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But Miss Elizabeth Harewood is now the Countess of Somerton, estranged wife of one of England's most brutal and depraved aristocrats, and she can't afford the slightest hint of scandal to her name. When Roland turns up mysteriously at the castle where she's hidden herself away, she struggles to act as a lady should, but the gallant lover of her youth has grown into an irresistibly dashing and dangerous man, and temptation is only a single kiss away Six years ago, Elizabeth Harewood and Lord Roland Penhallow were London's golden couple, young, beautiful and wildly in love.

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Series: Gray, Juliana, Affairs by moonlight trilogy : book 2. Description: pages; 20 cm.

A Gentleman Never Tells (Audiobook) by Juliana Gray |

ISBN: Thanks Connie! Juliana is a talented new voice in historical romance.

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Looking forward to what's coming next from her. Me too Na! Such an exciting time with so many advances and changes happening. I have not read this author before, but her book sounds really great.. I will have to do some more checking into her books.. Oh, I can't wait! Same here Leah. I can't wait to see what Juliana has in store for Wallingford and Abigail!

By Juliana Gray.

Shadow Moon (Series)

Release: November 6, As a Shakespeare fan, that was already one point in favor of the book and series right off the bat. The timeline for all three books is the same, and events overlap. I admire what a logistical feat it must have been for Ms.

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Gray to keep the timelines and criss-crossing action consistent throughout the series, and it was interesting getting the same scenes from different perspectives, especially the peach orchard scene, which was so funny and a personal favorite of mine. Sir Roland Penhallow has spent the past six years as a covert intelligence agent for the Crown. When he and Lilibet first met, it was love at first sight, and he was instantly smitten.

Juliana Gray

Roland was on the verge of proposing but his work prevented him from following through, and Lilibet was forced to wed another. But he has never forgotten Lilibet, though the callus way he left her leaves him with little hope that she would ever forgive him, estranged marriage or no.

But fate or is it? Lilibet, Lady Somerton, is a woman on the run with her young son Phillip. She is determined to escape her horrible marriage by any means necessary, even if it means the unspeakable scandal of seeking a divorce. However, that means she must make every effort to maintain a pristine reputation because any hint of scandal would mean her divorce petition would not be allowed.

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This causes instant conflict, as Lilibet must resist Roland for the sake of herself and her son, despite all the sparks that are rekindling between them. The relationship between Roland and Lilibet was deep, complex, and very well depicted. Reunited lovers is a trope I enjoy, and Ms. He immediately senses that Lilibet was in trouble, and his protective instincts are roused. My one very minor quibble is the use of period phrases and lingo was very jarring to me and took me out of the book a bit at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Gentleman Never Tells and definitely recommend it. Gray is a fresh new voice in historical romance and I look forward to seeing what comes next from her.