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We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Paul Bodine. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Add to Cart. Product Highlights Whether they are applying to business school or law school, it's essential students have the right phrases at their fingertips.

These titles in the Perfect Phrases series gives aspiring professionals the words they need for every step of the application process. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Provides precise and effective language for applications, essays, interviews Covers a wide range of potential answers to difficult questions Guides you through the stages of the interview process.

Specifications Series Title Perfect Phrases. Customer Reviews. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. With so many family members vying for attention, I had to learn that I could not always expect to get everything I wanted. I had to compromise to get what I could. This turned me into a very flexible person with the ability to see things from all points of view and to differentiate what is essential from what is not. When you have strong ethics, people know it, and moral dilemmas tend to pass you by.

Even in Pakistan, where corruption is endemic, I personally have never had to participate in it. If I had to bring only one value to Kenan-Flagler, it would be the invisible force of integrity. I still believe in family, community, and leadership. What I wanted most as a boy was to become a pilot and to make my father proud. As a teenager it was my family, my ancestors, education, and the church.

And today, what matters most is helping my community and helping Cambodia. From the self- and family-oriented concerns of a boy, I have learned to place the most importance on my community and society—those whom I can benefit most through my leadership skills. I lost my chance to fully thank him for this gift to me when he unexpectedly died of a heart attack in Although almost 12 years have passed, his ideals of integrity, leadership, and generosity are still the values that guide me.

When asked why he worked so hard, he answered: others depended on him; it was his duty. Extracurricular essay topics invite you to do just that.

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Whether your nonprofessional interests center on rugby, haiku, or astrophysics, you want these types of essays to vividly communicate your love for your hobby. Because a few schools have separate essay topics for such volunteer community and social impact involvements, we present perfect phrases for those topics in Chapter Nine. As we ascend the switchbacks, our packs firm against our backs, I feel the stresses of everyday life begin to fall from my shoulders. Out in the wilderness, I find pleasure in the simplest things, from gathering wood for a fire that will warm us once the sun disappears to searching for a flat stretch of land where we can pitch our tent.

Whenever I return from a weekend in the wilderness, I feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. My recreational interests tend to evolve and change. For instance, when I first started flying, I derived a great deal of enjoyment from exploring Canada and taking photos.

Next year, I am planning to try my hand at aerobatic flying. I am always looking for something interesting and unusual to try. Carnatic music is one of the best known of the many ancient forms of Indian classical music. Accompanying instruments such as the violin and miruthangam a percussion instrument add flavor to this vocal music, but it can be just as good on its own. It encourages soul-searching and helps me balance my life between temptations and the rational calm that should govern life.

Carnatic music also fosters family life. I can almost feel goodness entering our home and hearts when this music is in the air. I have gone on to run some 20 races mostly for charities and can now endure mile-long runs. I will run my first marathon shortly. My daily runs and occasional races not only improve my physical endurance; they have literally changed my life. I have yet to finish first, but the journey is what it is all about, and it has been a fantastic one.

For all the brute physical skill it requires, mountain climbing is also a very philosophical activity. Like life, mountaineering poses ambiguous choices regarding success and goals. Like succeeding at life, ascending mountains requires teamwork, a bond of trust among the climbers, and shared passion. As a team we decide together by which path to make our ascent, through the tangible bond and symbol of a single connecting rope, we trust our lives to each other.

We also decide as a team who will lead the stages of the ascent, and as a team we overcome danger and reach the summit through perseverance, creativity, and adaptability. The purpose of the ministry program is to teach individuals how to develop sound ministries through course work in everything from communication and church administration to biblical history. At the end of the year, however, it was the bonds I had formed—the team spirit we could all feel—that mattered most to all of us. It gave me firsthand experience in maintaining enthusiasm and camaraderie in a tough, demanding environment.

Cars with valve V—6 engines bored out of 3 liters to even 3. Racing is a passion of mine not only for the adrenaline rush, but because of the way it heightens my senses, my mind, and my agility. Signing up for a ballroom dancing class my freshman year, I picked up the basic steps with such ease that my dance instructor thought I had taken classes before. However, I had much to learn, as this form of dance requires a unique and intense mutual understanding between the partners that I was unaccustomed to.

Dance requires both people to communicate and work together as if they are the same entity, as one cannot move without the other. Dance has enhanced my experience of life. Her reason: the fulfillment of teaching is addictive, and like all addictions it is very difficult to break. I know exactly what she meant. I learned everything I could about the principles of sustaining determination and focus, maintaining an unassuming demeanor, and constantly remaining attentive to my surroundings so as to better respond to any situation.

