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The apparition of St. Germain apparently instilled in them the courage to effect the signing. The book contains a chapter about the masters of India, which includes much information about the many manifestations of Babaji. We hear the stories of the ascended masters Joanna Cherry and Annalee Skarin.

Ascension: Connecting With the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light

The latter ascended and disappeared, leaving her clothes behind. Later on that day she reappeared to her family in a plain blue dress. Before their eyes she "transformed into a shining being in a white garment, with her hair in golden light". The book also contains a fascinating chapter describing stories of visitations from divine beings, angels, etc.

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At long last Shumsky does in fact reach the point in the book where she tackles the matter of our own possibility for ascension in this life-time. I must admit that I don't really understand why we would need to ascend according to Shumsky's understanding of it. She states "it is not necessary to die in order to attain eternal life". We are "immortal right now". There is no talk of various dimensions, as in ascending into the 5th dimension, for example, as many expect humanity to do at the end of We are offered Joanna Cherry's meditation practice for obtaining ascension, which includes various immortality affirmations and invocations.

And in a most interesting and fascinating chapter entitled "Practicing the easy way" we are presented with the full story of a young man the author calls Joseph, which describes how he devoted his life to obtaining ascension. And he apparently fulfilled his purpose. Joesph's main tenet is that the only thing stopping you from ascension or oneness with God is unbelief, and nothing else.

The book concludes with the text of a meditation the author terms "the breakthrough experience". This is the important meditation included in two of her other books, "Divine Revelation" and "How to hear the voice of God". This is a meditation one can use to obtain contact with one or more aspects of God. In conclusion, though I found this book extremely interesting in places, it also confused me. The author did not explain to my satisfaction the actual need for ascension. Of course, I was confused about the matter to begin with by the various references to "ascension" in other various contemporary texts.

But by no means did Shumsky give me any final clarification. If the matter interests you, you can read the book and take from it what new information you can use. I would not actually recommend it, though I loved the two other books of this author that I mentioned above. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location. If you want NextDay, we can save the other items for later.

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Where is the treasure more precious than any cargo from the seven seas? It is the chamber of jewels within your own heart. You are not alone and never have been. From your very first breath, a divine, immortal being of great light and beauty stood at the bedside of your mother, breathing vital energy into your being, kindling the very spark of life. And, when it comes time to leave this world, this radiant, eternal light-being will guide you home again. This luminous inner divine being is all-powerful.

It loves you unconditionally and is with you always. It will never leave you. This divine radiance within your soul is your own inner counselor, whom you might call your guardian angel, inner guru, higher self, divine being, inner divinity, or master-teacher within. With every step you take, every decision, every move, your resplendent inner guru is always within you, guiding you, comforting you, and bringing you peace—even when you are not consciously aware of it.

Now is the time to realize your radiant, beloved inner guru. Now is the time to open to the divine effulgence within yourself. Now is the time to wake up and realize who you truly are—an everlasting, powerful, vast, glorious being. You have picked up this book today because you seek inner wisdom. Perhaps you have already awakened to profound inner realities. Or maybe you think you have not.

In either case, this book can help you develop a deep understanding of the immortal nature of your being. How can I say this with such confidence? Because the wisdom and methods in this book have already helped tens of thousands of people realize their own eternal nature for themselves. Many psychic mediums say they channel so-called higher beings. They consider these spirit guides to be external entities, disconnected from the soul of the channeler. But in this book you will learn who the real divine beings are and where they truly live.

You will discover the wise, all-powerful, all-loving, undying nature of your own eternal higher self and the loving teachers who guide you on your pathway. Here you will meet many divine beings on this journey to self-discovery. Some of them are traditional deities, archangels, ascended beings, and masters from worldwide cultures and traditions. Others are personal to you. All of them are eager to meet you and communicate with you. Let us begin now by answering some of the questions you might have about ascension, masters of immortality, and what is covered in this book:.

A: Immortality is eternal life. It means living beyond death.

Ascension by Susan Shumsky - Read Online

You have an immortal spirit, an eternal soul that never dies, even when your physical body dies. You live forever in that body of light, no matter what physical bodies you inhabit during your cycles of incarnation. A: Ascension means consciously living forever in your body of light.

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After you attain ascension, you no longer need to experience birth or death in a human body. You can appear whenever, wherever, and in any form, according to your will. A: They are radiant, wise masters of light within you: beautiful, divine, radiant light-beings dwelling in your own heart and soul. They may be deities, angels, archangels, ascended masters, divine beings, or aspects of your own higher self, such as your I AM self or soul self.

You will discover them as you read this book. A: Ascended masters are enlightened humans who have attained physical immortality by transforming their physical bodies into more refined, luminous, subtle material. In this book, you will read about many of them and see how some of them have appeared. A: Anyone with a sincere heart can aspire to this lofty pinnacle of human expression in divine form. Few have achieved this goal, but it is open to all. In this book you will learn more about walking beyond death and attaining physical immortality.

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A: The entire secret to receiving messages from these divine beings is to ask for it. Anyone with earnest desire can receive divine revelations within their own heart through subtle sight, sound, and sensing. Through this book you will begin to do that. A: This book is easy to understand, logical, and practical, with simple-to-learn methods requiring no previous experience, background, training, or knowledge.

A: This is not a cult. The universal techniques offered here impose no restrictions and are compatible with other religious philosophies, lifestyles, and personal beliefs. A: You may not agree with the concept of physical immortality. You may think that death cannot be overcome. However, if you have an open mind and are willing to participate in the experiment, this book can awaken you to the possibility of eternal life, beyond mortal limitations.

