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All this has been very negative.

The Wonder Years (Season 6 & Episode 103) - Let Nothing You Dismay

The study cards, "due or else"; the meetings in the Union, with their streams of advice and of traditional Harvard professorial humor; the coming attempts to draft Freshmen into various extra-curricular activities--these cannot be treated negatively by the men involved. Seriously speaking, then, the problem boils down--after the first, short-lived confusion--to this: how best can a balance be obtained between the academic and the social in a college career? For most Freshmen, academics will be a hard grind from now until after midyear examinations, next February.

Family, faculty advisors, and upperclassmen friends all say "Make a good impression. Work hard now if you never do again. Most Freshmen, in other words, are too conscientious. Of course, we would be the last--at least among the last--to suggest a policy of loafing, of laissez faire.

Let Nothing You Dismay

The Freshman year is without any doubt the hardest of the four, when measured against the experience of the students involved. There will be work, and plenty of it; but the greatest danger is not the work, but the worry arising from it. More Freshmen fail because of fear than because of inability or laziness.

That is a categorical statement, but true. And the remedy for fear is the knowledge that for every confused Freshman, others are in the same boat; also, that teachers--in the courses especially designed for first year men--realize perfectly well that their minions are new at the game, and have set their standards accordingly. Thanks to the one and only Rich Lesnik for the stellar saxophone! We Three Kings.

They don't make rubber cigars like they used to. Good King Wenceslas. Leonard Kringle , I understand that the Bengals have improved recently. Sorry, Bengals fans! And Leonard Cohen fans.

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The Christmas Song. Conjure Wife , Linus And Lucifer. Mercaptan , It's not really that satanic. And you can still dance to it Peanuts-style. Joy To The World. Its habits? Feathers or lead? Ding Dong!

"The Wonder Years" Let Nothing You Dismay (TV Episode ) - Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold - IMDb

Merrily On High. Brother North-Wind's Secret.

Santa didn't bring us any Christmas song ideas this year. We understand — after all, there's a war on — but nevertheless, we were forced to shift our holiday attention to the vernal equinox. If you want to know what Brother North-Wind's Secret is, you'll have to read this.

Let Nothing You Dismay A Story

Tim Walters , Christmas Rhapsody. Pledge Drive , Kris Kringle!

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Do not give him coal! Lyrics by Steve and Tim. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Mercaptan by any other name would not. Invisible Mistletoe. Megan Lynch sings this terrific Franklin Bruno song. Slaw , Yes, it's supposed to sound like that. Fool For Yule. Hates Christmas.