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His work was based upon two contradictory facts:. Griffith experimented on glass fibres and suggested that the fracture stress increases as the fibre diameter decreases.

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He suggested that the low fracture strength observed by glass in previous experiments along with the size-dependance of strength was due to the presence of microscopic flaws in the material. To confirm his hypothesis he created an artificial law in his glass specimens.

Improving Safety with Advanced Fracture Mechanics

The artificial flaw was in the form of a surface crack that was much larger than the other microscopic flaws in the specimen. There have been many different theories and experiments carried out around cracks and flaws on surfaces. Most engineering materials shoe some non linear and inelastic behaviour under operating conditions that involve large loads. In such materials the assumptions of linear elastic fracture mechanics may not hold.

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As a result of these limitations power stations have to be over-engineered. If advancements can be made in fracture mechanics and we can understand how these cracks behave then it would result in more efficient designs that are more cost effective as well as improving the safety standards within power plants.

Manufacturing Engineering Automation Events News. We have long-time experience in modeling structure and fracture mechanical problems. Powerful computing capacities are available to efficiently calculate even large-scale and sophisticated models.

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This, for example, enables the application of computationally intensive damage models which help to simulate the crack growth in a component. Besides numerical fracture mechanics, we also offer services in analytical deterministic and probabilistic and experimental fracture mechanics. We are working to restore this as soon as we can.

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Basic fracture mechanics

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. The webinar will focus on what engineers need to know and why they need to know it in their roles. Join industrial and academic experts from different countries to discuss the challenges in rotordynamics, rub, whirl instability and more.

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