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Of course the entire team was present to work the case which I loved. These two guys, Jenkinson and Reineke are really growing on me. They both add a bit of color to the team. My heart broke for Eve but then there was Mr. This guy melts my heart almost as much as Roarke does. View all 21 comments. Sep 18, Julia rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , , death , police-procedural , murder-mystery , it-was-amazing , jd-robb , 5-star , sexual-abuse. I love this whole series. There was some humor in this book Peabody and her loose pants , but not as much as in previous books.

Aside from the murder-mystery, I think the focus was more on Eve's relationship with the Dr. That being said, once I understood where the story I love this whole series. That being said, once I understood where the story line was going I thought the subject matter was a little rough. I was more than sympathetic toward the perpetrator and could certainly understand the motive for committing such crimes, and I had zero compassion for the murder victims. View 1 comment. Full review to come later because I'm moving into the next book View 2 comments.

This time the murder case was particularly brutal and a difficult one for Eve that made her relive her traumatic past. Knowing the horror Eve endured and survived as a child made this even more disturbing and emotional. But Roarke, Peabody, and Mr. Mira were there to support her, lend their strength, and to help her stand tough and strong, as always.

Mira gently comforting Eve when she broke down while telling him about her abusive past was so touching, tender, and heartbreaking. And I wanted the women to get justice and find peace. Robb handled it really well. Also, the timing and relevancy of reading this book really struck me. And far too often justice is not just or served, especially when it comes to powerful, wealthy white men in power. First of all, thank you, Nora Roberts, for being consistently amazing.

Getting the latest J. Robb book is practically a holiday in my house. No more than six months pass between her books, and yet somehow they always seem like an eternity. Honestly, what could be better than a series that keeps on being awesome, even after 42 installments? I know these characters inside and out, but more importantly, Nora knows them too, which means they are always, unfailingly, true First of all, thank you, Nora Roberts, for being consistently amazing. I know these characters inside and out, but more importantly, Nora knows them too, which means they are always, unfailingly, true to themselves.

In Death #42: Brotherhood in Death

High praise from someone who gets bored easily that I never, ever got even close to being tired of Eve and Roarke. Quite the opposite, each new book leaves me craving more and going back to reread my favorites just to feel close to them a while longer. Charlotte Mira. The two have such a significant moment in this book, one of appreciation and true friendship. It made me melt a little, and tear up at the beauty of it. Eve finally feels secure enough to rely on people other than Roarke.

It was a slow process, so very difficult at times, but now that we see the person she was always meant to be, all of it seems somehow more manageable. The crimes in this book are more violent, more vicious than usual.

Review: Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb ~ Wit and Sin

Trust Nora to find ways to shake us to the core. I love that her murders are rarely black and white. She prefers the gray areas, and she especially enjoys making us sympathize with the killers. This is not a review, per se. One of the best in this series! I absolutely love the In Death series. Whenever a new one comes out, it seems the whole world just takes a back seat. I'm just glad I don't have a job or kids.

It just brings the text to life. This is one of the few series where I insist on the audiobook. Next is the characters. Next is the wor One of the best in this series! Next is the world Robb has created. The technologies, the societal changes, etc, I really enjoy the future New York City that this author has created.

Finally is the excellent story and plots that the author comes up with. The suspense and the romance is wonderful. Now, this book in particular is a wonderful addition.

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This is actually the 20th year of the series and I think Robb is putting in reflections back to the original trilogy in the books this year. I noticed several little "Easter eggs" in this book. This book also highlights a very enjoyable character, Dennis Mira, husband of the profiler Dr Charlotte Mira. Can't wait for the next book View all 4 comments.

Jan 06, Heather rated it really liked it. Eve is her curmudgeonly self, but her friends help to bring her out of herself. She and Roarke have dark pasts that get brought up. We know roughly what to expect from the books, but that still leaves plenty of room for different types of crime and different routes to it. Sometimes the whodunit is the issue, sometimes the how or why. Sometimes they have all those details and are focused on proving guilt or catching the obvious guilty party.

The victims are high-profile, and Eve and Roarke live in that world now. Eve ends up exploring her friendship with both of the Miras and particularly Dennis. It begins to look like an entire group of friends is being targeted for revenge. To those who need to know ahead of time: there is some dark sexual material here as well as torture.

As usual Eve and Roarke have wild, semi-abstracted sex. The prose is purple here, but it suits the milieu and the relationship. I quite enjoyed Brotherhood in Death, and it leaves me wanting more. Jan 27, Nariko rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-suspense. Without even reading it, the book automatically gets 5 stars just 'cause Dennis Mira's in it.

UPDATE: Should have known better than to read the book before going to bed-- couldn't put it down until I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Jun 23, Jina Bazzar rated it really liked it. Romance — check. Action — check. Great visualization — check. Humor — check. Dark — check. Yes, it ticks all the boxes, hence the reason I've read 42 books in the series so far. Book 42 and no signs of becoming redundant. These guys just keep catching the perps and cracking jokes.

I love this cast of characters. Always :. Oct 01, Ann Lou rated it it was amazing. I feel like I've had an emotional upheaval while reading this installment. Powerful, influential, wealthy men are murdered in this installment. The method indicates sexual retribution and cold blooded revenge. What they did for brotherhood was inhuman.

