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This qualitative research used two-parks case study approach in Malang City studied through the perspective of the manager and professional landscape architect. The objective of this study are to describe the attributes of urban park user needs commonly considered in urban park management; and 2 to reveal the implementation of that value within its management framework. In-depth interviews and previous research studies were combined to explore and investigate data, then filled in the frame work analysis instruments which include the use of user needs data and supporting resources as inputs; programs or activities, approaches and related indicators as output; and related management objectives or goals as outcomes.

Abstract: One of the most common methods in producing plastic products is injection molding for many purposes ranging from a daily product to high-tech equipment. This paper is to display how to design a complete mold and to examine the material, forecast the possible defects, and optimize the design to achieve the maximum outcome of the products with minimum cycle time in each production cycle. In this paper, it will describe the behavior of plastic material starting from the filling phase until the end of the cooling phase in the injection process.

Abstract: Tourism is a tourism activity supported by various facilities. Cultural heritage is a cultural legacy in the form of materiality object, it can be in the form of Heritage Objects. Cultural heritage tourism in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia and in Bangkok, Thailand have similar characteristics. Martha Njiiri, Prof. Hellen Mberia, Dr. Idah Muchunku.

Abstract: The aim of the study was to examine the moderating effects of demographic factors on foreign television cartoon programs exposure and their influence on Kenyan children social behavior. The study applied cross-sectional research design. The researcher targeted school going children aged years and in lower primary Std. Simple random sampling technique was used to select pupils who were issued with questionnaires and included in the final research sample.

A total of pupils participated in the research. Of particular interest was how age and gender moderate media effects on children behavior. The study revealed that age and gender of the child did mediate the effects television exposure on their social behavior. Gender influenced the cartoon content children preferred to watch as well as the cartoon characters that the children chose to identify with while age mainly influenced cartoon viewership habits with older children spending less time watching cartoons compared to younger children.

Abstract: Agricultural products become important for various purposes. To sustain an adequate supply on the market, handling method, storage and transporting technologies of agricultural produce are imperative. Especially for perishable commodity, great attention should be given. Horticultural product must be transferred from the field to the table in a state that is acceptable to end users. In Oromia as whole, substantial amount of horticultures are believed to go waste before it reaches for users due to lack of proper handling and appropriate storage.

Until damage occurred, mostly effect of mishandling and storage is not realized. However, poor handling and storage can easily result in total loss of agricultural produce. Abstract: Liability in tort for defective product is anchored on negligence. It is governed by legal principles found chiefly in the judgment of judges entrusted with the administration of justice and partly from law books of eminent scholars.

The most lighting services on aircrafts are powered by 28 V DC. They vary from W for landing lights to few watts for minor internal illumination usages. It so needs to rectify the three-phase input AC voltage to DC voltage for the voltage requirement of the landing light. The survey design was adopted for the study.

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Simple random technique was used to select students which made up the sample of this study. The major instrument was a questionnaire with a reliability index ranging from 0. Two hypotheses were formulated and data gathered were analyzed with population t-test. The results of the analysis were found to be significantly high for curriculum content and low for utilization of instructional facilities.

Recommendations included among others that instructional facilities should be properly utilized for effective implementation of entrepreneurship education, for the purpose of economic development. Abstract: This is a phenomenological research study within the perspectives of job stress of academic staff for which deductive approach was used to collect views of respondents.

This research was designed to study different perspective of employee job stress and accordingly an attempt was made to identify and evaluate the effect on the variable relating to the factors causing job stress of academic staff with special reference to Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education. Preparation of Chitin Nano Whiskers from Mushrooms. Abstract: Mushroom has been valued throughout the world as a source of both food and medicine for thousands of years. The objective of this study has focused on the edible mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus and Agaricus bisporus preparation of chitin nanowhiskers from mushrooms.

Chitin nanowhiskers were prepared from both the mushrooms by acid hydrolysis method after the removal of contaminating proteins and other minerals. The concentration of acid for hydrolysis was standardized for the two mushrooms. Button mushroom has yielded maximum chitin Thickness, length and surface characteristics of the chitin were assessed through SEM. Cardiovascular Conditions on the Rise: A Pilot study.

