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Services on board include three buffet meals and a Las Vegas style casino! Bahamas Ferries has car and passenger services from the capital Nassau to destinations on Eleuthera , Exumas , Andros and Abacos. Fast daily ferry services travel between Nassau and most of the main islands. The main connections are:. The latter leaves Nassau at am and arrives in Spanish Wells around am, and is often advertised as a possible daytrip as well.

To add, there are water taxis between Nassau and Paradise Island regularly making the crossings. Several other offshore islands and their neighboring cays are served by private water taxis. Also, there are about 20 mail boats serving many islands, including the Outer Islands further away to the south and southeast. Although less comfortable, they are a great but slow alternative to the normal ferries and water taxis. Because of the fact that Jamaica is not really close to most other Caribbean islands, international services are non-existent.

One option is to board a ferry from the capital Kingston to Port Royal. There is also a ferry between Port Antonio and Navy Island, only just over 5 minutes away from the mainland. There are several domestic ferries travelling between the mainland of Haiti and several islands off the coast. The ferry departs from the Hyatt Regency Canal at am, noon and pm on Mondays - Thursdays, on Friday to Sunday the last one leaves at 6pm. The return times from Rum Point are am, pm and and pm Mondays - Thursdays, on Friday to Sunday the last one is at pm.

There are several options regarding domestic ferry services in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It runs Saturdays from about am through early afternoon. It is a minute ride and carries vehicles. Friday evenings and Sundays crossings are by appointment only. It is passenger only and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. There are 5 daily departures in both directions from Monday to Saturday and 3 on Sundays and holidays. Check current timetables online. There are several domestic services to take in the Dominican Republic. One of those is between Samana and Sabana de la Mar.

Another option is to take one of several ferries in the southeastern part of the country, for example to Saona Island. More islands and national parks can be explored by ferry here.

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The journey takes about 12 hours in both directions. There are ferries between the main island of Puerto Rico and some island to the east. Boats leave Fajardo for the islands of Culebra and Vieques at least four times a day to either island. Every two weeks leaving on a Sunday at pm, there is a fast ferry between Fajardo in Puerto Rico and St.

John and St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. In the opposite direction, boats leave every two weeks on a Thursday at pm from St. John and pm from St. The trip takes about 2 hours and services are with Transportation Services Virgin Islands.

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Passenger ferries operate between St. John Cruz Bay. Car ferry service is available between Redhook, St. Thomas and Cruz Bay, St. There are three independently run car ferries and you only pay for the car, no matter how many passengers there are. There is also a ferry between Christiansted , St. Croix and Charlotte Amalie, St.

Check the website for details. Contact Inter Island Boat Service for these last three international connections by ferry. There are at least 6 operators between several destinations within the British Virgin Islands with many connections on a daily basis. Two of them have services between Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Smith's Ferry now also makes sailings to and from the northern island of Anegada from both Tortola Road Town and Virgin Gorda Spanish Town three times a week in both directions.

Other operators between several islands include North Sound Express and Speedy's. There are two companies offering ferries between Playa del Carmen and the island of Cozumel of the coast of Yucatan. Crossings are about 15 times a day, with very early starting at am and late up to midnight sailings being a possibility to do some long daytrips. There are also ferries from the mainland to Isla Mujeres. In Central America, there are several possibilities of travelling between the mainland and the islands of the coast in the Caribbean sea. Although not mentioned in dept here, you have the possibility for example of travelling to the Bocas del Toro of the coast of Panama and to Roatan island of the coast of Honduras.

Many other options are available, but check the Central America guide and the individual countries for details. They leave daily between am and pm roughly every 20 minutes between Blowing Point Anguilla and Marigot on the French part of St. Although it takes a little longer compared to Saint Martin, there is also a convenient route between Anguilla and Sint Maarten directly.

