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View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Topics from this paper. Software engineering Programming language Software system.

Aspect-oriented programming

Programmer List of Code Lyoko episodes System on a chip. Citations Publications citing this paper.

Dos Santos , Kenia S. De Oliveira , Michel dos Santos Soares. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Harmless advice Daniel S. The technical problem you are alluding to has been adressed by a couple of recent papers, e. So, the question is not so much whether AOP is bad but whether or not the non-AOP solution to the same problem is worse. For example, what is so magical in AOP that cannot be done, for example, using traits which have better modularity than Java classes? By Andris Birkmanis at Mon, login or register to post comments It is not about Java Please show me a solution to the problem in the paper in a language with traits or Haskell or any other non-AO language that performs better w.

AOP Considered Harmful (2004)

Traits are fine, but they would not help much in this particular problem. The paper uses Java for illustration but the results would apply equally well to most other imperative or functional languages. Whether AOP is the best answer to the problem it adresses can be discussed but the existence of the problem cannot be argued away. Show me better solutions with other language means and we can discuss.

What I like about the paper is that it shows that is an illusion to think that you would be better off or be in a "safe harbor" with conventional module constructs only. I might try and come up with a concrete piece of code, though I am reluctant to do that at the moment yes, I know how it sounds. About "traditional" solutions being wrong: I have seen plenty of them, true. One of my favorite is GEF from Eclipse - it tries to solve AOP-like problem by introducing a complex system of requests, edit policies, commands, etc.

Aspect-oriented programming

In a language with mixins a lot of these would be unnecessary, I believe. I quite like the idea of mixins. The only language I'm familiar with that has them, though, is XOTcl. Could you give some pointers to others?

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From a Previous Discussion , Oleg expressed concern about aop breaking abstraction. There's been other concerns expressed as well. And I also view AOP as mostly concerned with the Visitor and Observer patterns, and I don't necessarily see aspects as the best approaches to making these patterns easy to use. Lambda the Ultimate. User login Username:. Create new account Request new password. Navigation recent posts. If you haven't seen the AOP blog you might want to check it out. By Ehud Lamm at Software Engineering other blogs reads.

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By Klaus Ostermann at Sun, login or register to post comments. Show me the contract It all depends on what is meant by AOP.

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