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The Indian diaspora in the United States grew rapidly to 3 million, and these people are among the richest, best-educated ethnic groups in the United States, and hence politically influential, too. The Indian and U. The George W.

Corporations and the Cold War

Bush—Manmohan Singh nuclear deal of was a landmark event. Individuals and corporations have also taken the lead in expanding India's footprint in other countries across the globe. In this area, the initial technology was usually provided by the transnational firm. Here, a division of labor emerged between production done by local industrialists and global marketing done by foreigners. Production of these products was largely in the hands of domestic entrepreneurs or firms, but transnational buying groups played an important role in promoting at least some of the exports.

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The clothing sector was particularly important in the Taipei case since it had been upgraded in the early s under the tutelage of US advisers intent on assuring the production of high quality military uniforms. In the apparel end of textiles, sales to mass marketers, such as K-mart, and subcontracting for foreign brand names, such as Arrow and Jantzen, accounted for a substantial part of production.

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Exports as a percentage of textile production expanded rapidly: The third category, products of footloose industries, involved the evolution of extremely specialized labor intensive processes for manufacturing, including assembly operations. These industries were highly capital as well as technology intensive, embodying the latest technical developments.

By , Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore accounted for nearly half the total manufactured products from the entire less developed world. These countries, known as the four little tigers , had been observed to have extremely close political ties with the home countries of transnational firms, especially the US and Great Britain.

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Still, it has been argued that they should not be treated as special cases. However, CIA officers told him they could keep U. On April 15, , a group of Cuban exiles took off from Nicaragua in a squadron of American B bombers, painted to look like stolen Cuban planes, and conducted a strike against Cuban airfields.

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But it was too late to apply the brakes. Almost immediately, the invasion was a disaster.


Backup paratroopers landed in the wrong place. According to many historians, the CIA and the Cuban exile brigade believed that President Kennedy would eventually allow the American military to intervene in Cuba on their behalf. His efforts to overthrow Castro never flagged—in November , he approved Operation Mongoose, an espionage and sabotage campaign—but never went so far as to provoke an outright war.

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In , the Cuban missile crisis inflamed American-Cuban-Soviet tensions even further. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present.

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Before the break of dawn on April 15, , a squadron of eight B bombers piloted by Cuban exiles roared down a Nicaraguan airstrip on a secret mission. The U.