For more information about prices and schedules of this trip can be obtained by calling It takes about 75 minutes from Marigot, 45 minutes from Oyster Pond. The ferries leave at am and pm. The MV Voyager travels daily and on Wednesdays and Sundays twice daily one in the morning at am and one in the early evening at pm between Oyster Pond and Gustavia.

Another option is to take the high speed ferry The Edge that travels to Gustavia once a day from Tuesday till Saturday. It leaves from Pelican Marina in Dutch St. Maarten at am. This passage lasts around 45 minutes. Crossings are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving Saba in the morning and returning from Sint Maarten in the late afternoon, taking about 2 hours each way.

Sometimes there are cancellations, so check the latest schedule over here. It takes about 90 minutes to cover the sea between the islands. The MV Mark Twain is currently inactive, but the other 5 vessels have a total of 15 sailings a day between both islands in either direction, between am first sailing from Saint Kitts to pm last sailing from Saint Kitts.

From Nevis , the first one leaves at am and the last at pm. Crossings take about 45 minutes and provide an excellent way of travelling between the capital Basseterre on Saint Kitts and Charlestown, the 'capital' of Nevis. The Antigua to Barbuda Ferry takes 1. The return service from Barbuda departs at pm on the same days. On Tuesdays and Fridays the service departs Antigua at pm and returns the following day from Barbuda at pm. Reservations can be made by phone Or check the Antigua Ferries website. No advance ticketing is required, as travelers can purchase their tickets upon check-in.

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To facilitate ticketing, check-in and other clearances at the point of sale at the ports, passengers are asked to check in 90 minutes in advance when travelling from Antigua and 60 minutes before the scheduled time for departure in Montserrat. In order to ensure continuity of service during the busy upcoming winter season, TIFS will have a backup ferry available to provide cover as may be required. Travellers coming to Montserrat for the winter period will benefit significantly from an expanded ferry service to the island from Antigua.

From December 1st, , the MV Fjortof ferry will operate the following schedule:. For further information on the service contact Twin Islands Ferry Service Ltd by phone at or email tifs. Additional information on the ferry service, updates, as well as general tourism information can be found at Visit Montserrat. The islands of Dominica , Guadeloupe , Martinique and Saint Lucia are a perfect example of combining several different Caribbean islands without the need to fly.

Although there might be more operators, an example is given below. Note that these are not all direct services and travelling from for example Saint Lucia to Dominica might involve a brief stop on Martinique. All crossings are made by fast and comfortable catamaran services. L'Express des Iles has daily services between the main island of Guadeloupe and several other islands. In the opposite direction they leave Terre de Haut at pm. From Terre de Haut you can take another local ferry to Terre de Bas as well.

This resulted in a book The Virgin Islands , story of a cruise not a guide. That fall Frank Burke a charter broker owner with Al Forbes of Island Yachts asked me to write a guide to the US and British Virgin islands as he felt his new charter skippers were missing some of the best anchorages. I sold him the VI section of my forthcoming guide Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles, on the basis he would privately print it and have no copywright.

Old story the publisher not the author makes the money. This leads to a very amuzing story. Thomas ,retracing the cruise he had done in Carib eighteen years before , and make it into a three section article in National Geographic. We ran into each other in Grenada Yacht Club we knew each other from my skippering Ondine which frequently was a competitor to his yawl Carabee, summer of l and my being around Nevins yacht yard a lot in summer of Over beers Mitch picked my brains about the islands. We had a few beers parted ways. I did not run into Mitch until a few years later when he related the following story.

Luckily Mitch has a sense of humor. Thank god Mitch had a good sense of humor as we became long term friends. The guide came out in spring of l, first copy was hand carried to Ireland where I presented it to my future father in law in exchange for his daughter! Forty one years later I still have his daughter and we still have the book with the inscription.

