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Caused by mutations on the X chromosome, OTC deficiency mainly affects males. Women are usually carriers only, although they can also get symptoms. OTC deficiency is often diagnosed in early life, when it can be fatal. OTC deficiency is the most common metabolic disorder, although, with an incidence of one in 20,, it is relatively rare. But Dr Rahman fears that with the popularity of high-protein diets, more cases will emerge.

High-protein diets do not cause it, but they can trigger lethal symptoms in people who are unaware they have it, he explains. In another case, reported in the Journal of Hepatology last year, doctors revealed how a year-old man suffered ammonia poisoning three days after starting the high-protein, low-carb Atkins diet. Dr Rahman also told of a year-old who fell into a coma while taking high-protein drinks to help build muscle, and how another, fatal coma was triggered in a year-old who was on a high-meat, high-supplement diet to increase muscle. Dr Moran also points out several other disorders where similar symptoms could be triggered by high protein intake.

Popular as they are, high-protein diets are under fire from doctors and mainstream nutritionists. Today, the psychotherapist Susie Orbach will head a protest outside Parliament as part of the Ditching Dieting campaign. Before contemplating going on a diet, a person should consult their GP for a medical check-up. Further, regular supervision from a GP is also advised.

Lastly, this diet is one of many solutions, and people are free to choose the solution that best fits with their personality and the outcome they are looking for. Ashley Harrison is now fully recovered. He is able to eat a normal diet, but avoids protein-rich meals.

He also carries glucose in the event of another crisis. Symptoms can be triggered by anything which encourages the body to process protein, including illness or poor appetite, and the energy provided by glucose can prevent this. Dr Moran wants to see diets such as Dukan come with a warning. So there is even more of an obligation to declare its potential dangers. Enter the dukan diet. I was randomly reading up on Kate Middleton when i discivered it online and I'd never heard of it. I started it June 28th at I did 5 days of attack diet and lost 4 lbs. I haven't been this light in over 7 years.

I broke through 2 major plateaus within 6 weeks that I'd been trying to conquer for years. I love being on the diet. I don't feel hungry, don't have constipation, and I'm excited to jump on the scale in the morning. I feel like this is a tool I can use my whole life. I'm doing the 1 protein day, 1 protein veggie day rotation. I feel that this diet works for psychologically keeping me on track.

I can eat as much as I want of the approved foods and I can eat at any time that I want to. I can do a whole protein day knowing that tomorrow I can have my favorite veggies. I can forego fruit and all the other foods not allowed during cruise phase because according to Dr. Dukan,once you reach the stabilization phase you can eat all food groups. For the person who said below that not eating fats doesn't provide you with fuels, I learned some very interesting things from the original Dukan book. He says that when you are dieting, you are metabolizing your own fat on your body, which is why you dont want to eat fat because it's bad for your circulatory system.

I will say that some side effects are headaches in the beginning as your body goes through sugar withdrawal, dizziness and decreased energy sometimes. With the dizziness, I have low blood pressure so I find that using sugar free low calorie electrolyte packets really helps with this. Of course if you have heart conditions check with your doctor first. I play tennis and found out the electrolytes really help. The ones I use are called sqwinchers, they taste pretty good. If you get bored, try some of the foods on the list you haven't had yet.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night. Make walking a priority and up it to 60 minutes for 4 days in a row. My last note: I've found this diet to be very forgiving of slip ups. I've had two stressful days that I went off drastically not in a row. It slowed me down, but I simply started with a protein day the next day and got back on track.

I know that cheating will only prolong the date of me reaching my goal weight. My slip ups both could have been prevented with better planning and stress management by the way, and did not happen because of cravings or boredom. I am grateful for this diet. Anyone here have experiences to share about the consolidation or stabilization phases of the diet? For those who went off in the past, at what point did you start regaining and what do you feel could have helped you to successfully keep it off?

I've noticed that the majority of bloggers who did say they regain still choose dukan when they are ready to diet again. To abisilon: Thats great. I also believe you have lost weight even though you ate bread and fruit is because you still ate calorie restrictive diet. Reasonable of course. At the end its all about calories in calories out so it worked.. Dukan is good for those who are very overweight and eat a lot.. Anyways, I am doing attacks pause right now. And thinking for the 2nd phase to modify as well.. I think it's possible to lose at least lb a weak easily by doing that.

I couldn't agree with you more, Ibsilon!

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I loved the attack phase, but frankly I think eating so few calories from foods with other nutrients is not sustainable, or necessarily good for some bodies. I'm not saying it's not good for others, but for me, I was looking to lose 6 pounds. I'm 5'6 and weigh , which the UK Dukan Diet site said is my "true weight," but I know I gained 6 pounds after I stopped being able to run due to a degenerative back problem, so I am just looking to lose that.

While it's much slower to lose the additional weight when not on the attack phase, I feel much better now that I've resumed a modified version of my usual diet, and my skin and energy are much better too. But no question in the future I'll replicate the attack phase if I need a quick weight loss boost. I just wanted to share I lost 12 kilos nearly 2 years ago on a mostly 'modified' version of the Dukan diet after the 'attack phase', which I did by the book! I know that according to the book you have to follow the diet strictly to have success, but I didn't find that to be true. I hated the oat bran pancakes, for example, and found that I lost my appetite completely after about a week on the diet I lost the weight while eating fruit and some bread, and ate vegetables every day instead of alternate days.

