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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

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Government Accountability Office, Julian, A. Koblin, J. New York Times B1. This sentence cites one reference Ball, The Institute of Psychology follows the policy of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences to systematically check student papers for plagiarism with the help of software. Disciplinary measures will be taken when fraud is detected. Students are expected to be familiar with and understand the implications of this fraud policy.


All readings journal articles will be made available for download on the course blackboard website. Exemplary literature list Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Kilford, E. The development of social cognition in adolescence: An integrated perspective. Somerville, L. Searching for signatures of brain maturity: What are we searching for? Sherman, L.

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Connecting brain responsivity and real-world risk taking: Strengths and limitations of current methodological approaches. Peper J. Current Directions in Psych Science. Anna van Duijvenvoorde a. Zoek naar Vakken Opleidingen Keywords Academic year Zoeken.

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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Vak. Entry requirements Open to MSc Psychology research students Description Developmental cognitive neuroscience investigates the relations between brain development and cognitive, affective and social development. Course objectives Explore relevant theoretical debates in developmental science and neuroscience methods used to address the relevant questions in this field.

Timetable For the timetables of your lectures, work groups and exams, please select your study programme in: Psychology timetables Lectures Registration Course Students need to enroll for lectures and work group sessions. Reading list All readings journal articles will be made available for download on the course blackboard website.