Guide Damaged Goods?: Women Living With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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It makes the most explicit links that I have seen between sexually transmitted disease and how women construct and reconstruct their sexual selves and does so in an engaging, accessible way.

Nack's emphasis on how these women see themselves as sexual beings is particularly strong. She advances the literature in this area. Convert currency.

Adina Nack

Add to Basket. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Damaged Goods adds to our knowledge of how women are affected by living with chronic STDs and reveals the stages of their sexual- self transformation. From the anxiety of being diagnosed with an STD to issues of blame and shame, Nack-herself diagnosed with a cervical HPV infection-shows why these women feeling that they are udamaged goods,u question future relationships, marriage, and their ability to have healthy children.

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She thinks to herself: How could this have happened to me? I'm not a slut: I've only had sex with three guys and always used condoms. I talked with both my ex-boyfriends and current boyfriend before we ever had sex—they told me about their sexual histories and sexual health. Is it possible to get a disease even when you're using condoms? A series of scary questions runs through her mind. Do I have warts, too? How could I?


My last annual gynecological exam was less than six months ago, and my Pap smear results were normal. Wouldn't my doctor have noticed if I had warts?

Infectious Diseases A-Z: Sexually transmitted infections on the rise

Could I have warts that are so. An unknown error has occurred. Recommended for academic libraries serving that population as well as public health libraries.

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This work will interest sexual health educators, feminists, women's health specialists, and scholars who integrate qualitative methodology into their research. Summing Up: Recommended.

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  • It is clear she immersed herself in understanding the process of what one goes through before, during, and after being diagnosed with an incurable STD Another strength of the book is the way she frames women's experiences in the context of the stages of sexual transformation This book offers the unique perspective of women living with chronic STDs, and provides information that would be invaluable to clinicians, educators, and policy makers.

    T his study certainly provides us with an excellent framework for understanding the lives of women living with HPV.


    Nack highlights how sexual health discourse furthers gender subordination and other social norms in an accessible and exciting manner. In bringing together issues of chronic illness, gender and sexuality, Damaged Goods? Read Adina Nack's blog on girlwithpen.