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Notes on Book 4: The Sun in Love from Metamorphoses

The description of Pyramus' suicide in the Metamorphoses has been commented on by many scholars. There has been particular criticism of the comparison between the unfortunate lover's wound, squirting out blood, and a burst water-main.

MASSOLIT: Introduction to Ovid's Metamorphoses

This has been supposed to show yet again how Ovid, in spite of his undoubtedly great talent, is capable of ruining a story by exaggeration. Nevertheless, a medical look at his wording leads to quite a different judgement.

Ovid: The Metamorphoses

Hermes, guided by a bird who is Zeus himself, slews Argus with a stone. Hera then sends a gadfly, which torments lo, and persecutes her through the whole earth, until at length she finds rest on the banks of the Nile where she takes on her human form again and is venerated as the goddess Isis. Egisto Sani By: Egisto Sani. The Myth.

The Metamorphoses

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Read preview. Excerpt Ovid Metamorphoses belongs among the few masterpieces which have aroused wide and enthusiastic interest in all civilized nations of Europe and through nineteen centuries of western culture. Metamorphoses By Ovid; Henry T.