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We know automation and system integration, and have deep experience in designing industrial controls for a variety of applications. We seek out and retain the best, most insightful engineers in our field. Many of our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest automation and industry advances, and proactively builds upon our skillset each year as new and exciting advances in technology and programming become available.

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The following is a summary of the five trends in NI Trend Watch Now, smart and connected "things" give companies opportunities for increased performance and lower costs, but managing these distributed systems is often an overlooked challenge. Companies across all industries are adopting a new breed of disruptive platforms and ecosystems that will transform businesses into engines of innovation and growth by taking advantage of intelligent technologies.

With IIoT technologies, they can harness the benefits of these state-of-the-art platforms to ultimately reduce maintenance costs and improve asset utilization. To successfully manage an IIoT strategy, companies must manage data, software configuration, and remote systems.

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It promises an experience that many consumers are hungry for: faster data, shorter network response times lower latency , instant access anywhere and everywhere, and the capacity for billions of devices. Though test and measurement solutions will be key in the commercialization cycle, 5G is set to disrupt test processes because it requires a different approach to test than previous generations of wireless technologies. A platform-based approach that is flexible and software-configurable will be essential to the development of this ecosystem.

Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation

As previous architectural leaps, such as multicore processors, have shown, the keys to riding the wave are the software tools and frameworks that leverage the diversifying computing elements. Ten years ago, a fully-mechanical coupling between the steering wheel and the front wheels was common.

Address: Tietotie 3 Mon—Fri 8. Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation. Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation The Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, in short EEA, is an ecosystem where scientists and engineers from different fields of microsystems, electrical engineering and automation work together to solve the most challenging scientific problems in the fields of energy and environment, as well as health and wellbeing.

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We offer excellent education and top-quality research conditions. Research The research focus areas of the EEA department are power systems and conversion, control, robotics and autonomous systems, well-being and a smart living environment, industrial electronics and informatics. Automatic control The research done by the automatic control group is based on a firm knowledge of system theory, control engineering, simulation methods, optimisation methods, numerical algorithms, and so forth.

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Autonomous systems The group's research focuses on heavy duty semiautonomous machines and mobile robotics, mainly in agriculture and forestry. Bionic and Rehabilitation Engineering Bionic and Rehabilitation Engineering BaRE research group investigates engineering techniques for human-machine interfacing in order to support, augment and rehabilitate human motor function. Computational electromechanics The research in our group is focused on the numerical modelling of coupled problems that occur in magnetic materials and especially electrical steel sheets used to construct electrical machines.

Defense electronics The Defence electronics research group concentrates on military radar hardware, related design, modelling and measuring concepts and field experiments. Distributed and Networked Control Systems We are now witnessing an explosion in networked systems: everything is connected and massive amounts of devices are required to be coordinated. Electric drives Electric drives play an important role, e. Electromagnetics in Health Technology The group develops computational methods for multi-physics modelling of the human body. Electromechanics The Research Group of Electromechanics conducts scientific research and gives highest education in the field of electromagnetic energy converters.

Electronics integration and reliability The research in the Electronics integration and reliability unit is strongly multidisciplinary by nature. Environmental electronics The group develops methods and instrumentation for environmental studies. Health technology The work of the group focuses on non-invasive monitoring of body, especially cardiovascular system, body composition and cognitive functions. Industrial and power electronics Our research and innovation efforts on industrial and power electronics are taking place at three complementary levels: algorithms, methods, and applications.

Information Technologies in Industrial Automation The group's research focuses on the engineering of software-intensive automation systems. Intelligent robotics Intelligent Robotics group performs research in robotics, computer vision and machine learning. Robotic Instruments Robotic Instrumets group develops miniature robotic instruments and related technologies. Microsystems Technology Microsystems technology, as defined by our group, is a truly multidisciplinary research area. Sensor informatics and medical technology Research of the group focuses to sensor informatics, adaptive signal processing, and data fusion systems especially for medical applications.

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Smart building technologies and services The aim of the group is to advance research and teaching within smart buildings. Latest news. See all. University Published: Science and technology entertained three generations on Family Day The Family Day event introduced hundreds of families to electrical engineering.