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I hope this comment finds you in good health, if you see it. This is such great news George!! But westros, like middle earth, is the remaining civization after the fall of the great civilization. Will be picking it up will there be a kindle version and Audible version at launch? Will keep my fingers crossed for winds next year plenty of other Amazing authors to entertain me till it drops. Please congratulate Archmaester Gyldayn for me. I am so happy to hear that the book will have illustrations throughout, and looking forward to seeing those depictions.

Hey George, super excited about this book! Thank you, thank you, thank you — for the quality you put into your work! Every bit is appreciated! If George R. So vested have I become in the history of Westeros. Thank you for making such a vibrant and immersive world George, I love reading every minute of it! Looking forward to this installation. This is great news! I wish you all the luck in getting that particular monkey off your back. I am working on a story myself, and world building is a bitch.

I was just wondering, is the Targaryen sigil displayed on the cover the new official ones for the books? It looks really cool. George, how long did,you take off from writing The Winds of Winter? Regardless, I am looking forward to reading this. I read an article saying there would be a new book this year but not TWOW. I will admit when I saw that, I was hoping it would be a Dunk and Egg one, but I will enjoy this one, too.

Hi George, as a Targaryen fan, hugely excited about the book. For me, they were the most passionate, or you can say human family in Planetos. Yeah, well I never said timely, but even a book that has taken all these years, and the possible years still to come, to write can be rushed for a reason or another. George, I look forward to this book.

As a fan of Will and Ariel Durant, I enjoy good historian prose. I am sure your training in journalism plays into it. As for the Targaryan history itself, I hope you include hints to the current whereabouts of the swords, Blackfire and Dark Sister. And an author will want the readers to empathize more with the final heroes. I guess it just sucks for some Dany fans like me since she becomes so irredeemable and not just optically which makes perfect sense that death is the only way to redeem her. And who is Danny Flint?

Well, I am a bit disappointed not to see the Winds of Winter this year, but this history sounds like a wonderful thing. Thanks, George! Just lie to us George. I am at the point where I actually want you to lie to me. I promise you I will gobble it up and ask for seconds. I promise. Just try it. Not that you have written something other than Winds before finishing it.

I fully accept that you have every right to persue other interests. But this is a book captilising on the success of a series you have yet to finish. Back then you fully admitted you had to finish the other books first. You have every right to persue other interests but this just feels like a kick in the teeth based on your words above. I was fine with the dunk and egg anthology as that was essentially grouping together stories already written.

I was fine with World of Ice and Fire as it felt more like a small side project. I own both. Part II is another matter, I imagine. Hello George, I do hope you have time to relax in-between writing and doing various performances. You have a dragon on your shoulders. Thank you for having the guts to write. Care to comment on the Doug Wheatley sample illustration? This seems to be a dragonrider attacking a major city — something that did not, in fact, happen in Westerosi history as far as we know.

That would be a nice treat, and help the less obsessed reader to keep all the Aegons in line…. Thank you for your hard work and creativity. I just finished reading the game of thrones series. I am a mother of 2 young children with a full time job as a nurse anesthetist. Getting your books read involved lots of reading into the wee hours of the morning and then propping my eyes open with coffee the following day. I wish you the best of luck with your future writing and encourage you to take care of yourself.

You have given us all a fabulous gift. I myself am greatful for the opportunity to sit up on the wall with you! The only answer I can give is…ah, well, no one is sure yet, and anyway, I am not allowed to say. The wars, or the final war, between Valyria and the Ghiscari Empire would make an epic show. Not to mention a spectacular fight to the death between two superpowers. And everyone would get to see a lot more of the ancient world beyond Westeros at the very height of its glory. So, just wanted to say, well done!

I had really hoped to have TWOW on my bookshelf by the end of this year. And I was hoping to catch up with my favorite characters—the Starks, the Lannisters, their friends, allies, and enemies, the whole lot of them. When does the e-book come out running out of REAL shelf space here! Thanks and the warmest regards for writing such a wonderful series—each character, from the Stark family they remind me a little of the Rostovs in War and Peace! For instance, there is the story of Col. He was taking them away to be incarcerated when he and the princes were surrounded by a crowd.

Perhaps in the spirit of open discussion and hearing every point of view, you will allow this comment through. But I know that this book represents a nother months-long digression from writing a novel which is well-past overdue. I recently read The Armageddon Rag. In it, a novelist character is behind schedule on his latest novel his previous two novels only received lukewarm reviews. When presented with the opportunity to chase a side-project for an old buddy and blow off his publisher and his agent, the novelist jumps at the chance.

