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Before they were legends, they were friends. All for one and one for all!

Last Musketeer

Chapter Fifteen. Chapter Eighteen. Chapter TwentyOne. Chapter Three. Chapter Nine. All for one and one for all! Book 1.

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But thanks for answering everything! There are some descriptions of Summer and Erica when you first meet them. I want you to picture them yourself. I am always recommending them to the students. I have never read any of the books in your spy school series.

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I am going to recommend them to my librarian. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Even though I just turned 60, I loved these???? It would be amazing as a movie!

The Last Musketeer

I would not only like to see it in soft back but on cd. Great book! Other people have other ways. So do you think that you will ever make a book4 for the last musketeer cuz i would love that and in sure everyoneelse will to. Thank you for writing this post Stu.

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The Last Musketeer stories were the first of your books that I read and I loved your writing from the start. Thanks for sharing; as a writer myself, your experience is very helpful! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us. Thank you so much!!! I love your books. Spy School is my favorite! Please write more. I have finished all your series except the Last Musketeer and Space Case.

I want to become an author myself.

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Thank you SO much!! Best advice: Just keep writing. Stu: I found an other image for LM on google images and this one is a lot more like your others.

How did you convince them to change it? I kept pestering them about how crummy the old cover was and they finally made one that looked like my other covers. Fixing those problems with the publisher is very unlikely. What was your inspiration for the last musketeer series? Thank you for this explanation!

My son just got a kindle for xmas and loves your Spy School series. He got the South Beach one for xmas too actually.