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Practical information. Social program. Molecular Physics Special Issue. Transition between these energy levels occurs in the radiofrequency region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The positions of the bands in the observed spectrum is dependent on the shielding of the nuclei by the local electronic structure, giving rise to a parameter known as chemical shift. Bands also display fine structure caused by spin-spin coupling with neighbouring nuclei. Examples on the analysis of NMR spectra for structure determination will be given.

As the final activity in this module you are given a link to view how to obtain an NMR spectrum in the laboratory. Don't forget to compete this end of week laboratory quiz which contributes to your final mark. Final Assessment. Browse More Coursera Articles. Browse More Chemistry courses.

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I'm not sure why this course gets top ratings by some reviewers, except perhaps out of inexperience. Aside from the fact this is one Coursera course you can audit and still get graded on assessments, it is mediocre at best and badly supported at worst. The videos are just the course slides with the instructor's, not so inspiring, audio from the classroom. The course content is standard material you learn as part of an organic chemistry course but overall in less detail and with far less application. What is more concerning is that the first time this course was run, there were lo….

What is more concerning is that the first time this course was run, there were lots of problems with the assessments that were not dealt with in a timely manner. Furthermore, some of those problems still exist in this round.

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Staff appears almost non-existent so if you have a question or issue with the material or assessments good luck on getting it resolved. This is a good example of an ill-planned MOOC, thinking you can get away with as little work as possible to present and maintain a course. Place a microphone in the instructor's class and show his slides as the video. Whip up some quizzes that aren't double checked for errors and make your labs sound impressive "unique virtual spectroscopic laboratory" when they are just a graphics application.

Did I mention support was an issue?

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Was this review helpful to you? It's an interesting topic, although a lot of previous knowledge is required, especially in chemistry came here because of cosmology, and had a rough time. There are three main units dealing with UV and visible-light spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, while the four week is comprised of the final exam.

Practice quizzes are difficult, and the exam as well, and I believe the course would be better if it was split into more weeks. Slides are available for download, which is useful, but some extra resources and recommendations would be great, although spectroscopy videos are nice. A background in chemistry is needed in order to appreciate the course completely, so I don't feel competent enough to grade it. Excellent basic introduction to molecular spectroscopy.

Ideal for a student like me who is taking chemistry at first year university level. In my opinion is perfect for a first year university level student without any heavy maths.

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The essentials of spectroscopy presented in a succinct and clear form. Great notes and interesting accompanying short video presentations. Spectral simulations are great and quizzes tough. Sign up for free. My Classes.