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Principles of Narrative Critical Care

Critically develop and apply an evidence-based approach to leadership in order to promote and demonstrate clinical competence and excellence in critical care. Identify and critically analyse key service requirements which underpin the National Competency Framework for Adult Critical Care Nurses.

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Systematically assess and evaluate the biopsychosocial needs of the intensive care patient and significant others in order to plan care appropriately. Critically analyse clinical decision making when managing the needs of the intensive care patient. Utilise evidence to demonstrate safe and effective clinical practice.

Principles of Critical Care

Analyse the development of leadership, communication and teamwork skills that enhance and improve critical care services. For further information on the module, please contact: For application information, please contact: Diane Blundell. This book aims to help the obstetricians, postgraduate students and critical care providers with the management protocols in dealing with critically ill pregnant women.

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    • Free Preview. Contains case-based clinical information Comprehensive yet easy to consult, updated and written by experts A unique and helpful resource for gynecologists and obstetricians see more benefits.

      Critical Care Societies Collaborative: Addressing Burnout in ICU Clinicians

      FAQ Policy. About this book Critical care in obstetrics is an upcoming specialty in the developing countries.

      Principles of Critical Care in Obstetrics

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