The milestones of my journey to my black belt are still vivid: my first sparring match, my first successful spinning heel kick, the first time one of the highranking students told me my technique looked good. With each new achievement my resolve to complete the journey grew stronger. People, Places, or Things Essays Still another way business schools use to discover who you are is essay topics that invite you to discuss specific people, places, or things that matter to you.

He is an animal activist and the founding member of the Nepalese branch of People for Animals, an organization started in Bombay in Nepal is a Hindu country, so cow slaughter is banned by law. In defiance of this law, , illegal abattoirs have proliferated in the country. Most of the cattle is trafficked out of India. My brother helps police apprehend the owners of these slaughterhouses and also teaches people to treat animals humanely. I do too. Even today, the townspeople of Matang still do not know how he survived the accident that nearly killed him seven years ago.

While crossing the street, he was struck by a speeding car and lay in the road for almost two hours before a neighbor found him. Though he lost his leg, he never once exhibited any rage for vengeance. Everything takes him twice as long now, but even at 74 his farm is as productive as the best in the region. It was 9 p. Though 30 years my senior, he looked ready to climb Mount Everest—or pay a house call on a dying patient. Melman inspires me with his intelligence and clinical expertise but also with his indefatigable attitude.

For him, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, all the scientific aspects of medicine, are just gateways to the more rewarding subject—helping sick people. About to start my third consecutive night on call, I asked him how he maintains his energy and enthusiasm. To me, she is a heroine and a role model in male-dominated society. I admire Wu Zetian for her courage to be independent minded and fight for what she believed in. Empress Wu courageously declared herself emperor of China, and to challenge patriarchal Confucian beliefs, she promoted efforts to elevate the status of women, such as through scholarly biographies of famous women.

In spite of the ruthlessness of her climb to power, her rule was benign. She once said that the ideal ruler ruled like a mother over her children. Empress Wu is an example to me of a woman using her unique talents to contribute to society. Although engine failure took him from me 18 months ago, he remains the person I look up to most. Fortunately, history has already made its judgment, and my father was right to believe in honesty. My mother once told me that I would understand the values my father stood for when I grew up.

My commitment to leadership while at USC and afterward is the best way to show her I know she was right. I was not. Under Kathy Dyson, I have learned how to think innovatively and to explore alternative ways to improve existing processes. My love affair with the Himalayas began in high school when I first trekked into the Har-Ki-Dun valley, with its surrounding 6,meter peaks.

I was overcome by the unexploited beauty and grandeur there and returned so often that I made many good friends among the locals on my treks. Though they love their rudimentary lives as farmers, they lack ready access to medical facilities. At Purdue I plan to start a mountaineering club that organizes treks into the heart of this breathtaking place.

Bordeaux has the scale, atmosphere, and attractiveness of Paris without the overwhelming aspects of daily life in a crowded city. Bordeaux is also known worldwide for its wine. In the summer, I travel most weekends to race with my teammates, who are also my closest friends. That teammate repays us by winning the sprint finish. Professionally I am: a involved globally. Aside from race and gender, your personal or family history, your Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance religion and cultural background, your hobbies and passions, even your sexuality if handled properly are all fair game as diversity essay topics.

International or cross-cultural experiences are a subset of the diversity idea. They are desirable for the same reasons: they help you add color and variety to your entering class while preparing classmates for the increasingly globalized workplace. The perfect phrases in this chapter will show you how to strike the contribution chord. As a child in a multicultural family I learned to appreciate my differences and, by extension, to be sensitive to them in others. You might be surprised at how varied the food can be at a neighborhood potluck party in suburban Amarillo, Texas.

Diversity did not exist. Why are Norwegians so formal when they toast? Why is the United States filled with flags? Why do Turks waste so much water? Why are chopsticks plastic in Chinese restaurants, metal in Korea, and wood everywhere else? However, it is my multicultural experiences in Sudan, Korea, the United States, and Germany that have given me the perspective to feel confident about that decision.

But when volunteering to conduct an AIDS awareness training program for our field offices, my manager asked me the reason for my interest. Since then, while conducting corporate training programs across the organization, I have been pleased to learn that my disclosure has opened dialogue among Lazard employees about gay and lesbian issues in the banking industry. My friends and I, all Shiites from southwest Baghdad, were visiting Fallujah during a training trip. In this war-wracked city, we suddenly became targets as protests against the imposition of Shiite control ignited into full-scale riots.

After completing my introduction to dance class, I built on my rudimentary knowledge of salsa by taking lessons twice a week at a local dance school. The first three months of lessons were excruciatingly difficult, but I persevered until I achieved a level of expertise that enables me to dance with almost anyone. Even today I can express some thoughts better in Kurdish, some better in Arabic, and others more effectively in Turkish. I spent my first five years in a diverse, multilingual research community in Azerbaijan where my friends and neighbors ranged from Azerbaijanis and Russians to Brits and Indians.