Eternity is your own nature. It is not something far away, impossible to attain, or reserved only for prophets who lived thousands of years ago. You were born to live immortal life and walk beyond death now. You have within your own soul a resplendent being of light that never dies.

That is who you really are. Trust in that and place your life in the hands of that divine master of immortality. That inner guru will guide you home again to the place of perfect peace and eternal life—your true abode. You are blessed and beloved of God, and your immortal self is one with God. When you find that buried treasure, never will you be alone again. This book will open your mind and heart to the abundant riches of that treasure chest within. You will discover and meet the immortal masters of light. You will develop your own awareness of eternal life within you.

Your heart and soul will open to new vistas of consciousness not yet awakened within you.

You will sail into an ocean of eternal life on waves of bliss. The best argument I know for an immortal life is the existence of a man who deserves one. Ascension is a state of eternal life, attained when an individual bypasses death and continues to live indefinitely. Does this sound farfetched? For sure. But let us explore this seemingly unbelievable possibility now. Although all humans are born of a human womb, and are therefore programmed for death with every breath, I believe that some rare beings have managed to walk beyond death.

So let us open our minds to the prospect that perpetual life does exist. If you only believe what your senses say, immortal beings cannot and do not exist. All you see around you is the cycle of life and death. All living things are born, grow, age, and die—whether plant, animal, or human. We will begin our exploration of eternal life with the study of immortal masters. Then, later in this book, after you have seen that such beings might possibly exist, you will make a new leap of faith, to see how you might possibly aspire to ascension yourself.

Who are the masters of immortality? It is said they are immortal beings whose sole concern is for the preservation and welfare of this planet and its evolution. Ascended masters have attained the supreme state of spiritual enlightenment and have passed beyond the physical plane to dwell in the realm of supernal radiant light, each one serving God in his or her own unique way. During their earthly life, these loving, compassionate beings apparently transformed their physical bodies into the finest physical material— akasha , a Sanskrit word meaning the element of ether or space.

The other four elements are earth, water, fire, and air. They further de-densified their bodies, until they experienced that the primary building blocks of bodily elements are ultimately light and sound, with no gross material substance whatsoever. In this way, they mastered their material bodies and walked beyond death. Soruba samadhi physical immortality is the Sanskrit name for this exalted state.

Ascension: Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light with Susan Shumsky

In theory, this state is possible for every living human to attain. The status of ascended master is achieved through intense devotion to and identification with God. Ascended masters have surrendered to God to such a profound extent that they experience oneness with God continually. They fully identify themselves as God, and therefore as unlimited, acting from the level of infinite possibilities. They know themselves as immortal, perfect, and whole, because, in reality, everyone is already immortal, perfect, and whole.

We are already fully merged and unified with God. The only difference between ordinary humans and ascended beings is they have fully realized their immortal nature—not only their immortal soul, but also on the level of their gross, material, physical body. An ascended state of mind and body apparently manifests under two rare circumstances: First, through a human transforming the physical body into light— ascension.

Or secondly, through a deity precipitating a physical body— descension. A human being who has attained the status of immortality is an ascended master. Out of the innumerable possible bodies where a soul may take incarnation, a human body is a rare, fortunate occurrence. That is because the human is the only species with the capacity to achieve the highest state of spiritual liberation. Not even angels and deities can attain the supreme state, called Brahman consciousness.

Ascended masters begin life in the ordinary fashion—born into a womb. However, they perfected themselves through lifetimes of spiritual practices. They completed their need for worldly desires and overcame all limitations. They burnt all seeds of karma or seeds of desire samskaras in Sanskrit , which propel ordinary humans to incarnate into physical form repeatedly. Therefore, they no longer need to reincarnate. They have realized the full bloom of supreme spiritual enlightenment, called moksha in Sanskrit, meaning liberation.

However, these amazing attainments are only the first baby steps toward ascension. In addition to their state of higher consciousness of supreme knowledge and liberation, ascended masters have also achieved the blessed state of physical immortality. Their body has transformed into a body of light. They do not and cannot die. Their body is infused with an intense spiritual vibration and divine grace.

A fragrance of holy sanctity and blessings wafts from their being. They live forever, coming and going at will, appearing and disappearing as needed. Their only desires are to serve, to lift all creatures into a higher spiritual vibration, and to heal all those who ask for healing. In contrast to an ascended master, an avatar is a descension, or a deity taking embodiment in physical form.

The Sanskrit root ava means revealing and avataran means descending, coming down. Avatar means God revealed in an embodied state—that is, an incarnation of God. A full avatar is a full divine incarnation in a physical body, with full omniscience, complete control over all the elements of nature and over all the senses and sense objects. Avatars are said to be of divine origin and birth and do not need a womb or a gestation period. They can simply appear, self-generating a body, possessing no human limitations.

An avatar comes for a specific purpose when the Earth needs divine intervention. Ancient scriptures from India count 10 full avatars of the supreme Lord Vishnu, and many Indians believe Lord Krishna was the last full avatar. He lived about BC. However, many people think that Jesus was also a full avatar. In the late 18th century, author of The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary , Karl von Eckartshausen may be the first in the West to write of a secret organization of enlightened mystics that live in ascended bodies after physical death. Eckartshausen called this organization, which guides the spiritual development of humanity, the Council of Light.