Disgusting excuse for human beings. It maybe wrong but I was rooting for the killers in this one. I feel so much hate for the bastards. Thank the stars for Eve and her metaphors. It lighten up the story a bit. They're idle when you're sleeping -- does he set up shop then? Are we are supposed to stay awake using our hands so the devil doesn't make stuff? What if you broke your hand? Is he doing his workshop thing while you're waiting to have it fixed? View all 7 comments.

Mar 13, Anastasia rated it it was amazing Shelves: audible , aussie-crime-lovers-challenge. Brotherhood in Death by J. Robb is book 42 in the In Death series. Dennis Mira walks in on an attack on his cousin in his old family home and is himself knocked out and when he wakes up and finds his cousin missing, he calls in Lieutenant Eve Dallas to investigate.

Another fabulous book in the series.

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This time we find out more about Dennis Mira who has mainly had minor appearances in the past. I loved the ceremony when Trueheart receives his detectives shield and I enjoyfollowing the lives of Brotherhood in Death by J. I loved the ceremony when Trueheart receives his detectives shield and I enjoyfollowing the lives of the various characters. Oct 17, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: criminal-mystery.

Robb began publishing this series 21 years ago, yet her characters have only aged three years during that time. I wish I could say the same about myself. But just as there's no stopping time in real life, there's no going back in time, except through memories which this 42nd book in the series stirs up in Eve, and not good ones, at that. Fans of this series get to know Dennis Mira from the inside out. Up until now, he's played a very minor role in the series, a sweet befuddled and J.

Up until now, he's played a very minor role in the series, a sweet befuddled and disheveled man, married to the compassionate, competent, and classy Dr. Eve Dallas. Dennis has remained a mystery man for years, seemingly benign, absentminded, and good-natured. But here in this book, the reader learns he's fiercely loyal, intelligent, upstanding, as compassionate as his wife--and nobody's fool. He's planned a surprise meeting with his cousin, Senator Edward Mira, who wants to sell their paternal grandfather's home which the two cousins inherited and swore to keep in the family.

Dennis and Edward have equal shares in the ownership, but Dennis refusing to sell and the legalities involved don't seem to matter to Edward whom Dennis finds bloodied and battered in their ancestral home just seconds before someone knocks Dennis out from behind. Eve Dallas, head of homicide--no matter that a homicide hasn't occurred yet. Everyone hopes it stays that way. Eve has a soft spot for Dennis, so this makes investigating his assault difficult, though that is only the beginning as she uncovers some painful truths about his missing cousin.

But Eve stands for all victims, no matter what she learns about them, even if they are victimizers. And she must help put away victimizers even if she learns they were victims.

Brotherhood in Death

It's a slippery slope she must walk, however clear the law is that she must uphold, and however much her own history might intrude on the investigation. She never lets it interfere in her carrying out justice for all. This story, which takes place in , with all the futuristic gadgets that make it a fun series to read, is not a fun read, in general.

There is romance and humor, as always. And some touching scenes between Eve and Roarke, Eve and Charlotte Mira, and one between Eve and Dennis Mira that left my throat tight and my eyes misting up. But the violence, graphic and all of it off page, was of a particularly brutal variety. So be prepared as Eve and her team work around the clock and against the clock to prevent more of the same.

My only real complaints about this book are the one dimensional villains and the story being a bit draggy in the middle. Oh, and not enough page time for Summerset. When will he get his own story? This book gives me hope since Dennis finally got his. Until next time. Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: audio. It was a solid installment with only a few small problems. But my love for this series continues.

And I look forward to the next installment. It was heavy. I hope the next murder doesn't have rape as its focus.

This one was defiantly a cry fest compared to the other in the series. The crime in this one was an emotionally sensitive one Ugh my heart! I'm always happy to read a new In Death book, this time around was no different, although I was a bit leery because it looked like Dennis Mira was going to be in it a lot. He's such a gentle soul that I didn't want anything bad to befall him.

Dennis Mira's part in the story was marginal, but done in a way to bring Eve in. It was interesting to see Eve have to deal with Mr. Mira in a professional way. You could tell that she didn't want to, but needed to do her job. Best was how Mr. Mira did his I'm always happy to read a new In Death book, this time around was no different, although I was a bit leery because it looked like Dennis Mira was going to be in it a lot. Mira did his best to make Eve comfortable, which of course made her uncomfortable.

I really didn't expect this case to go where it did, nor did I expect it to hit too close to home for Eve. It was great that she had a great support system in Roarke, Peabody and even Summerset. But the best scene in the book was when Eve revealed her past to Mr. His gentle way to listen and comfort her brought tears to my eyes. I'm torn with the supposed "bad guys". The crime was a gray area for me.

Did I think they did wrong, yes, but did I understand why they did it yes, was part of me cheering them on, I have to say yes there too. The requisite fight between Eve and Roarke made me laugh as both were right and both were wrong. It was fun to see them work it out and both stating "I'm not apologizing" and come to a good place after. The OverDrive Read format of this ebook has professional narration that plays while you read in your browser.

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