Abstract: This paper is a pilot study seeking to ascertain the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and its therapeutic successes both in Jamaica and in Barbados. Method: EBSCO host data base was used to gain needed literature evidence regarding successful therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases.

The review was facilitated by the analysis of relevant literature and the distribution of questionnaires to a cohort of medical technology students in Jamaica. Three research objectives and questions were framed which culminated in three hypotheses for the study. A well designed questionnaire was prepared and one hundred copies were printed and distributed to respondents in the sampled hospitals for completion. The data were extracted from the questionnaire and analysed using Chi — square statistical tool to test the hypotheses at 0.

The result of the study revealed that; capacity development enhances skills of health information professionals to perform their jobs successfully; it serves as a means of improving efficiency in services delivery and also motivate health information professionals to increase their input.

The study recommended that; Capacity development should be promoted to sustain skills; promote efficiency and productivity; health information staff should be encourage to attend seminars in order to function effectively, and agency responsible for certification and license validation should formulate policies that will make it mandatory for every professional to attend capacity development workshops. Abstract: This research concentrates on the impact of diffuser and nozzle angles as changed parameters on flow velocity at diffuser passage. The velocity at these optimum angles are higher than other angles which cause the turbine can generate more power output.

After getting the optimal inlet- nozzle diffuser design, numerical analysis for the designed hydrokinetic axial flow turbine with inlet-nozzle diffuser have been performed by using ANSYS CFX. This study also focuses on the flow velocity and pressure variation around the turbine due to the effect of inlet nozzle diffuser.

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  • Hence, the installation of diffuser around the conventional turbine significantly increases its power output capabilities. The proposed turbine design is intended to use at the irrigation channel so that turbine diameter and flow velocity is considered based on the selected location.

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    According to the simulation results, incoming velocity 1. Caroline Kawila Kyalo, Prof. Odhiambo-Otieno, Dr. George Ochieng Otieno, Dr. Wanja Mwaura-Tenambergen. The policy directed that healthcare organizations in Kenya should shift from paper-based health information system to electronic integrated health information systems.

    This paper addresses the impact of technical factor on the integration of HMIS. Moreover it also tests whether human infrastructure, IT infrastructure and systems interoperability have an impact on integration of HMIS. Data from a sample of HMIS users were collected and analyzed. Results indicate that technical factor is positively related to integration of HMIS. Whereas a significant relationship was found between human infrastructure, IT infrastructure and systems interoperability. The critical link to integration of HMIS was found to be in systems interoperability, meaning that the more the Health Management Information Systems become interoperable the more likely integration of HMIS is likely to be attained.

    Abstract: Pondok pesantren or the Islamic boarding school IBS , as Islamic educational institutions have vital roles in the process of development of nationalism values. Data collection was done through deep-intervewed with clerics, teachers, and students.

    After conducting data collection, data processing, data reduction, presentation, and conclusion, this study found that first, there was a strong understanding within the IBS environment toward the meaning of nationalism, which corresponds to the concepts and theories about nationalism. Abstract: The majority of the aircraft recognition methods assume the successful isolation of the aircraft silhouette from the background. In this system, image processing techniques are first employed to perform the image preprocessing tasks, such as image quality enhancement, noise removal, edge detection and automatic recognition.

    This system is the specific study of pattern recognition system based on aircraft shape such as wing, tail, nose of vehicle, morphological properties and color based properties. Although various types of automatic aircraft recognition system can be used, image processing with Matlab programming language is used to recognize aircraft. It is to make the system more flexible and refers to the task of selecting, detecting and successfully identifying different potential targets from simple scenes to complex scenes. Abstract: This study accessed factors that hindering the performance of cooperatives societies in Mubi metropolis, Adamawa state, Nigeria.

