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Richard Whitaker is an independent meteorological consultant who appears frequently on the Weather Channel in Australia. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. About the Author Juliane L. Average Review. Write a Review. As an island Territory, we are directly and immediately impacted by global climate change. The implications of increased global temperatures put our very survival at risk.

California has taken legislative steps towards reducing the possible effects climate change by incentives and plans for clean cars , renewable energy and stringent caps on big polluting industries. The legislation grants the Air Resource Board extraordinary powers to set policies, draw up regulations, lead the enforcement effort, levy fines and fees to finance it and punish violators. The technical and regulatory requirements are far reaching. Some of this sweeping regulation is being challenged in the courts. In California, authorities have predicted that the shortage of rain will increase the duration of the fire season, and result in larger fires.

Half of the most destructive fires in recorded California history have occurred since Climate change and intensifying droughts are drying out landscapes. Pests, such as the mountain pine beetle , have killed off stands of trees. Colorado may be facing a shrinking ski season and an impaired agriculture industry. Miami has been making attempts to mitigate the effects of global warming and associated sea level rise.

Environmental Protection Agency says the following about climate change in Guam :.

The air and ocean are warming, sea level is rising, and the ocean is becoming more acidic. Idaho emits the least carbon dioxide per person of the United States, less than 23, pounds a year. Idaho forbids coal-power plants. It relies mostly on nonpolluting hydroelectric power from its rivers. Over the next century, climate in Idaho could experience additional changes. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has recently signed into law three global warming and energy-related bills that will promote advanced biofuels , support the growth of the clean energy technology industry, and cut the emissions of greenhouse gases within the state.

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The act also requires all diesel motor fuels and all No. Global warming projects to have a greater influence on average annual temperatures in the central and eastern Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula, with lesser effect in the summer than in the winter. Rainfall events will be larger with greater chance of flooding, but consecutive dry days will also become longer series. The growing season will lengthen.

Michigan will have more intense algae blooms in its waters that will pose a threat to drinking water. Lengthening growing seasons could be offset with more exposure to crop pests, more intense storms will result in soil erosion, and increased heat and more severe rainstorms could endanger such infrastructure as highways. Ozone pollution will become more severe and pose greater risks to vunerable people in hotter summers. Although rainfall will be more intense, droughts will be longer. Milder winters imply lesser snowpacks that protect tree roots from frost and losses of soil moisture.

Many bird species will disappear, and cold-to-cool-water species of fish such as trout and salmon will give way to more subtropical fish such as catfish. Climate change in Nevada has been measured over the last century, with the average temperature in Elko, Nevada , increasing 0. Earlier and more rapid snowmelts could contribute to winter and spring flooding, and more intense summer storms could increase the likelihood of flash floods. The region's inherently variable and unpredictable hydrological and climatic systems could become even more variable with changes in climate, putting stress on wetland ecosystems.

A warmer climate would increase evaporation and shorten the snow season in the mountains, resulting in earlier spring runoff and reduced summer streamflow. This would exacerbate fire risk in the late summer. Many desert-adapted plants and animals already live near their tolerance limits, and could disappear under the hotter conditions predicted under global warming.

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High-traffic locations such as the airports, the Holland Tunnel , the Lincoln Tunnel , and the Passenger Ship Terminal are located in areas vulnerable to flooding. In , a climate change assessment was made for the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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Puerto Rico is vulnerable to climate change. Rising heat translates to rising energy costs, which combined with disruptions from storms and flooding could have a devastating effect on these industries. Eastern South Dakota can experience more flooding and western South Dakota can experience more droughts due to climate change. Climate change in South Dakota will directly impact agriculture, city planning and development as well as the tourism industry.

Some of the effects of the flood episode included: delayed crop plantings, spread of noxious weeds , litter and debris scattered along river banks, damage to roads and bridges and a decline in canoeing and kayaking due to strong current. Some areas of the state have received 27 inches of rain in almost breaking the record of The average annual temperature in South Dakota has increased by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the beginning of the 20th century, and most of that warming has occurred in winter and spring.

This tree species is not native to the area and spreads drastically into open areas. Removing buckthorn is very costly and time consuming. The only way to remove the tree is to either pull it out of the ground or cut and spray it with a herbicide. Another megawatts of wind energy was under construction, and more megawatts spread across dozens of sites are permitted for production. Over the next century, climate in Texas could experience additional changes. Texas emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other state.

