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A Question of Loyalty

Both attained the largest market share but of the two companies, one has experienced a loyalty envied by religious leaders and politicians alike. And at whose alter do Millennials bow before as apostles of the brand the most? Both Apple and Samsung have their brand ambassadors. The technological professional that does not want to be bound by limiting operating systems and hardware silos.

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  • A QUESTION OF LOYALTY: Gen. Billy Mitchell and the Court-Martial That Gripped the Nation.

Apples followers will tell you that their ilk is a cut above the rest. Valuing both design and functionality, an Apple bearer is ahead of the trends and is more creative than your average joe-Android. In our latest survey of Canadian Millennials—the Canadian Millennials Report is the largest reoccurring Millennial study in Canada—Abacus asked them about their mobile devices. The gender breakdown of these brands is unique. The iPhone loyalist are more likely to be women by a factor of 1.

The interesting numbers come up when we look at third-party cellphones like Google, Lenovo, or Huawei. We were also curious to see if geographical location had any effect on brand adoption. Overall, phone preference across Canada is pretty much the same. Apple and Samsung dominate in most provinces except New Brunswick where there is a three way race between the big two and third-party companies.

Third-party devote were just as likely as Samsung users to be atheist. While the rest of us were cleaning and checking equipment, Dean and his Soldiers blew it off and cut out early to go out; he had not even sub-hand receipted everything for which he was signed and had pencil-whipped all of the inspections. While sitting in my office, I told Dean I would help him get his paperwork in order and try to help him get his equipment in order. I added that I would have to think about giving him some of my items so he could pass the inspection. I would get back to him in a week. During the next week, I avoided Dean while thinking about what he had asked me to do.

I was angry he had put me in such a predicament and disappointed in him that he had allowed this situation to develop. Finally, I thought of how he had failed his Soldiers, fellow officers, and himself.

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What should I do? On Friday, I went up to Dean and explained I could not lend him my equipment but reiterated I would help in any other way possible. I think he understood. In the remaining weeks leading up to the inspection. Dean and I managed to find some of the missing items. He and his Soldiers worked every weekend and the place started to shape up.

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  5. Still, there were big gaps In his inventory list When the time for the change-of-command inventory came around. As a result of his failure to oversee and protect Army items. Dean was soon out of his job as a motor officer. Dean received a 'center-of-mass' rating and was placed in the Battalion S3 office where he was given the opportunity to excel. Dean did well In his new lob and re-eamed the respect of his peers, supenors.

    I'm glad he straightened himself out. Ethical dilemma at the time of the incident: I knew Dean's plan would probably work. I knew our careers would be over if we were caught word travels fast in the Army, and it's hard to keep secrets. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Question of Loyalty , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about A Question of Loyalty. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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    Sort order. Sep 08, Christine H rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Grade 7 and 8 students.

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    Shelves: ya-lit. I don't think I would have ever chosen to read A Question of Loyalty if my Grade 8 class weren't reading it, but once I got past the first chapter, I found myself compelled to find out how it ends. In general, the writing is fast paced and uses the Mackenzie rebellions well as a background for the story. The first chapter is a bit slow for me -- personal preference, probably, about not liking chase scenes --, but the rest of the chapters build up towards the resolution quite nicely.

    The Great Detective - A Question of Loyalty

    The confli I don't think I would have ever chosen to read A Question of Loyalty if my Grade 8 class weren't reading it, but once I got past the first chapter, I found myself compelled to find out how it ends. The conflict that Barbara goes through is one that many teenagers can appreciate. I hope the novel helps intermediate students develop their sense of community and their personal code of ethics. It was a great, quick read that students will enjoy reading maybe especially for the glimpse of the history of Toronto and the Niagara region. Apr 02, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: canadian-content , read-in , homeschooling , read-aloud.

    Short and snappy. A great book to bring to life the complex landscape of rebellion - the action isn't in the rebellion itself, but in dealing with the rebels. I liked that this book was more about people than history, because it made the book really resonate on an emotional level. That's where a read aloud has real educational value, when the facts meet emotions and give the brain something to hold onto. Don't get me wrong, the history is still there, but the main rebel in the story isn't in the Short and snappy.

    Don't get me wrong, the history is still there, but the main rebel in the story isn't in the heart of the rebellion, he's on the periphery, caught in the currents of the whirlpool. We learn about the rebellion and the issues that it created, absolutely. But we also learn about daily chores, and how women feel when their menfolk are called away to be part of the militia, and we get to the heart of a rebellion: your friends, your neighbors, your people, are suddenly no longer a rock on which you can depend.

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    You can't take loyalty for granted. And what does loyalty mean? Unlike many books set in history for young people, this book lets the characters have histories that drive their actions. The clearances of the Scottish highlands, the war of , these 'recent' historical facts play into the choices characters make in this book. As a reader I think it's wonderful, but as a homeschooler, I love it because it ties together several things we are learning about.

    Greenwood wrote a good book here. Short and full of tension. Human and yet full of sweeping history. I highly recommend it for homeschoolers. I honestly adored this book. I'm a girl that is a big fan of epic romances, some of my favourite books being Divergent and The Demon King, but this book contained an element so sweet that it became a book that I've read over and over again.

    It may not lived up to the gut wrenching romances often found in the young adult genre, but it is worth reading because of the innocent love it exemplifies. Nov 19, Christine Stobbe rated it liked it. This book had its intriguing moments and its slow moments. I would have liked to have seen the historical aspects developed more fully within the story itself though the historical note at the back was helpful.

    The war to end all wars:

    It gave an accurate portrayal of women and their limitations at the time, but in so doing, it frequently prevented the main character, Deborah, from participating engagingly in the action. Lots of conversation in the kitchen and verbal relating of action scenes rather than involvement i This book had its intriguing moments and its slow moments.

    Lots of conversation in the kitchen and verbal relating of action scenes rather than involvement in them made it hard to connect with many of the characters and really delve into the story. My twelve-year-old son was not a fan of this book. I enjoyed it well enough and would read it again, preferably after a quick refresher course in the history that the story covers.