When I was six, we moved back to Kuala Lumpur. Though I have lived there since I was six, I have continually sought out international experiences. Spending summers with my father in Brussels, Belgium, when he was relocated there, gave me another powerful lesson in diversity. Paddling furiously with Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, and Swiss, I must be synchronized with my teammates, moving through each phase of the stroke in perfect unity. Though I considered myself to be a physically fit dragon boater, the inevitable fatigue eventually forced me to acknowledge my reliance on my diverse teammates.

The experience is always an exhilarating one. By giving me exposure to many different technologies, functional areas, and business models, these experiences will enable me to be an important contributor to the dynamic case discussions at Darden. They have also given me perhaps my most important asset: adaptability, the ability not only to master new languages but to make new friends and meet new challenges. People are simply more receptive to everything, from a compliment to a suggestion, when it is given in their mother tongue.

Today, I am proud to say that in addition to my fluency in Arabic, Greek, and English, I am pursuing proficiency in Chinese, so I can build on the rapport I have developed with my new Beijing colleagues. The power one gains by understanding a foreign language cannot be understated. I have become accustomed to seeing street corners guarded by armed security men, to greeting male and female associates alike with a collegial hug, and to visiting the victims of this beautiful, war-stricken country.

It has made me more appreciative of the cultural differences I took for granted as a RussianKorean American and has inspired me to dedicate my time to two Colombian charities. I offer my Carnegie Mellon classmates the insights of someone who has already faced the challenges of growing ventures. Since every branch served a unique community, I learned to create customized market assessments and strategic business plans that would work in each location.

To my Marshall classmates who may manage a company with interests in India, my insights may give them potent leverage during business negotiations with the Indian government. I will make a real contribution to UCLA because my spirit of discovery is infectious, and my experiences have taught me a great deal about working effectively with others. By inspiring them to work harder than they thought they were capable of, by challenging them to strive for goals they thought were unattainable, and by demonstrating that we are bound only by the limitations we place on ourselves.

My distinct personal and professional experiences will not only contribute to their success; they ensure that my prospects for future success as a leader are high. If I am given the opportunity to join this community, I will not only contribute by sharing my international consulting and entrepreneurial insights in class discussions and study groups. But it will also be grounded in my willingness to always try the unknown in everything my classmates and I do together. Had it not been for Francoise, Gustav, and Abdul, I would not have accomplished my objective.

It was nice to be recognized, but the real winner was the diversity of my team. Every individual and every society must discover its own way to celebrate this convergence while preserving—and celebrating—its own identity and uniqueness. I believe that the language ability, personal touch, and cultural sensitiveness I demonstrated at HSBC prove the power of diversity as a business tool.

Briefly describe such an event and how it affected you. Making difficult decisions, overcoming obstacles, battling through resistance—all of these can make powerful material for challenge-type essays. B Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance Defining moments do not necessarily need to have been challenges. But as intensely significant, even life-changing experiences that helped shape the person you are, they are close cousins of the challenge essay and often share a similar organization.

I could not believe my ears. I was directly coordinating the efforts of seven developers—including Davis, six certification engineers, and one product release engineer—and discussed our progress with two vice presidents. Soon, some of the details about Cherry Street began to emerge: a school administrator had been gunned down when his shady business dealings went awry; a child of one of the teachers assaulted someone with a deadly weapon.

During one such project I presented my project manager with my meticulously processed geophysical seismic data only to discover that he was unhappy with my results. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and our conservative Baptist campus and the entire county were shaken to the core. When Dawn began repeatedly vomiting blood, however, I took an advance leave and immediately returned to Georgia.

The test results showed high levels of thyroid hormones—harmless if caused by pregnancy, but if preexisting, potentially affecting both Dawn and our baby. I am that boy, and if it were not for the influence and guidance of that man, Kijana Mbeki, I would not be here today.

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We have been reassigned to infantry training. Next stop: Operation Enduring Freedom. All information was filtered through government censors before it reached the public. One summer afternoon, I went into a small bookstore near my junior high school, waiting for the usual tropical rain to pass. My friend made it to our car and hit one of the gang members as he sped away. I did not make it to the car. While I watched in disbelief as my friend drove off, one of the gang members reached for a gun. Marshaling my evidence, I formally recommended that the partners invest.

Because of my high rankings as a research analyst, they listened but remained skeptical despite my strong supporting data. So I scheduled another meeting where I offered additional research from industry experts and held a conference call with a Forrester Research analyst. That finally convinced two of the partners, and a day later the most senior partner left me an exhilarating voice message agreeing to make the deal. I began earning it by first sharing my own story. I told them how, as a high school student, mathematics had benefited me by enabling me to score well enough on the SAT to earn academic scholarships for college.

