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Just over two hundred feet long, slow and armed with a pair of. Mines have been used in most naval conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries. B bombers dropped 12, mines and sank or damaged Japanese ships, making Starvation one of the most effective naval campaigns of the war—for very little effort. Despite the utility of mines, the Navy has traditionally neglected its minesweeping force, relying on European and Japanese minesweepers to augment its forces in wartime.

The Avenger- class mine countermeasure MCM vessels are mostly based abroad, in Japan and Bahrain, where they stand ready to clear North Koran and Iranian mines—theoretically. In reality, as ProPublica points out , the ships suffer from abysmal reliability rates.

On the other hand crews that man the minesweepers are described as capable and eager to perform their mission, hobbled not only by the age and difficulty to maintain their ships but by a Navy reliant on computer simulations of missions instead of actual hands-on training and exercises. In an ideal world the Avenger -class minesweepers would have been decommissioned years ago. Fleet replenishment has been an expanding element in PLAN auxiliaries. The PLAN view the need of replenishment ships as vital for blue water fleet operations:.

Since the s, underway replenishment has been widely practiced by destroyer and frigate combatants.

1. Gyro Compass

In many overseas visits, a tanker has traditionally accompanied the visiting ship. The first replenishment ships built for the dedicated task of fleet refueling were the Fuqing-class replenishment ship, of which two remain in service. The next fleet replenishment vessel was purchased from Russia in the s, being the single Nancang Fusu-class. This ship is significantly superior to the Fuqing-class in terms of refueling systems and the storage capacity. Two new hulls of the indigenous Fuchi-class were commissioned into service by With five ships and possibly a sixth vessel , the PLAN's ability to operate further away from home has been significantly enhanced.

The demands of modern-day warfare has meant that logistic support ships in the navy are becoming vital. The PLAN operates a very large number and variety of auxiliary vessels that are capable of supporting fleet and military operations both in a coastal and ocean theatres of war. PLAN auxiliary vessels are present in all three fleets, stationed in many naval bases and have increasingly exercised frequently alongside combatants. PLAN auxiliaries include tugboats, freighters, submarine tenders, research, survey ships, missile and satellite monitoring platforms, ice breakers, repair and communications, electronic warfare and monitoring, transport and training ships.

The following is a list of auxiliaries thought to be in service with the PLAN as of However no list can be entirely accurate and may contain significant inaccuracies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Naval Vessels Naming Regulation.

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Archived from the original on 12 January Retrieved 6 April Jane's Information Group. Archived from the original on 31 January Retrieved 30 January Three are known to have been built, two at the Huangpu shipyard in Guangzhou and one at the Shuangliu shipyard in Wuhan.

The Diplomat. Archived from the original on 30 January Archived from the original on 10 July Retrieved 9 July Ground Force Navy Air Force. Military decorations of People's Liberation Army. Type 07 Type 99 camouflage Type 97 Service Dress. Armed conflicts Korean War Authorized defense products dealer.

Active ships of the People's Liberation Army Navy. Type Qing class. Principal surface combatants. Coastal warfare vessels.

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Type Jiangdao class. Naval trawlers. Type H. Type Type Amphibious warfare vessels. Type Yuzhao class. Project Mine warfare vessels MCM. Type Wolei class. Type Type Futi class. Auxiliary vessels. Yuan Wang 21 Yuan Wang Donghai Island class.

The Vital Guide to Modern Warships by Leo Marriott (Hardback, 2001)

Dongdao class Dongleng class. Type Type I Type II. Popular Features. New Releases. Description By nature, the modern warship must basically fight in three separate environments - on the surface of the sea, under the surface and in the air above.

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This is a concise, detailed and color-illustrated guide to modern warships from around the world. To give a balanced picture it is not only the major vessels that are described but also representative examples of smaller craft such as fast corvettes, attack craft and mine sweepers. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x 12mm Other books in this series.