This guide is considered by all the old timers as the guide that opened up the Caribbean to the cruising yachtsman and made bare boat chartering possible. It bore an amazing resemblance to my guide. Years later when Tom was no longer working for Jack , at one of the post race parties after a BVI regatta, over many Heinekens Tom confessed his yachtsmans guide was written with the chart infront ofhim, a series of Heinekens, my guide propped up on the chart table and a tape recorder! In l CSY opened up a St. Vincent base and wanted a guide that covered just the area St. Lucia to Grenada appeared on the scene.

The book had am amazing resemblance to my Yachtsmans Guide to the Grenadines. They all seemed to bear a great resemblance to my guide to the point in some cases the charts were lifted out of my guide. Streets Transatlantic Crossing Guide miss named Norton had the covers made before they showed them to me the author.

It was miss named in that the guide covered not only transatlantic crossing, but also how to get to and from the east coast of the states to the eastern Caribbean, and was also a guide to the atlantic islands. The last two are out of print , try Amazon or exlibris, or. More about those two books later.

During this period other books continued to pop up like mushrooms from a rotten log. Most of them were flash in the pans, came on the scene then died. If Streets is on board there are plenty of quiet anchorages can be found. Back in the late fifties and early sixties very few yachts ventured into Venezulan waters as at that point Venezula was rich prosperous,the Bolivar was pegged at 3. The Communist Castro did not like the thriving capatilist Venezula.

To try to over throw the capitalist government out Castro would periodically smuggle in agents via boat.

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The ability of the Venezulan coast guard to differentiate between a cruising yacht and a boat smuggling in Cuban agents was none too good. As a result a couple of yachts arrived back ventilated, but luckily no one was killed. By the late sixties Castro had given up; venezulan yachtsmen that visited Grenada persuaded me to start chartering along the Venezulan coast. The charts were good. She was a steam driven coal fired survey ship. If you were a bad boy in the US Navy they would send you down to shovel coal on the Hannibal.

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Men would say no no please send me to sPortsmouth naval prison but not to the Hannibal. Dispite the relatively recent survey we still had to be careful as the area was prone to earthquakes which we discovered in places changed the sounding and in others changed the shoreside topography. Things were different, only one Yacht Club Puerto Azul, fantastic combination Yacht Club , Marina, restarants, hotel, all in one complex and visiting yachts were welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately over the years sailors who were definitely not yachtsmen ruined it to the point that they closed the doors to ALL visiting yachts.

In Polomar Margarita the only buildings that were taller than two stories were the dome of the Cathederal and the newly built Bella Vista hotel. In Puerto La Cruz there was nothing that was more than two stories high and no marina or place to tie up a yacht. Luckily we met the Port Captain of the oil company who invited us to use the Companies small marina.

Iolaire was the first foreign yacht to cruise extensively in venezulan waters. Marina were in the works, the infrastructure to support yachting slowly developed. Crime was not a problem. There were a few well known areas were it was , areas that yachts either avoided or took extra precautions. I have absolutely no objection if a yachtsman needs one or two Imray Iolaire charts that are not available,and a neighboring yacht has the correct ones , I have no objection to him photostating one or two individual charts.

However I do get upset when I see a sailor come out of a photo copy establishment with a full ROOL of photostated Imray Iolaire charts, hop in a fancy RIB of a type that I never could afford and roar off to a fancy yacht that I could not afford. The word was out. Photo stated charts were cheap. About eight companies from St. Martin thru the islands to Venezula went into the business of photostating Imray Iolaire charts which is of course completely illegal as the have a copy wright. This cost us a lot of money in lost sales , and myself a tremendous amount of time sailing up and down the islands going to the companies pointing out that it was totally illegal to Photostat Imray Iolaire charts.

Some companies co operated immediately , others only after threats of law suits, getting the local chamber of commerce and in some case the marine trade association to push against the photocopiers. I finally pretty much succeeded, but it was a long time consuming frustrating unnecessary fight all because Doyle found and put in print a place where charts could be photocopied Rocks did not move but in the period l and l harbors were built yachting facilities expanded dramatically so in l a completely new Venezulan and ABC island guide came out.