I helped them identify with me by telling them how I had had to pay for my entire education. Gradually, they began to see me as a role model for the success they could achieve. Then, after establishing rapport, something strange and unexpected occurred: We actually began to have fun!

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When I stayed late to help the Advanced Placement students prepare for the exam, the entire class showed up. Little did I know that this would become a daily event for us. Clearly, mentoring them would be my next difficult challenge. Patiently, I answered all their questions until they saw me as teacher, mentor, and friend, but not as unapproachable guru. This gave me the chance to find out who was compatible with whom, which helped me assign the groups for each module. Continuing to gain clinical exposure as a volunteer at the Portland University Medical Center, I encountered similar situations that reinforced how emotionally difficult providing critical care can be.

I discussed my hesitancy about dealing with the realities of death and human suffering with a premed advisor, Dr. Wu, at Portland University. Ultimately, she helped me accept that I did not possess the unique attitude toward human suffering that is required of surgeons and critical care doctors. I delved into a meticulous feasibility analysis, which demonstrated that the development would realize the owner a 55 percent return. After I assembled my team, work began.

In the memoirs and historical photo collections I leafed through, page after page recorded the blood and pain of the people who had given their lives to guarantee the civil rights of everyone on the beautiful island of Formosa. By making some easily disprovable scientific assumptions and layering cosmetic processing techniques over my results, I too generated appealing results. Which one do you like? We broke into groups to work out the small problems first. My expertise was in airborne submarine defense, so I spent the next two hours going over check-in procedures, aerial tactics, and ship-to-air coordination with my Malaysian counterparts.

They were familiar with these procedures, but working in a second language can make even simple radio communications difficult. Even with my experience, it is sometimes hard for me to keep track of all the radio chatter in and out of an aircraft in a battle group environment.

After smoothing out the fine details, we brought the groups back together to go over any outstanding questions. The long day turned into a late night as we reviewed the causes of the problems and developed and distributed solutions. Meanwhile, I have developed a close relationship with Antonio. I have helped him improve his spoken English skills through our frequent phone conversations, for example, and three months after signing off on the joint effort, I received a call from a thrilled Antonio announcing the birth of his son.

In only three-plus years, I went from social chair to national liaison for the local chapter. As the community relations director, my role is to help young Native Americans get educations and competitive jobs and increase public perception of young Native Americans as a productive force in all aspects of American life.

As a member of the eightperson executive board of YNAU, I am helping the organization expand nationally, spreading the word about our c 3 charitable foundation, and soliciting corporate sponsorship for our scholarship fund for college-age Native Americans.

In the bargain, SorcerySoft also found a long-term partner. Impressed by my work, management has since entrusted me with the responsibility of managing our existing FutureTrek product as its technical lead. After weeks away from my family in a politically unstable environment where machine-guntoting soldiers were a common sight, I watched the first flight for Heart airport lift off without incident on May 19, Today, SkyAfghan has a branch office in Kandahar and is the fastest-growing airline in the country. Reevaluating my faith in the effectiveness of rational decision making was not easy.

But today I understand how to take political influences into account when making fact-driven decisions. The audit reinforced my conviction that objective evidence cannot be refuted—and should not be backed away from. It also affirmed that, no matter how bad the odds may sometimes look, two parties can come to agreement once they truly understand all the issues. There is no failure worse than letting down people who put trust in your leadership.

Every growth plan I develop in the future will contain a detailed contingency plan that will allow me to minimize, if not eliminate, the need to downsize. I have learned that success is not only about the success of a product or financial gain; it must also include the success of every contributor. I am particularly sensitive now to the stereotypes women face in the oceanic sciences.

In college, I noticed that in engineering courses women team members were usually assigned the least technically challenging tasks, for example, literature searches instead of actual design. So in my own senior project, I made sure that was not the case by dividing the work fairly so everyone was challenged. Professionally, I continue my awareness of discrimination and work to ensure that each of the three women on my Deepwater Sciences team can contribute fully to the team. It rounded out my skill set, broadened my experience base, and gave me a new, wider perspective on my career and myself.

I learned the ins and outs of agency life and media strategy for business-to-business clients, and I escaped the pigeonhole of sales, opening up a whole new career avenue. We are resolved to love and care for our new child, normal or not, and our lives will probably never be the same. Wherever my career leads me, the most important consideration now will always be the needs and wishes of my family, and my gratitude for and enjoyment of family and life will be greater than ever before.

