Guide Dr. Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care

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Dr. Spock, 1903-1998: The World’s Most Famous Baby Doctor

Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: July 6, Items related to Dr. Stock Image. Published by Signet, Used Condition: Fair Soft cover. Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this Item Bibliographic Details Title: Dr. Since then, there's been a plethora of parenting advice, with everything from the naughty step to a time limit on cuddling catching on.

History has provided no shortage of "supernanny" figures with big ideas about how best to raise children. Childcare advice is a multi-billion pound industry with an avalanche of books, magazines, and television shows competing for credibility. Child welfare reformer Sir Frederick Truby King is credited with drastically reducing infant mortality in his native New Zealand.

His research also led to a radical improvement in childhood nutrition and he was knighted in for his contribution to society.

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But for all of his laudable achievements, Truby King is undoubtedly best known as an early champion of enforcement parenting - with its emphasis on discipline and detachment. The key to the Truby King method was to feed babies by the clock every four hours and preferably never at night - stoically ignoring demands for sustenance in between.

He recommended placing babies in their own rooms immediately and leaving them in the garden for long periods to toughen them up. He also imposed a minute daily cap on cuddles. Parenting was about routine and discipline.

Dr. Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care

The formative months were for eating, sleeping and growing - not bonding. The philosophy might seem brutal to modern day doters, but childcare historian and author Hugh Cunningham says mothers were inclined to trust the experts of the era. Dr Benjamin Spock's Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care is one of the best-selling books of all time, having sold some 50 million since it was first published in Challenging the child-rearing orthodoxy of the early 20th Century, Dr Spock encouraged a more gentle approach to bringing up children, and told parents to trust their own instincts and common sense.

The Spock guide to parenting - which encouraged affection and recognised that every baby is different - went mainstream in the s.

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It was probably a convenient time for a new style of parenting, according to psychologist Dr Aric Sigman. Mothers were increasingly getting used to household appliances and disposable nappies, which left far more time for cuddling, doting and pampering than most Trudy King parents were likely to have enjoyed. About the same time as Spock's parenting guide began shifting millions, Winnicott was beginning a stint of almost 20 years of influential broadcasts for the BBC, the first of which was in His broadcasts were aimed directly at mothers, with his "good enough mother" philosophy promoting the idea that they weren't perfect.

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Occasional failure was not just inevitable in parenting - it was part of the child's learning curve. Like Spock, Winnicott believed in parents' intuition.

Bad baby advice: a history.

The paediatrician and psychoanalyst didn't believe in setting regimes or even giving instructions. He believed in understanding, not admonishing. Continuing a growing trend for a liberal antidote to the routines and rituals of the previous generation, psychologist Penelope Leach rose to prominence in the s and s.