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Not The Queen? As Bob Flowerdew explains, any organic materials can be used, such as plant trimmings, vegetable cuttings, eggshells and teabags. He demonstrates just how easy it is to build your own compost bin and use the compost to help your garden grow.

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The composting process produces a dark, crumbly matter that can be used as fertiliser in garden soil. Bob explains each step of the process, from different recipes for creating organic compost, to the effects it has on different plants.

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A great guide for those wanting to start composting for the first time, and also packed with advice on utilising your existing compost heap. In Composting, one of an indispensable series, Bob answers all your queries in his usual practical, inventive and straightforward manner.

The Basics of Compost - Episode 1: Composting Compilation

I am not sure what my neighbors, or my wife for that matter, will think if I set up an additional bin--and I think that I really two more after reading this book. One thing that this book has talked me out of is the idea that the small rotary self-mixing and "dalek" bins will do any good given the amount of plant debris that I have to deal with.

If I am understanding the mechanics of composting properly, they are just not big enough to generate enough heat to properly cook the compost, as well as lacking proper air circulation. This bit of information probably saved me some money--I say "probably" because there always seem to be better things to spend the money on I am never sure what I would do if I actually had money to spare.

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So I am hoping that the information in this book helps me. Time will tell. I did reset my compost bin today, and utilized some of the information from this book. On a sidenote, my wife has read a few pages of this book also, and she finds it interesting.

Bob's Basics: Composting (Paperback)

That counts for a lot. It was found on the bargain shelves. Aug 08, Felix rated it liked it Shelves: gardening. Good book for a first timer. Not a whole lot of details but the book is well illustrated and has lots of pictures and is easy to read. It is a good introduction to composting especially for newbies. Enjoyed reading it Feb 18, Oakhands rated it really liked it Shelves: environment , plants-and-food , borrowed.

A simple but interesting how-to book on composting. Helped along with with a little humour, a tad repetitive at times.

Nov 02, Meconopsis Lingholm rated it it was amazing. I like this author, he sneaks a little wit here in there in just the right places. Feb 02, Adam rated it liked it. Very useful as an intro to composting, but I feel geared more for the serious rural gardener with tons of space than for the suburban novice.

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