It exposed me to leadership opportunities most year-olds never face. It also gave me the chance to discover what I really wanted by exploring the alternatives. Deciding to leave the priesthood meant abandoning a life and a definition of myself that had great meaning for me. But because of the sense of challenge and excitement I feel every morning and the positive good my career has made possible, I can honestly say it was a decision I have never regretted making.

Although my values are the same, I now have a much deeper confidence in my instincts. I know I can adapt to new challenges and learn unfamiliar topics quickly. I overcame my fears and doubts and guided a squad of men shaken by suicides and an unforeseen war into becoming more than they had known how to be before.

My decision to embrace change optimistically made it possible for me to land my first job within days of arriving, which set the stage for my next move up, to Pacific Life, a year later. Three months after arriving in Orange County I sold the return portion of my round-trip ticket back home. There was no point in keeping it.

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My new life in America was well underway, and the last thing I needed was a security blanket. I also thank the bus driver who mustered up enough courage to drive past the mob. Unlike them, however, he chose to protect us even at risk to his own life. It has tested and strengthened my scientific abilities and unleashed my intellectual and managerial creativity. What role did you play and what did you learn about yourself? How was it resolved and what did you learn from the experience?

First, failures are often opportunities for growth. Admissions officers want to know whether you are an evolving person capable of learning, adjusting to setbacks, and maturing. Essays about ethical situations enable business schools to evaluate your ability to analyze the difficult moral choices that all managers occasionally confront. The story you choose to tell in this essay and the reasons you give for making the ethical choices you did tell admissions committees a lot about your values and your mind. The best stories are not about bribes being rejected, but tough-call dilemmas where none of the solutions looks particularly appealing.

After three months of intense negotiations, we had an agreement partially vindicating our public vow to complete two deals in and assuring us of investments in our two subsequent developments. Then a week later the ax fell. Abbeville backed out of the agreement because of doubts raised by environmental agency decisions.

Perfect Phrases for Medical School Acceptance

Thousands of hours of work suddenly evaporated. As they squirmed in their seats eagerly awaiting the end of my agonizing two-hour presentation, I could see they were actually feeling for me. The day I left Milan Investment Partners I had to face the fact that I had failed to meet strongly set personal objectives. I felt an emptiness I had never known before. I had made a serious career misstep and was miserable.

As I learned what it meant to be ostracized in your own organization and to see best friends suddenly showing overt hostility, I began to question my decision to be part of that system. I had failed to envision the problems that arise when an organization tries to expand rapidly. I had also betrayed the trust my family placed in me by failing to do the due diligence that would have been my first priority in my day job. The Shimonoseki experience taught me an important strategy for coping with politically charged environments: join forces.

Too late I realized that by working with the other antiwhaling initiatives we might have had more success in convincing the Japanese authorities to halt the expedition. Moreover, I realize now that I could also have left LifeRenewal and tried to sell my idea to a biotech firm or VC company or obtained small business grants from research funds.

Instead, I put my research on the shelf and moved on. If I had presented my concerns more effectively during the weekly meeting with the Hewlett-Packard client manager, I could have created a debate between HP and PricewaterhouseCoopers, forcing a joint decision. By focusing on producing a competitive plan, I had become blind to an inherent flaw: we had to commit a substantial up-front investment with no guarantee of completion. Rather than seek the advice of experienced experts, I had allowed myself to become spellbound by research and case studies.

Today, the legislation still has not passed, and because of the lack of foreign and local buyers, we have a stake in Mekong City we are unable to sell. Although I was confident of my data, I failed to vigorously defend my position and shied away from confrontation. I learned from colleagues in Newark that their business requirements also underwent rounds and rounds of revision, often with little value added. Without communication, problems can only snowball. I learned that I must aggressively commit percent from day one if I want a venture to succeed.

I realized that as a leader I am more than a manager—my presence is as valuable as my analysis and strategy formulation. I also learned never to hire close compatriots, no matter how competent they are. This setback taught me that a viable business requires more than competent managers and good products.

It also needs a global network of influential contacts. I have discovered how to creatively and tenaciously build positions of strength that will enable me to go around obstacles that threaten the well-being of the corporation. Derek convinced me that I was reviewing old data and told me to stay focused on developing the marketing plan.

My workload was huge, so I gradually forgot about the inconsistencies. The more I got to know my undeniably brilliant manager, however, the more I noticed how he manipulated information to please his audience. When I spoke to him about it, he told me that as you grow in the company, you sometimes have to stretch the truth to sell proposals. Then, two months before the launch, with production underway, I saw him stretch data to obtain management approval on advertising claims.

Worse, these data were being forwarded to a government agency for final advertising approval. Of course, I immediately reminded him that I was not authorized to disclose any information. The next day, however, I surprised him as he searched my shelves for the files. I was stunned. Should I continue working for a colleague who had gone against my ethics and express wishes, not to mention the policies of the firm? I would have to let people go. Of the seven employees my books told me to lay off, however, two were a married couple.

