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Or, check my guide to Spanish food. No waiter is going to slap you! Here are a few common expressions to get you started:. Better yet, get your own! If you have neither cigarette nor lighter, then you may be asked for money. Leave new blerina 23rd August pm I think something like….

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Survival Spanish 11th July Rob. New to Spanish? Download our free beginner pack Get your Spanish off to the best possible start with our free starter pack , including: 95 first phrases you need to know Easy memorisation with an exclusive flashcards download , including audio, via Quizlet PDF and MP3 downloads of all phrases.

Greetings and pleasantries feel free to skip! Getting someone to do something You can put together the following construction to build a phrase which is probably the most common way to ask for something. You probably want to show your map at this point. Nos pones dos cervezas!

You put us two beers! Meaning: Can I have the menu, please. Leave new. Like English, Spanish has an enormous number of words for different colours, including obscure and fancy words azure , fuschia that almost never get used. Here are the most important ones you should know:. What other Spanish words or phrases do you think would be useful on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country?

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Let me know in the comments. And finally One of the best ways to learn a new language is with podcasts. Read more about how to use podcasts to learn a language. Months in Spanish January — enero February — febrero March — marzo April — abril May — mayo June — junio July — julio August — agosto September — septiembre October — octubre November — noviembre December — diciembre Like days of the week, month names in Spanish are also not capitalised.

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Colours in Spanish Like English, Spanish has an enormous number of words for different colours, including obscure and fancy words azure , fuschia that almost never get used. George is a polyglot, linguistics nerd and travel enthusiast from the U.

He speaks four languages and has dabbled in another five, and has been to more than forty countries. He currently lives in London. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.

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Email Address What language are you learning? Click here to see the comments! Music and TV for homework? She speaks seven languages Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Serbo-Croatian with perfect or almost perfect accents because she used music, TV, radio and movies to supplement her language [ Luck of the Irish? Or can anyone can learn to be lucky? I'm Benny — a long-term world-traveller, I speak several languages, work my own hours at a job I like, have many interesting adventures, meet lots of cool people nearly all the time and am a generally happy and positive guy.

There's only one way all of this can be possible, right? I must just [ One of the surest ways to become disillusioned with learning a language is to focus on one resource alone.

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