During this period yachtsmen had relatively little security problems in Venezula. Drugs were smuggled out via boats departing from the relatively few harbors on the north coast of Columbia. The Coast Guard either ignored the drug runner or were in cahoots with them. Little drug smuggling was done out of Venezula. Suddenly beef became scare and expensive.

This at first was very puzzling as Venezula had its own thriving cattle industry and did not need to import cattle. But it seems some agricultural officers knew that some beef was being smuggled in from Columbia. They decided to stop it an persuaded the army to try to police the border. Agricultural department backed down, beef came in from Columbia, ;price ofbeef went down, and it demonstrated how porus the is the Venezulan Columbian border. Since Chavez has gotten in power, law and order has gone down hill, he is very anti American so the Venezulan Coast Guard not too good at the best of times is now useless.

In contrast the Col;umbian governemt has made its peace or is trying to and doing its best to stop smugglingof drugs out of Columbia. Thus via fast launches, and helicopters keep track of everything that floats to the point that yachts sailing coastwise say they are checked every day by the Columbian Coast Guard. With the very porous Venezulan Columbian border, with the fact the Chavez seems on friendly terms with the drug smugglers, they have changed their routes. Drugs now go from Columbia across the border to venezula and on to Europe via boat. Every big drug bust in Europe since about has come via Venezula.

With this situation I see no reason at age 77 go to venezula to investigate the revision of the guide especially in the light of the below story. In I sat down and spent a couple of days going over notes sent to me by friends that were or had recently been cruising in Venezula, my guide and the relavent Imray Iolaire charts. I ended up with three hours of tape recording, which I sent off to my secretary in Ireland to transcribe.

I decided that god did not want me to up date the Venezulan guide. As previously mentioned miss named as it also covered getting to and from the east coast of the states and Panama to the eastern Caribbean, and was also a guide to all the Atlantic islands. I decided to do a minor re write to bring it up to date, but once I began to get my teeth into it I realized it would have to be a completely new book, completely re written, a project that has taken me a full four and a half years.

Shortly after I purchased Iolaire in February l I realized the only guides available were the pilot books written for the modern commercial freighters. However the late Capt Mc Fadden USN ret informed me that if I could find an old l9th century pilot book it would be much more useful than the modern government pilots written for commercial power vessels. My father when in London in the spring of l asked Foyles if they could find him a l9th century pilot covering the eastern Caribbean. A few days later he received a call from Foyles saying they found one, cost delivered to his hotel would be 7s 6p.

How times have changed!!!!! This Norie and Wilson guide lead me up and down the Caribbean as I gathered information for my own guides. My first hard covered guide Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles, l is regarded by the old timers as the guide that opened the Caribbean to the cruising yachtsman and made bare boat chartering possible.

It went out of print. A new revised and expanded version came out in l, Published by Sail magazine. After two printings WW Norton took over, again it was re written , expanded into two volumes, later into three volumes, and finally in l when Streets Guide to Venezula and the ABC islands came out the series was four books.

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As years went buy the guides would come up for re print. It looked like they would die, become a bit of history. However electronic publishing, print on demand had arrived. Not only that but they would allow the author to insert a prologue and epilogue. Thus the Guides went back in print updated to l. Thus if you have Streets guide on board , and the up to date Imray Iolaire charts you are completely up to Speed. Regarding the marine infrastructure on the various islands; keeping guides up to date on that situation is useless as every island that has a decent marine infrastructure produces is own yearly revised FREE marine directory.

Thus smart guide authors no longer try to keep that section of their guides up to date. Unless they have actually done business with them or know them personally over a long period of time listing marine tradesmen is playing with fire. In the Caribbean you can find some of the finest marine tradesman in the world, others that a good, others poor and some that are nothing but disasters looking for some place to happen.