At the climax of TAR, the author drives over the Brooklyn Bridge and lets every typed page of his manuscript fly out the window. I would add a caveat. I would say that creativity comes when it comes, but comes more often when working hard to put out pages and less often when procrastinating on everything else that comes by. I see it as unwritten TWOW pages. This is an unfair comment. I see plenty of undeleted criticism above. And then what does he say? Sandy has three moderately successful novels published at the start of the story, not two as you stated.

He is working on his fourth novel, he is stuck on page thirty-seven and he has a deadline looming. He admits each of his subsequent novels has sold less than its predecessor. He knows meeting his deadline is important but when offered an assignment writing a crime feature for a tabloid he used to write for, he accepts the job. However, I saw the book to be about stagnation. His life had become dull.

He felt drawn to his journalistic roots and while working on a crime story, he ignited his writing by finding the inspiration he was seeking. I feel like a lazy slug in comparison. Just read the small battle outside of Deepwood Motte. That chick comes out naked and fighting in the snow. Scene was awesome. Will this be with a dust cover or, like The Word of Ice and Fire, be a hardback book with no dust cover?

I know that you are very busy and that at the end it does little difference, but would you consider giving your fans an update on the progress of WoW? We killed the ancient beasts of the ice age, most likely early rival civilizations of other humanoids… and now we will kill off our jungles, large animals and sea life.

Hopefully we make the right choices. We killed them. Dear mr Martin. As a huge fan of as I recalled from upper text underapreciated Silmarillion, and as a great fan of your books and writting not only from GOT universe, I would like to read about period of First men and Age of Heroes, about Long night, about great figures from this period, about Essos in time of Valyria, Roynars, Andals and before.

Not just hints from Fire and Ice book. With all due respect, you are much better writter than J. It is not all about money and I have everything you ever published both in english and in serbian language. Greetings from Montenegro. Take your time! Whatever you write on westeros will be worth reading. Better with a quality product than a rushed one. Have you ever considered eventually doing stories with Giants and Children of the Forest as PoV characters?

George is not our bitch, to quote Neil Gaiman. Writing a thing so complex must be hard; a many-headed dragon indeed; one filled with layers upon layers upon layers of history to a thousand well-constructed characters and locations, all somehow both diverging and converging into a single stem tree!

Every gargantuan page book is a miracle in itself, and I will forever treat it as such. I am so happy to return to any place and time in Westeros this year, I am most grateful George works day in and out to give us these wondrous experiences. I am sure he can just relax and live a good life if he wants to. The Jean Cocteau Cinema will. Thank you! Dont misunderstand me, in case I ever see a copy of WoW, I am happy to spend money on it.

Have a good writing, George! Lots of people want Targaryen history. And Wild Cards books. Far from it. I finally moved my ass and got around to read a lot of your older stuff — and really liked it! Especially since such editions can then also publish everything in chronological order, etc. I had almost pages of that one written, some great characters, and a good grasp of where the book was going. Some of my early stuff was… well… not so great. So what about finishing off Dunk and Egg before starting this new project?

Last Dunk and Egg story was 8 years ago. Any comment on when the novel was to take place? I remember that I always found the concept alluring to be able to travel backwards and forwards in time through yourself — sort of like viewing your own life the way you have the weirwoods in Westeros view theirs. It is a very interesting idea to be able to do stuff like that but the concept was likely very difficult to make into a good story. And that worked really well there, in my opinion.

Read Fevre Dream late last yeah and oh my god I would love another! Its one of my favorite books :. And Just getting into wild cards now. I hate all the negativity you get it makes me feel for you. Glad you know not everyone is like that! I know, I know, why bother to post any of this negativity? I for one thinks this good news! Respectfully, I must say that comparing this book to the Silmarillion seems a tad preposterous when the story it is based on, ASOIAF, is far from finished.

It just seems unearned on your part to compare yourself to Tolkien before even finishing your series. The book published under that title in the 70s was compiled by his son Christopher and Guy Gavriel Kay. I am aware about the Silmarillion, and have read everything Tolkien related many times. Yet he was never able to complete it during his lifetime.

Not because he did not care, however. Just for the sake of argument, let me point out that many many people invest their time into works without endings. Hello, Mr. Martin, seems you got a new blog that… honestly looks much nicer. I realize this might be a bit off topic, but I was wondering if you were going to be writing, not just editing, but writing for the next Wild Cards book or any near future installments?

How in the world have you not burned yourself out on it in all that time? Anyway, thanks for reading if you see this, hope you have a great time and keep on writing! As with so much else, it is a matter of fitting it into my schedule. So many things I want to write, produce, do… and so few hours in the day. But I have Wild Cards characters I have neglected far too long. She is a desperately wounded character, and those are always challenging to write about. As for the quality of the stories varying… well, of course, that is inevitable whenever you do an anthology.