    In order to achieve the objectives, this study was guided by four research questions and four research hypotheses. The structured questionnaire was used to collect data from randomly selected members of cooperatives in Mubi metropolis. Abstract: The conception s of the State and Sovereignty is not new-fangled at any apposite construal outlook. However, this ought not to be deciphered to connote that an affinity to delve into their comprehension is futile. In this paper, there are a plethora of sub-themes that constitute these two themes of interest. Appertaining to the State, it is ordered by the constitutional structures which partake of proffering a delineating social identity as well as the legitimacy of the State action.

    A longitudinal analysis of dengue in Jamaica over the period Abstract: Objectives: Dengue fever is caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito that is considered to be a vector borne viral disease. Drastic increase in cases in Jamaica is usually noted to be seen during the raining seasons, which spans from May-September each year. A study on the level of adjustment of the secondary school students of kamrup District with special Reference to Mirza, Assam.

    Education is that means through which individual gets its refined shape. It enlighten as well as empower people to face all the challenges of life. The education provided through an organized form is termed as Formal Education. School is the basis of this formal education. Abstract: Formerly, polder is only functioned as green area for doing sports such as playing soccer, atletic for students and for night market communities as well sometimes. The flooding happened in this heritage area at the wet season.

    Therefore the local government have an idea to make polder as the water resistant and revitalitation of the rivers of a Banjir Kanal Timur. The problem of heritage area is not only about flooding, but also the land that subsidence 10 cm every year. The heritage building were left by the ownership and the building where deteroration, besides, there are also many criminals, many unarrangement vendors, the bad condition of infrastructure, cause many investors canceled to invest. The method would be used in this research is descriptive qualitative method. The polder functions can be used as recreational place, fishing place, open space for water refreshing, for aesthetic background of view, and also the water resistant around the heritage.

    It is an attractive point for heritage area. Abstract: The study aimed to Definition the total quality management and its impact on the performance of education institutions in the University of Samarra , This study was based on the analytical descriptive approach, which was composed of the top management and middle administration of the university. The study sample was 52 individual. It found a set of results of which, there is a statistically significant effect of total quality management on the performance of education institutions in the University of Samarra.

    Based on the findings of the study were presented a set of recommendations was the most prominent of the permanent work on the dissemination of comprehensive quality culture at the University, Engaging employees in the process of strategic planning for quality and benefit from their experience in the field of the application of total quality management. Response Surface Methodology For optimisation of hot air drying of water yam slices. Aneke, N. Abstract: Response surface methodology was used to investigate the effects of temperature, thickness and time on the drying of water yam slices and to determine the optimised condition for hot air drying.

    The predominant falling rate drying regime was observed. Experiments were performed at air temperature of 60oC, 70oC and 80oC, slice thickness of 4, 6 and 8mm and drying times of 60, and minutes. Based on response surface and desirability functions, the optimum conditions for water yam drying were: air temperature70OC, At this point, the predicted responses for drying rate were 0. Abstract: The modern world is supported and sustained largely by technologies that are developed to sense, measure, acquire, process, store, transmit, transform and display information in digital format.

    The collection of these technologies constitutes the Information and Communications Technology ICT which has the amazing potential to determine the dynamics of life. Understandably, the educational system of any nation must have a transformational relationship with ICT. Consequently, the authors have carried out a deep techno-surgical analysis of the ICT Centre of Nigerian Universities exposing their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

    The goal is to develop a strategic planning programme that will immensely enhance the effective operation and management of the centres and provide the universities with the capacity of delivering the needed quality and technology-driven education in line with the realities of the dynamic society. Abstract: In this paper, both secondary and primary data is used for analysis of the performance of Indian Insurance Companies using the AHP technique. In order to solve the complex decision of choosing the insurance company, five criteria were taken into consideration and their pairwise comparison to calculate the AHP Scores of 15 such companies which are ruling the market currently.

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    We could find out the significant positive relationship between the parameters and their composite scores depicting that these five criteria premium, benefits, product diversity, customer service, distribution network are mainly considered before the buying decision is made.

    However, the most stronger criterion among these was the premium and the associated benefits of the various insurance policies. Abstract: This paper presents a system for Myanmar text extraction and recognition from warning signboard images taken by a mobile phone camera. Camera captured natural images have numerous difficulties compared to the traditional scanned documents. Common problems for camera captured text extraction are variations in font style, size, color orientation, illumination condition as well as the complex background.

