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Scott is a Scottish author of mystery novels.

Review of “North Sea Requiem” by A.D. Scott | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

She writes the Joanne Ross series. She has worked in theatre, in magazines, and as a knitwear designer. Scott currently lives in Vietnam and near Sydney, Australia. Below is a list of A. In the Highlands of s Scotland, a boy is found dead in a canal lock.


Two young girls tell such a fanciful story of his disappearance that no one believes them. The local newspaper staff — including Joanne Ross, the part-time typist stuck in an abusive marriage, and her boss, a seasoned journalist determined to revamp the paper — set out to uncover and investigate the crime. Suspicion falls on several townspeople, all of whom claim innocence.

Together, these very different Scots harbour deep and troubling secrets underneath their polished and respectable veneers — revelations that may prevent the crime from being solved and may keep the town firmly in the clutches of its shadowy past. Meanwhile, newspaper reporter Joanne Ross, tired of being relegated to "women's news" and hungry to crack the front page, pursues the story of an American jazz singer who has come back to Scotland to find out details about her husband's death.

Slowly, the singer's story begins to dovetail with the story of the unfortunate Nurse Urquhart.

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Scott handles multiple threads deftly, including the tenuous love affair between Joanne and her editor. Like the earlier books, it has plenty of red herrings, tons of atmosphere and a page-turning plot.

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Joyce Maynard has a gift for exploring how dark and unexpected events can turn the staid, quiet lives of American suburbanites, especially children and young people, upside down. Thirteen-year-old Rachel narrates the story, in which she and her kid sister Patty come of age in a shabby home that sits at the edge of a beloved mountain where a strangler has preyed on several women.

Their father, who is divorced from their depressed, passive mother, is a glamorous, womanizing homicide detective whose star rapidly falls as the unsolved cases pile up.

Although the young sisters are the presumed focus of the novel, the real protagonist is their complex, fascinating, flawed father — without him, this story would be pretty predictable. He's a good man with bad habits and big problems, and the pages come alive whenever he shows up. Maynard also successfully evokes the general bland nuttiness of the s in California via its music, fashions, politics and landscape.

That, and the suspense the story builds, hold the reader well, and what emerges at book's end is not at all what we expect, and well worth the wordy wait. Home All Sections Search.

The Highland Gazette Mystery Series

The assault is unusually violent, even for this isolated Highlands community. Joanna finds herself exploring the recent activities of exotic jazz singer Mae Bell, a young woman whose private life is the antithesis of her public one.

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  6. Despite a huge search-and-rescue operation, nothing was found. Mae has ostensibly arrived in the Highlands hoping to track down some remnant of Robert. Capturing the flavor of the Scottish highlands in the s—this insular community and its rigid social structures, including the presiding notion that women should be at home looking after the bairns and not be working , Scott lets the story drag on for too many extra chapters in which the reader skates through surplus dialogue in a blur of frenetic reading because we want to just simply and mercifully get the book finished.