You are never going to assemble any group of writers who all sound the same and write at the same level. Ideally, though, the story you like best might be the one some other reader likes least, and vice versa. The man is an unstoppable writing machine! He is indeed. I envy his productivity, and I love his books… but we are very different people, and I could never work the way he does. Tolkien did finish the stories that his publishers wanted though.

Oh no, George! The tabloids are going to have a field day taking this comment out of context. Read More Inside! Click Our Page! Perhaps a quick summary of plot points you had planned but were never able to reach, due to Acts of God? The first 5 books of A Song of Ice and Fire collectively are 4, pages.

Publisher Type

AGOT was published in August This does not include the pages he has already written for TWOW hundreds? I assume few would disagree that this story, written from many different viewpoints, is one of the most complex stories ever written. He has gone for the pinnacle. It is the pinnacle because it is very hard to do and not inevitable or guaranteed.

The ambition is mind-blowing. I hope he gets there. Give it a listen. Yes it is. This is a Shakespearean tragedy. I can wait for Winds of Winter. I hate to break it to you, but WordStar 4. Exciting stuff! I love Targaryen history.

City of Screams

I already spend hours and hours reading the Wiki, so having an official history book will be a dream come true. But am I crazy for wanting another Dunk and Egg? The question is when and how I fit it into my schedule. What happened? Did you need to do a lot of re-writing? Did you stop working on the book more or less completely in favor of other projects? Have you started working on A Dream of Spring? Even with all the many other nicer comments, it must hurt.

I really wonder what it must feel like: this huge and diverse crowd that sometimes hurts you looking over your shoulder as you work, some just eager for you to finish a particular task as soon as possible, others curious about your process and craftsmanship…I suspect it must add considerable anxiety and doubt in the rough patches! Though hopefully considerable relief and pride in the smooth patches, too. I believe that you are a master of your craft creating a masterpiece, I believe that there is a resounding consensus about this, and I believe that even during the rough patches you should never doubt this.

When my work is going well — and no, it does not always go well, there are times of trouble — nothing exists for me but the scene I am writing. Publishers, editors, deadlines, readers, fans, none of that matters in the least, all of that is gone.

A History of Limb Amputation | SpringerLink

Only the characters exist. Sometimes this is difficult to explain to readers. And even to other writers, whose approach and temperaments are different. For whatever it may be worth if anything , I just want to express my support for whatever you are working on, be it Winds or not. Either way, I feel quite honored to be traveling along this road with you. You have created something very special to me.

Whether the words of a single fan somewhere out in the world matter at all I cannot say, but despite that I guess I just felt like leaving a comment for once. This is really fascinating to hear you say, George. They do not teach you that in writing classes, do they? The obsessive mind with all its wonders. As an aspiring that dirty word! Forget the Universe, forget your bills, forget your relationship problems, forget the cravings of your reptilian brain, forget everything!

Dream not about your neurotic fears or your secret desires, but about the ordeal your protagonist is passing through. I think I have been there for just a short time, just enough to get a glimpse into that mad and creative flow you are describing. In any case, please forgive them, please forgive us all! I mean, we are almost there with you, your characters so alive that some of us actually wake from dreams about their fate, hanging on a thread.

Like lost family members and dear friends we have not seen for almost a decade, we only know they are in so much danger, and they are very much alive to our mind. Almost as alive as they must be in your mind. So, just forgive us for our childish tantrums. Some people around here might sound entitled, but they are simply too much in love with your creation. Forgive us all for our passion! In the Guardian Interview of , you said you have been tempted to publish it as a novella.

Have you decided to publish it? Just sneakily drop it on the internets in the middle of the night one night and watch the world go crazy! Congrats on the new book! I will buy it the day it goes on sale. As far as the progress you mentioned on TWoW, can you give us some insight on what changed when you thought you were a few months from delivering it to now? Was it just too many irons in the fire or did the writing take an unexpected turn? George, at this point. Could you tell us if the difficulties you are having with TWOW are narrative or inspirational?

It sometimes feels better to vent — so let them. So read these comments with a kind eye — we true book fans have been left with Jon Snow who feels like a true life companion at this point laying in pool of blood for 7 years. But we keep the faith. Martin would approve of trying the works of other authors while he finishes up — as an addition not a replacement for his work. Miles Camerons Red Knight 5 series has lots of Fanstorical flavor in great medieval setting.

Thanks for all your replies so far! Good luck with Winds! Hi George! Or with the Targaryens during the Century of Blood? Thanks and congratulations! As I recall, some of your minions have later been published in their own right. Do you employ any writerly minions now? If not, can I apply? I just wanted to come here and say that I love the fact that your giving us another story in Westeros period.