    In this system, color enhancement process is performed to distinguish the foreground text and background color. Color enhanced images are converted into binary images using color threshold range. Abstract: The concept of universal design has been known in the engineering environment, especially Department of Architecture. It is an fundamental element to provide an accessible design for all including persons with disabilities.

    Therefore, necessary for us to review it in both of the national legislation, and international documents. Abstract: In Artificial Neural Network ANN experiments, the system of face recognition consists of image preprocessing, image segmentation, detection and feature extraction, localization and normalization and ANN. First, the process of preprocessing for human face is an improvement of the image data and image segmentation is the first step of image analysis that seeks to simplify an image to its basic component elements or objects. Then, the detection and feature extraction is the process of local feature and global feature for human face to extract features in localization and normalization.

    Finally, a back-propagation ANN is used and trained to recognize the actual human face images. Abstract: Yogyakarta city is known for its tourist attraction as it also becomes the second tourism destination in Indonesia. One of the tourism development centre in Yogyakarta is Sosrowijayan Tourist Village. Sosrowijayan became a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta City, especially Malioboro and there are also many other accommodation and tourism-supporting activities found in Sosrowijayan roadside. Abstract: Hydro energy is widely used in the small and remote areas that require only a small amount of electricity.

    The Turgo turbine is used for pico hydro power generation. The initial cost of the turbine is low and is similar to Pelton wheel. Abstract: The paper examines which income smoothing perspective deceptive or informative is more prevalent by focusing at four audit committee attributes namely audit committee size, the number of audit committee meeting, the proportion of non-executive, and the proportion of independent audit committee members.

    Using a sample comprises public listed firms in Malaysia during the year to , this study finds that firms with strong audit committee, which have large audit committee, more frequent meeting and high proportion of independent directors are associated with low extent of income smoothing. Abstract: The Trash problem becomes a major challenge faced by the entire community of Bandung city. The Government and the community began to actively seek a solution in realizing a free living conditions, problems of trash. This research aims to know the role of stakeholders in the management of waste.

    The approach used is the qualitative approach with case studies. The collection of data obtained through observation, interview techniques, the study of librarianship, documentation and study then analyzed using data reduction, the presentation of data and verification of data. The data obtained are then validated using the triangulation technique of the data. Abstract: Chronic Hepatitis C is the most common cause of liver disease and liver cirrhosis and it is due to common spreading of HCV by liver transplantation in the United State U.

    S Australia and most of Europe. HCV is the most common chronic blood born infection in the U. Acid producing bacteria Isolated from Brown Rice Vinegar. Abstract: Organic brown rice was fermented under anaerobic condition to produce rice vinegar.

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    Totally six bacterial isolates were identified as Lactobacillus spp. All isolates gave clear zone which were cultured on MRS agar supplemented with 0. The cell concentration of the strain BRV 4 was higher acid producing than any other probiotic tested when they were grown in MRS medium. Colonial morphologies of all isolates were convex and white- creamy. All isolates were gram positive and shape of rod. As for motility test, all strains showed negative results.

    Moreover, the carbohydrate fermentation test glucose, sucrose, dextrose and lactose were carried out, it has been found that, all isolates can ferment all carbohydrates. Abstract: Glass ceiling effect and women is yet the most debatable topic even several years into the 21st century. So this study attempts to identify how individual barrier and organizational barrier leads to create the glass ceiling effect among female executives in the selected large apparel industry, Sri Lanka.

    The sample of the study is executive female employees who employed in large apparel industry, Sri Lanka. The data analyses include the univariate and bivariate analyses. From the results of the study it was proven that there is a moderately strong positive correlation between the barriers Individual and Organizational Barrier and glass ceiling effect.

