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Leibniz was a strong advocate of the binary number system. Binary numbers are ideal for machines because they require only two digits, which can easily be represented by the on and off states of a switch. When computers became electronic, the binary system was particularly appropriate because an electrical circuit is either on or off. This meant that on could represent true, off could represent false, and the flow of current would directly represent the flow of logic. Leibniz was prescient in seeing the appropriateness of the binary system in calculating machines, but his machine did not use it.

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Instead, the Step Reckoner represented numbers in decimal form, as positions on position dials. Even decimal representation was not a given: in Samuel Morland invented an adding machine specialized for British money—a decidedly nondecimal system. With other activities being mechanized, why not calculation? In Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar of France effectively met this challenge when he built his Arithmometer , the first commercial mass-produced calculating device. It could perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and, with some more elaborate user involvement, division.

Calculators such as the Arithmometer remained a fascination after , and their potential for commercial use was well understood. Many other mechanical devices built during the 19th century also performed repetitive functions more or less automatically, but few had any application to computing. There was one major exception: the Jacquard loom , invented in —05 by a French weaver, Joseph-Marie Jacquard. The Jacquard loom was a marvel of the Industrial Revolution. A textile-weaving loom, it could also be called the first practical information-processing device.

The loom worked by tugging various-coloured threads into patterns by means of an array of rods. By inserting a card punched with holes, an operator could control the motion of the rods and thereby alter the pattern of the weave. Moreover, the loom was equipped with a card-reading device that slipped a new card from a prepunched deck into place every time the shuttle was thrown, so that complex weaving patterns could be automated.

What was extraordinary about the device was that it transferred the design process from a labour-intensive weaving stage to a card-punching stage. Once the cards had been punched and assembled, the design was complete, and the loom implemented the design automatically. The Jacquard loom, therefore, could be said to be programmed for different patterns by these decks of punched cards. For those intent on mechanizing calculations, the Jacquard loom provided important lessons: the sequence of operations that a machine performs could be controlled to make the machine do something quite different; a punched card could be used as a medium for directing the machine; and, most important, a device could be directed to perform different tasks by feeding it instructions in a sort of language—i.

It is not too great a stretch to say that, in the Jacquard loom, programming was invented before the computer.

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JavaScript 3. Progressive Web App 4. Single Page Application 5. Mobile-Friendly Website 6. Motion UI 7. Blockchain Technology 8. Cybersecurity is here, and it promises to bring with it fresh ideas, modern innovations and new initiatives in web development we deserve; from the current developments on AI through Machine Learning to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency influencing the global economy.

Indeed, when it comes to technology, everything is so variable and unpredictable. Now and then, advancement and breakthroughs surprise us and shift our world. The digital revolution continues to set trends and tempt us with new technologies that developers and programmers everywhere will be crazy about. AI or Bots Artificial intelligence AI is the intelligence displayed by machines to mimic human intelligence and perform cognitive functions like the ability to learn, collect data, analyze information, understand emotions or solve challenging problems.

The need for AI-enabled communication, multi-task automation, and analytics solutions will become more prevalent this year. Their evolutions empowered the omnichannel for digital customer experience and guaranteed consistency across voice, chat, messaging and websites. With the help of Machine Learning ML development and Artificial Neural Network ANN researches and studies, AI might achieve its coveted goals — to successfully simulate genuine human empathy and demonstrate commonsense knowledge.

JavaScript JavaScript is still the most popular language for the last six years, and it continues to develop according to Stack Overflow report. The evolution of its frameworks, libraries, and designs for the past years proved that it has lots to offer in the market. Our learning platform equips developers with the most sought-after tech skills and helps them stand out on the job market. These modern web applications load like regular web pages or websites but have a high level of functionality. PWA ensures an instant, independence and reliable experience of users without cache issues.

On top of that, PWA is user-friendly, installable and hassle-free which enhances the existing web technologies—thanks to its service workers and other built-in features. It can be shared via a URL and can re-engage users with web push notifications. It boosts performance, minimize interruptions due to page reloading and decreases web development time by responding to navigation actions without creating a request to fetch new HTML from the server side. Why is SPA well liked? Most recent developments on SPA are based on React and Angular frameworks that make it practical and suitable for hybrid apps.

Mobile-Friendly Website Mobile-friendly websites are websites that work well on smartphones. They use touch controls and can fit on small screens for quick navigation. Furthermore, they load fast due to their fantastic features which reduce data entry. Although hardware and user-interface are different between desktops and mobile devices, many companies adopted the strategy to start digital traffic and increase their website marketability.

And it is expected to pass the five billion mark by according to Statistica. Motion UI With a great demand for interactive web design, Motion UI will still be trending this year for its dynamic graphics, amazing animation and real impacts on usability. Motion UI is a sustainable library that allows the seamless transition effects on the user interface.

And from it, the Blockchain Technology emerges which heyday is still evident nowadays. Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger, notorious for its secured design, decentralized consensus, and modified-resistance blocks. Now, we issue verifiable graduation certificates on the BitCoin blockchain that ensures valid status.

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Cybersecurity Ever since data breaches, cyber threats, website hacking, and data theft are the terrible menace that lurks on the darkest shadows of technological advancement and scientific progression, and will be no exemption. Cybersecurity or information technology security IT security is the computer protection systems against theft, service disruption or misdirection as well as on hardware, software or electronic data damages.

With that in mind, individuals, companies, communities, and industries need to strengthen their security system to protect their private info, servers, and databases. Therefore, tenacious solutions are necessary to battle the cyber challenges of the contemporary world.

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The Future is NOW The web development industry is doing a great job coming up with new frameworks, design trends, and mobile web app developments to satisfy the incessant demands and expectations of mankind. And despite some setbacks and flaws, it continues to thrive, flourish and improve. And for those who are planning to change their job or career, try web programming—its fun, challenging and worth exploring.