Unemployment benefits would not be enough to keep them afloat. Without such gas-scrubbing equipment our Guatemalan workers would be exposed to carcinogenic toxins like benzene and dioxins. I hesitated before telling Ann that I would get back to her on that, fully knowing that she would not be able to join investment banking because it was a really small unit that had just hired all the staff it could accommodate.

Furthermore, Bill was not even from the investment banking group but from commercial lending. When I told Bill about the situation, he explained that I needed to get the recruit to accept the offer at all costs because our First Bank of Florida engagement required someone with her experience in real estate loans. He ordered me to try to convince Ann that the investment banking department invited staff transfers from commercial lending.

Pacific Northwest was in fact seriously evaluating a contingent layoff plan. It challenged my professional values to expose one of my clients, but I could not simply ignore unethical practices. I see these clients every day; we share personal stories, and we trust each other implicitly.

If I disobeyed him, I could lose my job; if I overestimated, I would be disloyal to my clients. Worse, over the past eight months, Paul and I had developed a good working relationship and even friendship.

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  7. By asking me whether Pacific Northwest intended to downsize Nuvatrix after our acquisition, he was clearly demonstrating his trust in me. But I also felt just as strongly that, as a Pacific Northwest employee, I needed to guard the confidentiality of our takeover plan. Also, I felt his heart was not really in life insurance. However, I knew that my frank opinion could put his job and career at Allstate in jeopardy at a moment when he needed the job more than ever, because his wife had just lost hers. If I just ignored my mistake, I would get my security badge, be on my way into the vault, and begin working.

    There was no way they would ask me to present a U. I discussed my solution with my team principal, and he agreed with my plan. She asked me to rethink my decision, but I was firm. As long as he thought we were both culpable, he would be less likely to punish Nigel. I then stressed his other capabilities and suggested he be relocated to a different area.

    When I left, I was confident my supervisor would do his best to help Mark stay with Allstate. Moreover, I was not personally prepared to create a crisis that might eventually harm my own interests. Three months later, however, when I was asked to join Lincoln on one of his teams, I gracefully declined. I therefore informed my manager that I would accept the assignment only if he would also nominate me as the safety officer of the pilot experiment. Later, I persuaded him to allocate a modest budget for protective organic vapor masks, and while in Guatemala I trained the local workers in their use and explained the dangers of prolonged exposure.

    While the immediate consequences may seem harmless, when a person gets used to compromising in noncritical situations, there is ultimately a cumulative effect that affects the way he or she faces the tougher ethical quandaries. It also sharpened my negotiation skills by giving me the chance to serve as a broker in resolving an important issue between two longtime partners. Furthermore, I learned how to stick to my ethical principles when confronting executives willing to do anything for personal profit.

    How have you impacted your community? Is there room in your life for something besides self and career? Essay topics on community and social impact topics help admissions committees answer these questions. Social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility are more than just buzzwords. Likewise, only a few schools have explicit change, innovation, or entrepreneurship essay topics, but they too can be potentially powerful topics, especially if you have a track record of innovation or entrepreneurial goals.

    Mobile Heights boasts wealth and historic mansions, while East Mobile has potholed streets and steel-barred storefronts. Yet East Mobile was home to fourteen teenagers I was determined to convince should go to college. Growing up to succeed was not really a choice for me. But I believe that anyone who is really given the chance can succeed.

    Some had even started screaming. As the traditional ceremony came to an end, each of the goats and the sheep were sacrificed. Then the buffalo was dragged to the altar and tied mercilessly with a rope to the iron pillars. The chief landlord swung the sword like an instrument through the neck of the animal. To my horror the head of the animal was not completely severed and blood flowed everywhere. I had to do something about such cruelty. I was appalled.

    Now Adofo was to be the fifth. In my quest to be a professional drummer and singer, developing a hearing condition was the furthest thing from my mind. Unfortunately, in practicing and performing for a career in music, I was exposed to noise louder than the human auditory system was meant to take, and I developed hyperacusis, defined as a painful sensitivity to normal environmental sounds.

    I believed—I knew—she would survive. In the meantime, she was spending her time in the hospital, missing school, and becoming morbidly preoccupied with her illness. I decided to tutor her in math and English. Soon, some of my friends started volunteering to help entertain QiaoQiao too. Gathering informally a few times a week, we quickly befriended other kids in the ward and began entertaining them with books, videogames, and comics. These generous people arranged a place for me to stay and helped me acclimate myself to a new educational system and social environment.