    Where So how the concept of an active park arrangement that can meet and encorage active physical activities and recreational activities on active park in Gubeng Sub-District area? Our results support the notion that Na,K-ATPase activity is an important determinant of the ability of corneal endothelial cells to maintain the water content of the corneal stroma. A chronic lack of insulin in type 1 diabetes mellitus or a chronic reduced level of insulin signaling by insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus is essential in the pathogenesis of corneal abnormalities in diabetes.

    Insulin has been shown to stimulate the electrogenic sodium transport in a variety of cells. Various mechanisms of insulin action have been advocated, including changes of the kinetic properties of the enzyme, 28 , 29 an increase in the intracellular Na concentration, which in turn leads to a subsequent pump stimulation, 30 — 34 and an increase in the pump concentration at the cell surface by serum and glucocorticoid-dependent kinase SGK.

    It remains to be investigated whether other isoforms play any role in corneal endothelial cells. Ser18 itself may be phosphorylated directly by PKC. Other phosphorylation mechanisms, such as Ser11 dephosphorylation and Tyr10 phosphorylation, may also play roles in Na,K-ATPase activation. Although we did not examine the effect of protein phosphatases on Tyr10 phosphorylation, activation phosphatases should be synergistic and may not prevent the increase in activity by insulin.

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    These results support our conclusions. Thus, the mechanism of insulin action is complex, and further studies are necessary to elucidate the pathways by which the effect of insulin on corneal endothelial cells is mediated. In conclusion, we have shown that insulin increases Na,K-ATPase activity and pump function in corneal endothelial cells. A lack of insulin in type 1 diabetes mellitus or a reduced level of insulin signaling by insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus may play a role in the pathogenesis of corneal abnormalities in diabetes.

    Disclosure: S. Hatou , None; M. Yamada , None; Y. Akune , None; H. Mochizuki , None; A. Shiraishi , None; T. Joko , None; T. Nishida , None; K. Tsubota , None. Post-vitrectomy keratopathy. Am J Ophthalmol. Factors related to corneal epithelial complications after closed vitrectomy in diabetics. Arch Ophthalmol. Corneal complications after closed vitrectomy through the pars plana. Pars plana vitrectomy for the management of severe diabetic retinopathy.

    Diabetic keratopathy. Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. Pseudophakic bullous keratopathy: relationships to preoperative endothelial status. Endothelial cell morphology and corneal deturgescence. Ann Ophthalmol. Decreased endothelial pump function with aging. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Corneal endothelial changes in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Corneal endothelial cytoskeletal changes in F-actin with aging, diabetes, and after cytochalasin exposure.

    Corneal endothelium evaluation in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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    Corneal endothelium and thickness in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Jpn J Ophthalmol. The ultrastructural alterations in rat corneas with experimentally-induced diabetes mellitus. Saudi Med J. Clinical observations on the corneal thickness and the corneal endothelium in diabetes mellitus.

    Br J Ophthalmol. Olsen T Busted N. Corneal thickness in eyes with diabetic and nondiabetic neovascularisation. Corneal hydration control in diabetes mellitus. Correlation of corneal thickness with blood glucose control in diabetes mellitus. Acta Ophthalmol Copenh. Corneal swelling and recovery following wear of thick hydrogel contact lenses in insulin-dependent diabetics. Ophthalmol Physiol Opt. Saini JS Mittal S. In vivo assessment of corneal endothelial function in diabetes mellitus. Nishida T. London: Elsevier Mosby;— Herse PR.

    Corneal hydration control in normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rabbits. Herse PR Adams L. Effect of hyperglycemia duration on rabbit corneal thickness and endothelial ATPase activity.

    Doctor's Sports Medicine News Review, Ep 2 - Isaiah Thomas, Alex Morgan, Shohei Ohtani, and More!

    Acta Ophthalmol Scand. Whikehart DR. The inhibition of sodium, potassium-stimulated ATPase and corneal swelling: the role played by polyols. J Am Optom Assoc. Corneal function during normal and high serum glucose levels in diabetes. Pathogenesis of type 2 non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: candidates for a signal transmitter defect causing insulin resistance of the skeletal muscle. Alterations of insulin signaling in type 2 diabetes: a review of the current evidence from humans.

