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Become a Program Director. Bring OneGoal to Your School. Become a Fellow. Become a Postsecondary Partner. Muriel S. Urban Science Academy V. Partner High Schools. Filter By. To have the choice to say no to any client, customer, or business partnership. To make my own hours and pick my schedule according to what fits my health and motivation best.

To have the power to decide for myself. The time frame you set for this question should make it a stretch, but not unrealistic. Depending on your goal you could set this to 6, 12, or 18 months.

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If you want to leave a legacy, it could be running a charity campaign under your name, or publishing a book. If your theme is money then this might be creating 3 different income streams within this time frame. My answer : The kind of freedom I want implies two things: being self-employed, and making enough money to not have to rely on a job.

If I could run the business of my own choosing 18 months from now and make the same kind of money with that it I make now, but doing all kinds of things, that would put me a great deal closer towards my goal. This will help you find the industry in which you are most likely to find success. It should be something you genuinely like doing and that people have complimented you on, but not something you lust after. My answer : I love talking about self-improvement. I could spend hours chatting with friends about habits, motivation, inspiration, the purpose of life, overcoming fears, and how we can become better.

I love walking away from these situations and having friends get back to me a few days later, thanking me for my advice. This question helps you pick your role in your industry. If you picked fitness as your industry, there are still tons of options regarding activities.

Or do you spend hours on end reading about nutrition and the metabolism during exercise? Then it might be better to become a fitness nutritionist, helping high performance athletes with their diet. The flow state describes the optimal experience, where your skills and the level of challenge are matching up perfectly so you get neither bored nor frustrated and just continue working. I read it in one go. I devour good blog posts, seminars, online courses and talks. My answer : I used to love handing in essays and writing papers in high school.

When I handed in my assignment, I could barely wait for the teacher to get back to me, just to see whether they liked what they saw.

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For example: All of your friends might think knitting is stupid, but you just love the process of creating something wearable and enjoy it. My answer : Even with 2 million blog posts being published every single day, I think starting a blog is still worthwhile. But I love the process of writing an article, researching it, structuring it, finding good pictures to go with it, creating cover images, bonuses, learning about marketing and SEO — and in the course of it all, try to help others.

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You can also get it by doing this post as a 1-hour class on Skillshare. Your goal should be represented by a single number.

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It will be your lighthouse along the way and most, if not all of your short-term goals, will be derived from it. Again: Your big achievement you want to make happen in the next 18 months should be reflected in this one single number. When running a charity campaign, it could be 5, posters taped to walls in the city with your name on it.

You get the gist of it. The bigger the number, the better, because it will give you more small parts you can achieve when you break it down. Be realistic though. I love talking about self-improvement and giving others helpful advice. I really get in the zone when reading and writing. The obvious answer is for me to start a self-improvement blog.

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With 10, targeted subscribers I can launch a service or product at any time and make enough money to sustain myself for the next few weeks and months. Reaching this number will give me the freedom I want and help me live my theme in life every day. Make it the background of your desktop! The purpose of this is to put everything you do in perspective.