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Whereas I am perfectly sure where to put my fingers to reproduce harmony instantaneous recognition of harmony and chord functions , I use a combination of interval-recognition how higher or lower in the next note? Easy to do with root notes to play melody.

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I can hear a song once, and reproduce the harmony with great accuracy. I can also remember the melody, and reproduce it too, although with less accuracy, depending on how complex it is: Simple melodies made entirely of diatonic notes note belonging to the classic major scale are usually perfectly reproduced, whereas more complex melodies prove to be a challenge. The more a song Conforms to the Major scale, I can more easily reproduce it. The farther it strays and the more modulations it has, I have more trouble keeping up.

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I can play pop songs, harmony and melody, with perfect precision even after hearing them once; jazz songs, however, prove to be a challenge. I would be interested in hearing about similar experiences in art, music or math or any other savant skills.


Back to Savant Articles. He drew heavily on African-American culture in his work and co-founded the Harlem-based art group known as The Spiral, which played an active role in the civil rights movement.

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Bearden lived in Paris for a while and was influenced by European art but was never limited by where he lived. His productions and DJ sets effortlessly dissolve the labels we place on sounds, requiring no prior knowledge — only the willingness to open your ears and listen. Regardless of where they live, what background they come from, their ethnicity or their level of privilege, people can share the same profound enjoyment from a piece of music.

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