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Island of the Doomed

At the center of the island is a poisonous lagoon, where a strange fish swims in circles and devours anything in its path. As we are taken into the lives of each castaway, it becomes clear that Dagerman's true subject is the nature of horror itself. Island of the Doomed is a chilling profile of terror and guilt and a stunning exploration - written under the shadow of the Nuremberg Trials - of the anxieties of a generation in the postwar nuclear age.

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Island of the Doomed

Among the many works he wrote during his tragically short life is his classic, German Autumn Minnesota, Island of the Doomed is a novel as dark and macabre as any of the work of the great playwright [Strindberg]. In Island of the Doomed , Dagerman bombards the reader with a nonstop flood of imagery coupled with detailed realistic descriptions that sometimes pass over into Surrealism. Close analysis of the imagery shows that he was consistently in complete intellectual control of what he was writing.

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Finally, the writings of Swedish author Stig Dagerman are becoming more available in the English language. Read the full article.

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Blogcritics book review: Island of the Doomed by Stig Dagerman. For Dante hell was a series of descending circles, for Sartre it was a room without exit, for Stig Dagerman it is a deserted island on which seven shipwrecked survivors find themselves stranded waiting for death. Egyptian writer awarded Stig Dagerman prize. Egyptian writer and human rights activist Nawal El Saadawi receives the Stig Dagerman prize, given annually to an organisation or writer working to protect and promote free speech.

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