    When using NPWT with barrier dressings, edematous wounds or an intervening barrier dressing, the use of higher pressure is justified. The vacuum sealing as a carrier system for selective local drug application to wound infections. Unfallchirurg ; 8 Vacuum-assisted closure: a new method for wound control and treatment: animal studies and basic foundation.

    Ann Plast Surg ; 38 6 Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Interface dressings influence the delivery of topical negative-pressure therapy. Plast Recon Surg ; 16 4 Vacuum-assisted closure: microdeformations of wounds and cell proliferation. Plast Reconstr Surg ; 5 The effect of mechanical stress on soft and hard tissue repair: a review. Br J Plast Surg ; 41 2 Mitotic activity in expanded human skin. Plast Reconstr Surg ; 92 6 Cell shape, cytoskeletal mechanics and cell cycle conrrol in angiogenesis. J Biomechanics ; 28 12 Development of new reconstructive techniques: use of integra in combination with fibrin glue and negative-pressure therapy for reconstruction of acute and chronic wounds.

    Plastic Recon Surg ; 2 The advent of these systems has largely revolutionized the way we manage this challenging patient population. The literature is rife with numerous studies demonstrating that NPWT can rapidly improve the development of granulation tissue and speed up coverage of exposed tendon, exposed hardware and bone to provide improved wound healing outcomes. With the use of NPWT, granulation tissue often occurs in days to weeks rather than taking months as with the use of more conventional wound therapies.

    Numerous studies have demonstrated through both animal models and clinical trials that NPWT can reduce the bioburden in contaminated wounds, provide exudate management with reduction of interstitial edema and increase capillary blood flow, all of which lead to increased formation of granulation tissue. This increase in granulation tissue can be dramatic. In one study, patients in the NPWT group demonstrated faster healing rates and a higher proportion of healed wounds.

    Apart from the development of granulation tissue, NPWT reduces wound surface area by the traction force of negative pressure. In addition to the generation of granulation tissue, NPWT has demonstrated great effectiveness in the promotion of skin graft uptake. Historically, buttress dressings ensured split thickness and full thickness grafts remained in contact with the wound bed throughout the phases of wound healing. There is substantial research to support the use of NPWT in this manner. Morykwas and colleagues demonstrated increased STSG uptake with decreased graft failure rate when utilizing NPWT systems in conjunction with graft placement.

    Scherer and colleagues demonstrated a 4. The significant reduction in graft loss provided by NPWT translated into significantly shorter hospital stays and a significant cost savings. Despite the great successes demonstrated by the use of NPWT, this modality does demonstrate shortcomings, namely pain at dressing changes and pain with the maximum recommended setting of mmHg. While many patients with diabetic wounds demonstrate signs of peripheral neuropathy, which can provide some element of relief from the pain associated with this therapy, many other patients, such as those who have suffered significant burns, relate significant discomfort both during the therapy as well as at dressing changes.

    Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of STSG uptake in burn patients utilizing a low-pressure negative pressure wound therapy LP-NPWT system at subatmospheric pressure levels of mmHg and a low adherence dressing. In this study, the authors noted little or no trauma on dressing removal, and no signs of infection.

    Limiting tissue damage is vital, particularly in the development of new granulation tissue and during the inosculation phase of STSG uptake. Numerous studies have demonstrated that NPWT settings at lower pressure values to mmHg can provide the beneficial effects of wound bed preparation while reducing the subsequent tissue trauma to the neodermis that has been created. Commonly, when one utilizes higher-pressure settings, significant macrodeformation occurs and consequently leads to significant tissue ingrowth into the contact media, either with a sponge or gauze.

    This new tissue tears away during the dressing change and subsequent removal of the gauze or sponge contact media. The use of NPWT has revolutionized wound care and provides wound care specialists with a means to provide for significant, rapid development of granulation tissue and promotion of graft uptake in this challenging patient population. What remains unclear, however, is a consensus on the appropriate subatmospheric pressure settings to provide the greatest overall efficacy in wound healing while also providing the patient with the greatest level of comfort.

    Commonly, physicians utilize a standard setting of mmHg.