Guide Employment and Labour Relations Law in the Premier League, NBA and International Rugby Union

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Employment and Labour Relations

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Sport & the law

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Major League Baseball is an American Pastime that had to relate and cut through with Australian audiences that rarely gets a huge following. It was a creative that we knew would hike up exposure through a "Scrap Book" theme. In , The National Rugby League had its final rounds, before the playoffs commenced in September. It was the message that every moment could change the teams results to stay in the finals hunt for the Top 8.

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    About this book This book examines the employment arrangements of professional athletes in the Premier League football competition, the National Basketball Association competition and rugby union played at an international level. National law can assist players in a domestic league to secure an involvement in the determination of working conditions but it has a more limited effect in a competition organised by an international governing body.

    This book argues that social regulation through soft law processes at an international level may benefit athletes, consumers and sport globally. It provides a useful case example for comparison with the organisation of other professional team sports in Europe, North America and Australasia. This book is important reading for scholars and practitioners in the fields of international sports law, employment law, competition law, European law and human rights law.

    It is also highly recommended for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels taking modules and courses in Sports Law or Sports Business Management. Show all.