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Kinderszenen, Op. Clara Haskil. Kuriose Geschichte. Bittendes Kind. Wichtige Begebenheit. Am Kamin. Ritter com Steckenpferd. Fast zu ernst.

Waldszenen, Op.82 (Schumann, Robert)

Kind im Einschlummern. Der Dichter spricht. Waldszenen, Op.

Einsame Blumen. Verrufene Stelle. Freundliche Landschaft. Vogel als Prophet.

Franz Vorraber - Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann - Kinderszenen Op. Kuriose Geschichte Clara Haskil. Hasche-Mann Clara Haskil. Bittendes Kind Clara Haskil. Wichtige Begebenheit Clara Haskil. Am Kamin Clara Haskil.

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Ritter com Steckenpferd Clara Haskil. Fast zu ernst Clara Haskil. Abschied, from Waldszenen Opus Kuriose Geschichte, from Kinderszenen Opus Hasche-Mann, from Kinderszenen Opus Bittendes Kind, from Kinderszenen Opus Wichtige Begebenheit, from Kinderszenen Opus Am Kamin, from Kinderszenen Opus Ritter vom Steckenpferd, from Kinderszenen Opus Fast zu ernst, from Kinderszenen Opus Kind im Einschlummern, from Kinderszenen Opus Der Dichter spricht, from Kinderszenen, Opus Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes.

The radiant and vibrant charater characteristic of the Mediterranean temperament is softened in him by a fresher and more intimate tone. His repertoire extends from 18th century music to that of our time.

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He has intensively studied the piano music of Schubert,Chopin, Mozart and Brahms. With extraordinary melody sense and first-rate piano-touch, Franco Di Nitto expands his musical activities. The difficulties of "Einsame Blumen" Solitary Flowers lie in maintaing balance between the two distinct voices in the right hand; otherwise, it is simple and melodic.

The best-known and most striking piece of the set is "Vogel als Prophet" The Prophet Bird ; its cross-relations, incomplete melodies, and extreme delicacy of texture create a weirdly beautiful atmosphere. Rapidly repeated triplet chords both lend the piece rhythmic drive and pose a substantial technical challenge. The concluding "Abschied" Farewell is a touching song without words.

The Waldszenen may rightly be regarded as Schumann's last really fine keyboard work. The decline in the composer's mental and emotional capacities in ensuing years led him to redirect his energies largely toward the compilation and revision of earlier works rather than the production of new music. As a result, the Kinderszenen have long been staples of the repertoire as utterly charming yet substantial miniatures, the sort of compact keyboard essays in which Schumann's genius found full expression.

In March of that year, Schumann wrote to Clara, "I have been waiting for your letter and have in the meantime filled several books with pieces You once said to me that I often seemed like a child, and I suddenly got inspired and knocked off around 30 quaint little pieces I selected several and titled them Kinderszenen. You will enjoy them, though you will need to forget that you are a virtuoso when you play them.

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Album for the Young, Op. Schumann claimed that the picturesque titles attached to the pieces were added as an afterthought in order to provide subtle suggestions to the player, a model Debussy followed decades later in his Preludes. Almost all of the Kinderszenen are miniature ternary ABA forms. Scene No. The Kinderszenen contain many delicate musical touches; Scene No.

Robert Schumann: Forest Scenes

In the final piece, "Der Dichter spricht" The Poet Speaks , Schumann removes himself just a bit from the indulgent reverie to formulate a narrator's omniscient view of the child. Quietly, gently, the many moods and feelings that Schumann touched upon over the course of this remarkable minute work are lovingly recalled, and the composition concludes, contentedly, in the same key of G major in which it began. Log in to write a review.

The very clear sound ,full of romance ,poetry and sensibility of Franco Di Nitto make us dream a perfect world of harmony. I think the pianist is one of the most important of our days.

Waldszenen, Op. 82: No. 1, Eintritt