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The full range of omics technologies can now be applied to understand the same fundamental biological processes.

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Mapping and defining the relationships among genes, proteins, and metabolites require relative comparison of the networks that eventually help in understanding the regulatory mechanisms. These new strategies have begun to piece together the physiological and phenotypic observations with information on transcription and transcript regulation, the behavior of proteins, protein complexes and pathways, and the metabolites and metabolite fluxes, finally shedding light on evolutionary adaptive diversifications of organisms.

OMICS Applications in Crop Science is a compilation of several -omics studies, such as genomics, proteomics or metabolomics, to illustrate the applications of these studies in crop productivity, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of -omics technologies and the limitations of current techniques in the perspective of plant biology.

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The contributed chapters are written by subject matter experts and wide-known researchers with years of research experience in this field. Integration of knowledge from omics-based research is an emerging issue as researchers seek to identify importance, increase biological insights and promote translational research. From these viewpoints, it aims to provide the evolving aspects of plant systems research based on omics and bioinformatics analyses plus their associated resources and technological advances.

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Omics Applications In Biomedical Agricultural And Environmental Sciences

View abstract. With Rashmi Rai, A. Singh, Sajad Majeed Zargar, B.

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With Shruti Sharma, Renu Deswal. With Saurabh Anand, Neer K.

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Singh, Sandip Das. With Neer K.

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Singh, Saurabh Anand, Sandip Das. As these technologies mature, plant and crop scientists have started using these methods to improve crop varieties. Omics in Plant Breeding provides a timely introduction to key omicsbased methods and their application in plant breeding.


Omics in Plant Breeding is a practical and accessible overview of specific omics-based methods ranging from metabolomics to phenomics. Covering a single methodology within each chapter, this book provides thorough coverage that ensures a strong understanding of each methodology both in its application to, and improvement of, plant breeding.

Omics in Weed Science: A Perspective from Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Metabolomics Approaches

Accessible to advanced students, researchers, and professionals, Omics in Plant Breeding will be an essential entry point into this innovative and exciting field. Borem received his Ph. D from the University of Minnesota. He has written, or contributed to, more than 50 books in his career. Both published by Springer in