I also had a few glasses of wine, even ate some dark chocolate I still lost weight! I do think that the attack phase of the Dukan diet is fantastic, and that the high-protein thing is good - it sets you up and gets you motivated, but I think it's false to think that, after that, you have to stick to the diet 'to the letter' to keep losing weight. I turned it into a pretty normal low-fat, high-protein diet although with fruit and vegetables and some whole grains after the attack phase, and didn't put all the weight back on I did put a little back on over 18 months due to holidays etc, which is why I'm on this site , but I think you can take the good aspects of the Dukan diet, add a few more foods and still lose weight.

Just sharing for what it's worth, as it can be a difficult diet to stick to in the long term. I mean look at almost all the recent posts here from people with no personal page or any other sign of engagement on the site, posts total all of them in this thread, and all excited about starting the Dukan diet. Look how similar the post style is in them all, the multiple exclamation points, the repeated use of phrases like "dukan pals", the constant level of familiarity with the diet's jargon It's really pretty obvious.

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Now contrast those posts with the people posting in between who do have an obvious site presence independent of this thread. It's kind of getting ridiculous. Hi, as I recall this is your first day back! How are you doing? I am on holiday in Austin with my , and have managed to continue following it despite the crazy amount of walking we are doing and the number of glasses of wine I have had to turn down.

I lost an additional pound but think you are right on the dairy point so on Wednesday I am going to start 5 more days of pure protein but less dairy and see where that lands me.

The man who nearly died on the Dukan diet

Thanks also for the recipe! I don't have a bread maker but I have never been a big bread fan and am finding the oat bran pretty delicious with skim lactose-free milk and some stevia. How do you manage at restaurants? I am almost having to eat separate from my boyfriend every meal except if we eat sashimi. Anyway good luck to you and I will follow up on Tuesday to see how it is going. Great to hear from you. Well done with losing 3lbs on Dukan as it is difficult if you do not eat meat. As you are on cruise you can alternate one day PP with one day PV.

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Dukan works very well if you do not eat meat and especially if you do eat some fish, but if not the foods would be yogurt, eggs, tofu, quorn. I sometimes use unsweetened almond milk as it has similar calorie value to skimmed milk although I know not strictly Dukan. Nuts can have a lot of calories, but they are excellent in small quantities. So far this time around I have 15kg to lose , I am doing 45 minutes moderate paced walking a day probably slow due to my dogs and am intending to add some intervals for 20 mins or so every other day. So far I have nearly lost 2lbs, ie nearly a pound a day.

If you go on the Dukan official website you get a free prediction of when you reach goal. My goal would be reached in September. However, I would like to be close to goal by my holiday in mid July The other staple of my Dukan diet is the Dukan bread and the best recipe I found was via SparkPeople submitted by Nakimum - thank you My only problem is, that if I eat too much of this, I can slow my weight loss.

Directions Add ingredients as per breadmaker instructions. Serving Size: 6 slices I do seem to have gone on here, but there are some good aspects of Dukan, mainly low carb and low fat. I hope you are having a great day! Hi Tucksy, yes that would be great! I am doing ok. As someone who doesn't eat meat, I'm eating a lot more nonfat yogurt than I generally do but I did lose 3 pounds and counting so far. I don't have as much to lose so I'm on the cruise phase at this point, but I am finding that one great result of the diet is I am not consuming nearly as many additional calories in vegetables and tahini, and nuts.

I will say one thing I miss from my diet are various nut butters and almond milk, but given the results it seems totally worth sticking to this plan. How long have you been on at this point? I did the attack phase for 5 days. Hi Dandelionness, How are you doing on Dukan? I am back on Dukan after some success 3 years ago. I then had some thoughts that I would try other programmes when the weight crept up now 85kg , mainly the South Beach, but did not find this gave me the same results.

I want to lose 15kg for my holidays in July. Probably pushing it, but even 10kg would be good. Good luck with your weight loss journey. If you are still doing Dukan perhaps we can keep in touch. No, never heard of it until today. Sore Today. Stronger and Thinner Tomorrow. Hi, I just started the Dukan diet for the first time today.

I eat pretty healthily generally but due to a lingering hip injury caused by structural back problems creating instability in that area that sidelined me from doing my usual amount of cardio, I've gained 6 pounds in 3 months. I eat very healthily generally but am thinking a low-carb option might be best at least until the injury is completely past me. It's healed sufficiently that I can do 30 minutes of cardio daily now but it's still lighter cardio than running I alternate between walking - on days I do bar method - and jogging underwater on days I don't. Anyway, I would love it if we could motivate each other.

I am not having insane sugar cravings but I really miss the vegetables I'm used to having I suppose that can be sugar-craving in a way. Having a can of salmon without any salad greens, for example, is more challenging than I thought it would be, and as someone who doesn't eat any meat but fish, I suspect I will be heavy on the egg whites tomorrow and have the same breakfast and dinner today: nonfat yogurt. Non-stop Dukin Donuts???? Just joking Golden Apple Cider Donut tossed in cinnamon sugar.

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