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You spend hours doing an honest day's work and you got a long day ahead of you. Last thing on your agenda is take up a lady of the night job. Plus, I heard it's easy to hack the CB radio. You would be amazed at the things that happen out here! Just you wait and see and yes it really does happen. Not as often now but it does.

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We're talkin' million miles of bad road Seriously, call the number I gave earlier. The "Lot Lizard" as they are called, are actually human beings, that in the vast majority of the cases are being coerced into doing these things. There are countless videos and news stories the Sunday Omaha World-Herald, from yesterday is one that talk about this very thing. Typical men? This isn't a lot lizard story, but it's unique. I used to pick up from this place in Downtown Chicago maybe two or three times a month.

Most of the time this one homeless guy would come to the truck with a story begging for money. I mean he was a complete mess.

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This wasn't just some guy down on his luck or having a bad week. This guy looked like he had done this for years and years.

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Anyhow, every single time he'd approach me he'd have a different story. I must have heard 25 of em and every time I'd give him a couple of bucks just for the effort he put into the story. One time for fun I asked him, "Don't you recognize me by this point? You've told me about a dozen stories so far. You should know my name by now. We'd all like to help people make a better life for themselves if we could, but unfortunately it's rare you really get that chance.

Sometimes the best you can do is give someone a couple of bucks and wish em the best of luck.

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I have to be honest. I don't think I've ever really considered the possibility that they're being forced against their will by someone hiding in the background somewhere. I guess that's never happened to me so it's not something I would normally consider. I guess I just assumed they were making their own choices. Check out our help videos for a better understanding of our forum features.

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Learn more and apply here:. TruckingTruth was founded by Brett Aquila that's me! After 15 years on the road I wanted to help people understand the trucking industry and everything that came with the career and lifestyle of an over the road trucker. I've also heard some will knock anyway, ignoring all signs to tell them to go away. I'm just curious because I'm not going out there for that. I'm going out there to make money. I don't want any critters on me or in my bunk on my truck.

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Is it legal to keep the tire thumper in the rig when you sleep? Also, from the female truckers how to keep them off your truck at truck stops? Thanks in advance. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Oct 18, 2. They are going to knock no matter what I am a female and I have had Lot Lizards ask me if I wanted some.

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Just say no thanks be nice about it. I have had to get my meg lite out and no really use it on the but just show them I am not afraid to use it. Oct 18, 3. AfterShock , Oct 18, Oct 18, 4. Usually nose-in, unless there are other running reefers there already - then I park in the same orientation. You can't keep ALL the critters away, but places that are well lit and well traveled tend to discourage roaches and lot-lizards alike.

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  4. Generally speaking, the big name truck stop franchises are less likely to present problems. Heck, it's perfectly legal with some caveats to keep a gun in the truck. Company policy may prohibit, though. These people do not make money by being shy. Lurchgs , Oct 18, Oct 18, 5.

    Oct 19, 6. In the last 5 years I have had a lizard knock on my door while curtains up maybe twice.

    It is not near as it used to be.