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At the end of the film, Henry Ray Liotta still misses the old days. His money is gone, most of his friends are dead, and his best friend was preparing to kill him, but after he finds safety in the federal witness protection program, he still complains. I have to wait around like everyone else. He never learned to relax and enjoy his privileges. He always had to push things. In a movie famous for violence that arrives instantly, without warning, the most shocking surprise comes when Henry is slapped by his father for missing school.

Violence is like a drumbeat under every scene.

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He sells stolen cigarettes out of car trunks, torches a car lot, has enough money at 21 to tip lavishly. In the most famous shot in the movie, he takes his future wife Karen Lorraine Bracco to the Copacabana nightclub. There is another very protracted shot, as Henry introduces us to his fellow gangsters.

The Real-Life Goodfellas: Meet The Mobsters Behind The Movie

Henry leads the camera through a crowded club, calling out names as the characters nod to the camera or speak to Henry. This strategy implicates us in the action. It shows a mob family headed by Paul Cicero Paul Sorvino , who never talks on the phone, dislikes group conversations, disapproves of drugs because the sentences are too high , and sounds like a parish priest when he orders Henry to return home to his wife.

That doesn't mean he has to dump his mistress; all the guys seem to have both a wife and a mistress, who are plied with stolen goods of astonishing tastelessness.

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Although it may be glorification in terms of technique, Goodfellas never romanticizes its band of characters or its almost Herculean setting, instead exposing…. Are you being a fucking wise guy with me? What did I tell you? You don't buy anything, you hear me?

Don't buy anything! Come on, make that coffee to go, let's go! The fuck you doing? It's a joke. A joke! Put the fucking pot down. Are you gonna take the coffee? An operatic descent into paranoia, a gorgeous soda-pop evocation of a seductive and vibrant world, a character study of despicable but human individuals, and a study of a changing criminal landscape; Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas is arguably his masterpiece, and It's a perfect example of Scorsese's exceptional style and his fascination with flawed people.

With a never-ending rhythm of pop anthems that highlight, boost, and crank the infectious energy up to an almost obtainable level, this magnum opus grooves and flows like mercury that just ran out of a broken thermometer.

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Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci are three of the worst individuals that have been portrayed in the history of cinema, and yet, they're utterly breathtaking in their…. I decided to give Scorcese's film another go and while I still appreciate the skill involved I just cannot get myself to like this film.

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  • The problem is that in a film full of antagonists the audience always loses. This film doesn't make me care for a single character and that completely takes me out of it. It turns me from a spectator into a passerby. The story arch is fine and it is told with Scorcese's usual skill. Most performances are excellent and engaging, but I just keep coming back to the fact that I need a protagonists I can root for in a story like this.

    Our supposed hero, the way he's written, is simply not a character…. Goodfellas is 39th on James Berardinelli 's list of the top Films. Goodfellas was released on DVD in March , in a single-disc, double-sided, single-layer format that requires the disc to be flipped during viewing; in , Warner Home Video released a two-disc, dual-layer version, with remastered picture and sound, and bonus materials such as commentary tracks.

    GoodFellas movie review & film summary () | Roger Ebert

    In June , the AFI put Goodfellas at 2 on their AFI's 10 Top 10 —the best ten films in ten "classic" American film genres—after polling over 1, people from the movie-related community. Roger Ebert named Goodfellas the "best mob movie ever" and placed it among the best films of the s.

    Chase said " Goodfellas is the Koran for me. I found that movie very funny and brutal and it felt very real. And yet that was the first mob movie that Scorsese ever dealt with a mob crew. You know I mean I always think about Goodfellas when they go to their mother's house that night when they're eating, you know when she brings out her painting, that stuff is great. I mean The Sopranos learned a lot from that. July 24, , marked the 20th anniversary of the film's release.


    This milestone was celebrated with Henry Hill 's hosting a private screening for a select group of invitees at the Museum of the American Gangster , in New York City. In January , it was announced that the AMC Network had put in development a television series version of the movie. Pileggi was on board to co-write the adaptation with television writer-producer Jorge Zamacona. The two would executive produce with the film's producer Irwin Winkler and his son, David.

    GoodFellas: five films that influenced Martin Scorsese’s gangster classic

    Luc Besson 's crime comedy film The Family features a sequence where Giovanni Manzoni De Niro , a gangster who is under witness protection for testifying against a member of his family, watches Goodfellas. De Niro plays a main character in Goodfellas. In , the ESPN -produced 30 for 30 series debuted Playing for the Mob , [55] the story about how Hill and his Pittsburgh associates helped several Boston College basketball players commit point shaving scandal during the —79 season, an episode briefly mentioned in the movie. The documentary, narrated by Ray Liotta, was set up so that the viewer needed to watch the movie beforehand, to understand many of the references in the story.

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