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But if we really want to know when the most populist, mass-market horror and fantasy began—the kind that inspired television shows from the Twilight Zone to the X-Files to Supernatural to The Walking Dead —we need to start with H. Lovecraft , and with the pulpy magazine that published his bizarre stories, Weird Tales. Moore, Robert Bloch, and Robert E.

Howard creator of Conan the Barbarian. Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , September — September Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , October — October Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , January — January Letter to the editor of Weird Tales , March — March The Tomb — January The Terrible Old Man — August Yule Horror — December The White Ship — March The Tree — August The City — July Fans of early pulp horror and fantasy—--or grad students writing their thesis on the evolution of genre fictioncan view and download dozens of issues of Weird Tales , from the 20s to the 50s, at the links below:.

Finally, head over to Melt for more scans of Weird Tales' lurid covers, like those you see here. And to learn much more about the history of the magazine, you may wish to beg, borrow, or steal a copy of the pricy collection of essays, The Unique Legacy of Weird Tales: The Evolution of Modern Fantasy and Horror. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation.

We thank you! Many of these stories hold up to repeated readings for this reason.

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Women writers entering The Weird in the U. In the s, the British New Wave created an opposite and equally useful renovation to that exemplified by Bloch and Bradbury by mixing the best of SF and fantasy with mainstream and experimental influences, some of which also referenced the Decadents and Surrealists. Out of this period came such giants as Michael Moorcock whose work only peripherally touched on weird fiction , M.

Ballard whose surreal SF often reads like weird fiction. Outside of the U. In France, Claude Seignolle repurposed French folktales to create elegant and sophisticated supernatural stories. During the s and s, two important and eccentric works of weird fiction bloomed like strange orchids feeding on rich, rare soil. Bernanos managed in just this one cult classic to combine the traditions exemplified by Jean Ray and Algernon Blackwood with his own brand of surreal existentialism.

In the s, the utterly original U. The rise of female writers outside of genres like Gothic fiction including the traditional ghost story starting in the s also influenced The Weird, as it did many other forms of fantastical fiction. James Tiptree, Jr.

The Weird: An Introduction | Weird Fiction Review

Klein and Karl Edward Wagner also contributed to American horror, riffing off of their wide knowledge of weird fiction. As importantly, American Thomas Ligotti would begin to publish dozens of stories that could be considered classics of weird fiction, taking his place alongside Kafka and Lovecraft as one of the most gifted weird short story writers of the twentieth century. Yet one byproduct of this new emphasis on naturalistic horror was an estrangement from the weird tale.

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By the early s U. However, even as the U. Brite, and Caitlin R. Kiernan continued to write recognizably weird fiction. Kiernan in particular would become perhaps the best weird writer of her generation. The tradition of weird poetry is one that stretches back for millennia, to the earliest literary expression of the human race.

The true-weird and the dreadful “large”: post millennium American horror literature

In this new volume-the first comprehensive historical anthology of weird, horrific, and supernatural poetry in more than 50 years-the View Product. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley. For decades, David Goudsward has been a leading authority on the obscurer historical and topographical For decades, David Goudsward has been a leading authority on the obscurer historical and topographical corners of his native New England. In this lavish and detailed treatise, he has written the definitive treatment of Lovecraft's connections with the Merrimack Valley Haunted Worlds.

Jeffrey Thomas is renowned for his novels and tales set in Punktown, a terrifying, crime-riddled Jeffrey Thomas is renowned for his novels and tales set in Punktown, a terrifying, crime-riddled city of the future, where humans and aliens mix in every sense of the word, with often horrific results. Including two stories set in Punktown, Letters to Alfred Galpin. Lovecraft addicts won't want to miss H.

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Lovecraft: Letters to Alfred Galpin, edited by S. Joshi and David E.

This book contains all of HPL's surviving correspondence to one of his most brilliant disciples from his amateur press days, Letters to F. Lee Baldwin, Duane W. Lovecraft's correspondents were scattered all over the country, and he found it engaging to be