and my marriage of nearly 20 years was crumbling. I became one of the original subscribers to Consciousness Engineering, and Vishen became my own personal Yoda… [ In my former career as a Physician, I never really felt like I had much hope.

I earned more, but at the cost of my soul. At Mindvalley we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances. Get full digital access to the entire program on your Smartphone, Your Computer, and Tablet. Watch anywhere. Get full digital access to the entire program and a certificate of completion that you get after a short assessment.

Yes, when you enroll in Becoming Limitless today, all the recordings will be made available to you immediately. These sessions will help you take what you learned in each module to new heights and help answer your biggest questions. What is the difference between Mindvalley Mentoring and Becoming Limitless? The Mindvalley Mentoring program is designed to get you to Level 2 Reality Hacker, and continuously expose you to new ways of understanding and operating in the world. Certainly some elements of ascending levels of spirituality are there, however, Becoming Limitless takes this material even deeper and outlines a step-by-step process to get to the state of Limitless.

How do I know if this program is right for me? Do you wake up everyday, feeling tapped into life and excited to get to work? If you feel as though there is something missing, this program is for you. I'm not an entrepreneur or manager, is this program still for me?

Contributing and serving your purpose may mean something locally, volunteering, working for a non-profit or anything else that lets you serve your highest purpose. The program will begin shifting your beliefs about reality from the first module. Broader life changes will come over time as you ascend to the state of Limitless, but as you can see from the feedback above, students going through this course are experience profound shifts in their lives faster than they ever thought possible. What if I don't get results from the program?

No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, just a simple email to our world-class customer support team. After learning creative visualization, I practised to solve my health problem, which is being overweight. After 4 months of practising with exercise, I have lost 17kg from kg to 86kg and my body figure has totally changed. I really appreciate the Becoming Limitless course. It changed my life. I am now started to use merging technique and it shows result faster. My life is more meaningful. I feel growth in every aspect of my life.

My finances, body health, relationships and career totally changed. I also attracted my girlfriend now in my life and now my life is surrounded by love. Become Limitless answered my question about childhood trauma and directed me to false childhood beliefs exercise. I spent about 3 hours doing that exercise on all the areas suggested in the exercise. I would like to thank you for all you have created with Mindvalley and for putting together the Becoming Limitless program.