Everytime I see someone giving you a hard time it makes me a bit upset because I feel as someone that has tried writing from what I have seen it seems we both struggle with similar issues while writing. And not just any book series, Westeros is one of my favorite fantasy worlds of all time to the point that when you announced Fire and Blood was coming in November it made not just my day but my week.

Westeros is a world I think about very frequently to the point that I have installed mods in some games I play a lot to make it Westeros. And I would much rather hear that then find out you rushed from pressure from fans. First of all, I want to thank you for this book. With regard to this book, I am especially curious about Jaehaerys. He seems a very good king…maybe too good to be true? The problem was the way in which the POVS were divided. It is the city of Sarhoy, the great city of the Rhoynar whose destruction at the hands of the Volantenes and three dragonlords caused the great war between the Rhoynar and the Valyrians.

Volantis is at one of the branches, and Sarhoy was at another. Forget what I said, you asked about the ruin east of Volantis. No idea about that one. Sarhoy was to the west. Wonderful idea Your Grace, Sons of the Dragon? The people will love and appreciate that Your Grace. A World of Ice and Fire? The best idea you ever had Your Grace. You need a Davos Seaworth to tell you the hard truth. Your Grace, the people want Winds! Quite a busy post! I also think his endgame is the most difficult to speculate about. Please — Do what you do best. No matter who cries and complains because several long nights have come and gone since the last book.

I have a quick question. Can you tell me if it happen in The Winds of Winter? Is that your roundabout way confirming that Jonsa will indeed happen? Can you tell me if that happens in the Winds of Winter? It would be nice if grrm could clarify that point because the small jonsa faction are not exactly the sharpest bunch out there. In fact while I may not agree with them their theories arent lacking in logic, political reasoning, and in strength — this coming from a lawyer myself, so Im quite used to hearing arguements. Theyre just siblings.

And just a PS: The jonsa faction is hardly small in the fandom, at least when looking at the high number of fics and content. Either that or they crank out high quality works at a very fast rate compared to other ships in the fandom which, by your own ommision, you think has a ton more people. Im excited to see how the series wraps up. I definitely wonder if you ever considered this. They do seem to have similar dreams of the future, regarding kids and rebuilding Winterfell.

And it makes a lot of sense politically with Sansa being the key to the north and Jon possibly being a Targaryen king. George, Do you ever get frustrated at all the criticism and expectations and want to rebel? After 21 years, I recently failed the military weigh-ins. I was so frustrated and over all the stress and anxiety and said screw it and ate a large pizza, 2 cupcakes and some ice cream.

Im just wondering if all the people wanting you to finish the last 2 books ever make you feel like that? I want you to know for every loud critic pressuring you there are many many times more lurking fans that just want you to do you. Forget about the pressure and expectation and create something my grandkids can read and pass down to their grandkids. I love how thorough your stories are and how subtle your clues and foreshadowing are hidden in plain sight.

I support your process! Do I ever get frustrated at all the criticisms? I do try to keep it in proportion, and I realize that there are way way more positive comments than negative. Written by another rather gifted writer about another medieval King and his attempt to take a throne. The writer would have understood your pain.

Another thing to do while waiting for the Winds to blow — go see a prefermonance of Henry V or watch either movie — both great — or get the BBC Hollow Crown either original or latest. At least the St.


I suspect Martin is a fan of Shakespeare. What is the current maximum publishable length of TWOW in a single volume? How did this come to be? Has technology improved in the past decade that allows for larger single volumes? Can you take advantage of this in the future? I think you need someone who knows more than I do about current printing and binding technologies to answer the question. You can always go with smaller print and thinner paper to get a long book into fewer pages, but there are drawbacks.

Look at something like the OED. The font was normal size, they used thinner paper than his previous books, but it was still high quality. Content trumps presentation for mega authors like you at least. Today is my birthday, for real, 1st May, what a birthday gift, writing in your blog! Of course you should split the book in two. Just publish what you have, with or without character POV split. It will a blast, the fans will love it, and it will be one of the best seller of all times! Thank you for your magical work, you rock! The publishers understood it, you are denying it because it means rewriting, replanning etc.

I hope you solve it somehow. We know what the Targaryen arms look like. Just throwing that out there. Hi George, greetings from Argentina. Meanwhile we will enjoy blood and fire. All your work is part of our lives, I was a teenager when I started reading you, today I am an adult who continues to maintain that fascination for the universe that you are creating. I hope is the year that we have winter winds.

I wish you the best. Sorry for my English.