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But it will then deserve a further enquiry whether the Duty of their former Oaths be consistent with such a meaning? That is, Whether their Oaths to the K. Such all must be who stand by Bp. Sanderson 's Principles, so much magnified by them who differ extremely from him in their Application. Ch 's disability to protect them, did any way excuse them from their Obligations to K. Let us therefore see whether these former Oaths did not Oblige them who took them, to be Active for the Interests of the Prince to whom they were made.

If they did, Two things will thence follow against the sense of these Swearers: 1. That, on the same parity of Reasoning, the same Oaths being made to the excluded K. The Government was then also already setled without K.

The Commendation Ceremony

And therefore by how much the more or less probable the returning of those Circumstances is, by so much the more a Promise or an Oath not to do what in those Circumstances we are obliged to do, will also be more or less excusable. But whilst the Controversie is depending, whilst the Right is on Legal and Ch. But if they would speak out, and express the limitation intended, how could they expect that such a taking the Oath could ever be accepted by the Imposers?

If they Swear and Promise more, that will be more than they can justifie by their own Principles, who both suppose their former Oaths to remain as obligatory now as ever, and to require more than an indifferent Neutrality, and to require active Endeavours for restoring the K.

This was the sense of our Ancestors, and is the sense of our Brethren, with whom we are at present dealing. Indeed, if by living peaceably they mean no more than Non-opposition, a perfect Neutrality would satisfie the Oaths on both sides, both to the K. By not contributing to the War against the K.

But it is strange how they can fall into such a mistake as this is. There is no doubt but the Possessor, whoever he be, will never be content with a bare Neutrality, but will expect active assistances from his liege Subjects, and this by vertue of their Allegiance and their Oaths.

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If they do not serve him in their own persons, they must at least do it by their Contributions for the maintaining others to do that duty for them. And what reason can they give, why Allegiance sworn to a K. But let us lay aside the Opinions of Men, and consider nakedly the things themselves. The Duty was very much the same as between the Liberti and the Roman Patrons. The Vassal therefore was obliged to help his Lord in all wars wherein he thought the Cause was just, or at least, doubted whether it might not be so.

In defensive wars he was to help him, whatever the Cause was, without Exception. If he did not, that was also an Ingratitude that forfeited his Tenure. And therefore the doing of it must undoubtedly have been a condition of it, and therefore a a particular of the Oath he was to take to his Liege Lord for the performance of Conditions.

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