    I felt I owed them something. Finally, as an intern for U. PBC works as a nonprofit consulting service, enlisting a broad range of talented professionals from around the city to provide a useful community service while giving volunteers an opportunity to network and develop career skills. PBC has enabled me to find a personal, unique way to give back to the community that raised me, to develop as a consultant, and to network with a talented group of students and community leaders. Every week I spent an hour with 12 adults, teaching them basic stroke techniques.

    During the school year, we organized campus fairs so the farmers could sell directly to consumers, and I shared what I learned in an article for the school newspaper and during student marches. This disease can cause a sore throat in children, but more importantly it can also cause heart damage. Treating it effectively and quickly is critical. I researched the medical literature and consulted with infectious disease specialists and local epidemiologists as well as the state public health department.

    I convinced the company to subsidize 10 scholarships for students, like me, who had to work to pay for their college education. The candidates who qualify are those who have the skill set to work at Dow and are involved in charitable activities. Hundreds of meters of electrical cables have been installed, and neglected sewage and water pipes are now being repaired.

    Next, my 60 associates and I will begin fixing leaking roofs, adding new eaves, and, not least, constructing a playground for children. For Society Day , we refurbished a lowincome school in Ping Yao. I now believe that giving others the tools to solve their problems offers much greater value to them than simply donating food, clothes, toys, or money. I maintained that to ensure its survival, IdeoDNA had to take a more product-oriented approach and use its technology base effectively to focus on product development. International Paper India had to nurture these accounts and serve them well to remain competitive.

    I recognized that our selling to these small accounts was largely limited by logistics, so I devised a new delivery method that efficiently serviced small businesses scattered throughout India. Six months later, together with two other cofounders, we launched Chai Laboratories and approached Toshiba and the Israeli government for venture funding. I negotiated perks for our members with New York businesses catering to the Thai community, and I initiated a program offering reduced membership dues to members who provided discounts on their services.

    Seventy members agreed to offer discounts. I also partnered with two professional organizations in the New York City area that conducted excellent seminars on diverse topics of interest to the community. This strategic alliance allowed us to increase the potential scale of participation, which in turn enabled Thai NYC to organize bigger events that reduced the member cost per event. This was actually a tremendously difficult undertaking since until then Motorola had traditionally paid all costs of distribution. Despite the initial negative response to my plan, I remained persistent and finally convinced my distributors to buy 12 minivans to test the program in four cities.

    To sell the product, I first had to develop a service offering that described how it could help clients and a methodology for implementing it.

    1. Series: Perfect Phrases Series?
    2. [PDF] DOWNLOAD Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance (Perfec…!
    3. The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage?
    4. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Gastroenterology: An Illustrated Guide?
    5. By creating an environment in which admissions challenges could be discussed in a nonthreatening and collaborative way, I was able to convince the dean to approve all six of my recommendations with minor changes. I was successful because I maintained open communication, had a thorough understanding of the technology, was willing to resolve conflicts, had an open attitude toward feedback, and was committed to overcoming challenge.

      In doing so, I progressed from a naive, conforming, and selfdoubting editor to a mature, questioning, and confident manager. I also learned that by involving the change resistors in the process of improving the weaknesses of the change process, I can create a win-win situation that enables us to solve the problem at hand together.

      First, good ideas can come from anyone, even those outside the group, so the entrepreneur must always listen. Second, the entrepreneur must be able to quickly determine which ideas are worth implementing. Third, success will often depend on the qualities and especially the dedication of the people you work with. I also learned how to negotiate with dozens of constituencies to arrive at the various agreements.

      But my biggest lesson was that the act of creation involves much more than creativity. As a result, today I am less reticent about innovative and assertive strategies even when the risk is significant. Solving existing problems and preempting potential ones, I have learned, is possible only with a proactive, not reactive, mind. But, however measured, I believe that major change must be powered by the quality of the personal relationships that the change agent forms.

      I also learned that to influence people to accept change, you have to understand the specific ways in which change can negatively affect people. I employed creativity, technological understanding, perseverance, and the ability to strategically manage the uncertainty that surrounds the entry into a new government market.

      Works (56)

      Despite resistance I tactfully approached the relevant people, prepared a detailed action plan based on hard data, proposed a risk-free test of my idea, and then oversaw the implementation of the new process without taking all the credit or excluding others from my success. I learned how to successfully bring about significant change that was good for the organization—even when I was the only one who initially believed in it. Uneven grades, disappointing GMAT scores, employment gaps—whatever application anomalies might cause admissions readers to jump to negative conclusions can be handily addressed in the optional essay.

