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7 Myths about Native Americans That Need to Be Corrected

Read more about the girl's encounter with Big Turtle It lived near a lake with waters of the most delicate blue which never changed because no stream flowed in or out. Because the bird admired the blue water, it bathed in the lake four times every morning for four days Read more about Bluebird's song They had a skin blanket, but it was old and a good deal of the hair was worn off. The two women went to the forest to camp and cut wood, and they carried the blanket to cover themselves with at night Read more about the adventure they have The chief did not like the young man, who was called Blue Jay.

So the chief invented a price for the bride that he was sure that Blue Jay could not pay.

Read more about the price Blue Jay had to pay And when, sometimes, over the wind, comes clearly the sound of running horses, their hearers move a little closer to one another and pile more wood on the fire. Read more about the Ghost Stallion He perched on the highest point, which was rocky and ragged.

Just below him was the nest where his two young sons and one daughter sat, hungry and eager for adventure. Read more about the eagle adventure It was long and black and glossy and Bear used to wave it around just so that people would look at it. Fox saw this. Fox, as everyone knows, is a trickster and likes nothing better than fooling others. Read more about Fox's trick on Bear He came upon Buffalo Bull standing in the trail. Buffalo's head was hanging down as if he were weak and sick.

Crooked Horns," said Bear. Put on your war paint now One day he was hard at work on Rabbit. Rabbit said to him, "I want long, strong legs and long ears like the Deer, and sharp teeth and claws like the Panther. He saw the joy and the youthfulness they displayed. He saw the beauty of their surroundings, and the fresh fragrance of the trees and the flowers.

Read more about what this beauty inspired Iioi to do A long time ago, a young woman of the tribe, with three companions, was walking outside the village. They were going to a place called Tomak'cluh to look for ah-et's'l, a small plant whose roots they use for food. During the journey a Wolf went trotting across their path Read more about the encounter the women had After being caught to eat, the boy would stomp on the bodies of the salmon. After eating them, he would disregard the way taught to him and he throws the bones into the bushes Read more about the consequences the boy faced The snake asked the boy to pick him up and warm him or he would die.

The boy said, "No, if I pick you up you will bite me". The snake convinced the boy that he would not bite him Read more about the trick played on the boy He colored their feathers like a bouquet of flowers. The Creator then gave each a distinct song to sing. The Creator instructed the birds to greet each new day with a chorus of their songs.

Of all the birds, our Creator chose the Eagle to be the leader.

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The Eagle flies the highest and sees the furthest of all creatures. The Eagle is a messenger to the Creator. Read more about the honor of being an Eagle They had gone far and were hungry and lost. They had little strength left to paddle, so they drifted before the wind.

The Great Quake and the Great Drowning

At last their canoe was blown onto a beach and they were glad, but not for long. Read more about how these Indians survive It was the air swooshing down upon him and just as he looked up, something grabbed hold of him. He saw the greatest claws on the largest eagle he'd ever seen. He grabbed hold of the eagle's legs, but the eagle was so powerful, he had no chance to fight it off.

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The eagle lifted him and away they flew. The eagle spoke to him saying, "Do not be afraid. I know you are a great hunter and I am in need of your help. When they landed in the eagle's nest they found two baby eagles nestled in one corner of the nest, afraid of the hunter. They were assured not to be afraid of this hunter who would protect them.

The mother eagle then shared her story of why the hunter was brought to the nest. I know you have the power of a great hunter and I brought you here to kill this animal. When it comes this time, you will prepare for him. In the meantime, I will go out to get meat to bring back so you can eat with our family. For several days the mother and father eagle brought in antelope and other meat which the hunter made into jerky for all of them.

Being high up on the bluff, he saw his people trail him but could do nothing. One day getting toward high noon, as far as you can see, where the eagles soaring making screeching noises, the father eagle swooped down close to the nest and said, "He will come from the edge of the cliff, south from where you are sitting.

The baby eagles fearfully huddled in the nest making screeching noises. The father eagle flew to the nest saying, "He is getting nearer. With bow and arrows he aimed to where the eagles told him the animal would be. Out of nowhere a huge head, which looked like a bears head, lifted up so fast that the young hunter could not tell what it was but he instinctively knew right away the animal would lift his head up again. He released his arrow and it hit the animal right between the eyes just as he stuck his head up once more. When the arrow hit, the animal straightened up and fell over the cliff.

The mother eagle made the tremolo sound and the father eagle sang an honor song as they soared the skies. Then they both landed in the nest and the father eagle said, "You have killed the biggest snake which has killed my family for many years. From now on, you will be guided by the eagle people, your power shall be strong and no danger will fall upon you as long as you live.

Blackfoot Creation and Origin Myths

In a few days my children will return you where I found you when I brought you here," and gave him feathers for war bonnets as a gift. When the time came to leave the nest, the hunter described how he grabbed the legs of the young eagles and stepped off the cliff. At first, their wings came down but the father eagle pulled them up to gain altitude and the young hunter was returned to the place where the eagle had first found him. Sasquatch is the common name for the human-like giant that is said to dwell in the mountains from California all the way up to Canada.

The Native American Myths: Creation to Death

Long ago a warring tribe came down from the hills and attacked another band of Indians. Many of them died and they fled their village. To survive this attack they paddled in canoes across Skagit Bay to Whidbey Island.

It was there that they joined another band of Skagit Indians who lived there. This band of Indians had formed a very mysterious method of hypnosis. By undergoing hypnosis they were able to see in the dark. They were also able to become invisible to other people that were not of their tribe. In gaining mastery in this practice they eventually evolved into a different style of people. They became ape-like in their exterior and they got to be as large as giants. They continued to be a peaceful people.

Despite all this, they feared strangers and would flee from them and hide. When approached by strangers they had a habit of making themselves invisible for many days. Of late, it has been said by the Indians that the Sasquatch have grown in size and strength.

Additional Resources for Native American Mythology

Their bodies grow more hair and through their abilities for hypnosis they have become so powerful that they can uproot trees. Although they are reported to be a peaceful people, it has been warned not to bother them if you happen to encounter one, for one never knows what they might do. We come from a rich history of myths and legends from cultures around the world. If you are looking for more stories, be sure to check out our other page, Native American Legends. Here are some additional resources for you as you continue to discover and enjoy the treasures of Native American mythology:.

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