Scientific American Turns Down The Heat Over Global Warming

And if Texas were a country, it would be the seventh-largest carbon dioxide polluter in the world. Texas's high carbon dioxide output and large energy consumption is primarily a result of large coal-burning power plants and gas-guzzling vehicles low miles per gallon. Hotter, drier weather could increase wildfires and the susceptibility of pine forests to pine bark beetles and other pests, which would reduce forests and expand grasslands and arid shrublands. Virgin Islands -- one of the places vulnerable to the impacts of climate change -- are already seeing excessively high temperatures, more severe droughts and rising sea levels.

While the local government and partners are planning for these changes, we need to act fast to adapt to the drastic effects that are taking place in the colorful coral reefs surrounding the islands.

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Virgin Islands was lost. Visible physical effects on the environment within Washington State include glacier reduction, declining snow-pack, earlier spring runoff, an increase in large wildfires, and rising sea levels which affect the Puget Sound area. Less snow pack will also result in a time change of water flow volumes into fresh water systems, resulting in greater winter river volume, and less volume during summer's driest months, generally from July through October.

These changes will result in both economic and ecological repercussions, most notably found in hydrological power output, municipal water supply and migration of fish. Collectively, these changes are negatively affecting agriculture, forest resources, dairy farming, the WA wine industry, electricity, water supply, and other areas of the state. Beyond growth rates, climate change could affect Washington forests by changing the range and life cycle of pests.

Washington State currently has the 9th lowest cost for electricity in the US. Climate change will have a negative effect on both the supply and demand of electricity in Washington. Currently, peak stream flows are in the summer. Snowpack is likely to melt earlier in the future due to increased temperatures, thus shifting the peak stream flow to late winter and early spring, with decreased summer stream flow. This would result in an increased availability of electricity in the early spring, when demand is dampened, and a decreased availability in the summer, when the demand may be highest.

Warmer temperatures could increase the incidence of Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases in West Virginia, because populations of ticks, and their rodent hosts, could increase under warmer temperatures and increased vegetation. Lower streamflows and lake levels in the summer and fall could affect the dependability of surface water supplies, particularly since many of the streams in West Virginia have low flows in the summer.

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In areas where richer soils are prevalent, southern pines could increase their range and density, and in areas with poorer soils, which are more common in West Virginia's forests, scrub oaks of little commercial value e. As a result, the character of forests in West Virginia could change. These areas contain some of the last remaining stands of red spruce, which are seriously threatened by acid rain and could be further stressed by changing climate.

Given a sufficient change in climate, these spruce forests could be substantially reduced, or could disappear. Higher-than-normal winter temperatures could boost temperatures inside cave bat roosting sites, which has been shown to cause higher mortality due to increased winter body weight loss in endangered Indiana bats e. Increased runoff from heavy rainfall could increase water-borne diseases such as giardia , cryptosporidia , and viral and bacterial gastroenteritis. The headwaters of several rivers originate in Wyoming and flow in all directions into the Missouri , Snake , and Colorado River basins.

A warmer climate could result in less winter snowfall, more winter rain, and faster, earlier spring snowmelt. Less water would be available to support irrigation , hydropower generation, public water supplies, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and mining. Hotter, drier weather could increase the frequency and intensity of wildfires , threatening both property and forests. Drier conditions would reduce the range and health of ponderosa and lodgepole forests, and increase their susceptibility to fire.

Climate change also poses a threat to the high alpine systems, and this zone could disappear in many areas. Local extinctions of alpine species such as arctic gentian , alpine chaenactis , rosy finch , and water pipit could be expected as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation. In cooperation with the Wyoming Business Council , the Converse Area New Development Organization drafted an initiative to advance geothermal energy development in Wyoming. The Wyoming Business Council offers grants for homeowners who want to install photovoltaic PV systems.

Sea level rise affects multiple states. Climate change contributes to wildfires. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. October Main article: Greenhouse gas emissions by the United States. Further information: United States federal register of greenhouse gas emissions. See also: Tropical cyclones and climate change. Main article: Climate change policy of the United States. Further information: Climate change and national security. See also: Emissions trading. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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