      If you have no such matters to discuss, you should still consider exploiting the optional essay to present aspects of your profile not captured in the required essays—such as an unusual A Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance international experience or a leadership or community role not elsewhere described. The perfect optional essay phrases in this chapter focus on extenuating academic-related circumstances, extenuating professional circumstances, choice of recommenders, and reapplication.

      In high school I was covaledictorian, an honor student, and the elected leader of three student organizations. However, during my freshman year at Loyola University I struggled to adjust to the academic rigors of the biochemistry program. Moreover, as the first person in my family to attend college, I had no one I could turn to for guidance on how to balance academics and work. Thus, in addition to my full course load during my four years at Bryn Mawr, I was active in three student organizations student senate, volleyball, and student newspaper and averaged 20 hours per week in my part-time job.

      I took leaves of 7—10 days from Beloit College about 10 times during that period, not counting summer vacations, to travel the miles to and from Thunder Bay. My grades and project work necessarily suffered.

      Perfect Phrases for Business School Acceptance

      Throughout this emotionally exhausting period, my priority was my family, and my main academic objective was just to complete my degree requirements on schedule—which I did—so that I could spend time at home. I respectfully ask the committee to take this fact into account when evaluating my score. Growing up with an abusive father affected my selfesteem in ways I am still coming to grips with. Lacking any reassurance or positive role models at home, I was fearful about approaching high school teachers with even simple questions.

      My self-isolation prevented me from developing any mentoring relationships with adults, and hence my potential remained undiscovered. I never lacked ambition, but I had no idea what it took to succeed. The reason is simple. My start-up experience with Dynamic Solutions in completely changed my understanding of what it takes to achieve exceptional success in the business world. A lot has happened to the technology world since then, and a lot has happened in my career.

      Above all, I have learned through hard experience that having access to a network of leaders is a sine qua non for entrepreneurial success. There has always been a disconnect between my academic performance and my performance on standardized tests, such as the SAT and GRE. On both those tests I posted average scores while I was simultaneously earning above-average grades at university. I resolved to overcome this anomaly this time, but despite enrolling in an intensive English grammar course and taking the GMAT three times, I have not been able to improve my score beyond a In May , two weeks before spring finals, I was sexually assaulted by a classmate.

      After a brief but necessary stay in the emergency room, I spent a week in campus health services recovering. But my medical injuries, though serious, were surpassed by my emotional and psychological trauma. As my transcript shows, in summer I participated in a high school program that enabled me to take three UCLA courses, in which I earned a 4. Moreover, up to my senior year, my transcripts show an upward trend in performance, especially as I entered my area of concentration. I believe the full context of my academic performance demonstrates that I am more than prepared to handle the academic challenges Yale SOM offers me.

      Last year I was honored to submit a white paper on informatics trends for an industry conference sponsored by AI. It was nominated for a prestigious Best Practices Award. Finally, AI would never have placed me in charge of more than 10 client-facing auditing engagements annually if they had any concerns about my verbal skills. I am confident in my ability to write and speak English like a native and believe that the evidence should inspire this same confidence in the admissions committee.

      I have demonstrated a consistent record of achievement and communicative skill that should greatly minimize the significance of my undergraduate transcript. Shortly after Christmas , I was notified that my escrow support group was being eliminated, despite our award-winning work during the preceding three years. I was devastated, but I immediately began seeking a new position. Unfortunately, the Southern California housing market continued to worsen, and I was unable to find a job until April, when I joined Balboa Debt Collection Services as a compliance manager.

      Throughout my three months of full-time job searching, I continued to volunteer weekly as an English tutor at my church, began and completed a finance course at Poway Community College, and helped my husband open a new surfing supplies shop in suburban San Diego. Most who leave do so, like me, for deeply personal reasons and no doubt find their decision to be one of the hardest they have ever faced.

      I would like to devote this optional essay to explaining my reason for leaving medical school. So I could find my answer to that question, I was granted a one-year leave from medical school at the end of my second year. My three and a half years at Mercury were a valuable learning experience for me, but by early I had reached the point where the learning and challenge were beginning to decelerate.

      Moreover, stepping back, I recognized that my consulting job was not as rewarding as I wanted because I rarely got the chance to implement my ideas across the full life cycle of an engagement. Just as important, I had learned that the engagements I most enjoyed were for high-tech clients like RazorsEdge, NeonThrust Group, and, above all, 1—2—3-Go. My supervisor is quite pleased with my work, but my projects have not advanced sufficiently for him to comment meaningfully on my performance. Moreover, my supervisors at Marathon Oil and Cascade Aeronautics worked with me closely on multiple projects extending over my two years with each firm.

      Thus they are in a much better position to comment authoritatively on my performance and potential. Second, I wanted to choose recommenders who would show the Cornell admissions committee my ability to perform successfully in varied industries.